Curvy Cover


Adele is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine (out October 11th), her pretty eyes peeping out through the hipster filter. It's a gorgeous cover, she's a gorgeous woman but tell me... where the hell is Adele's body? I've been a fan of Adele's before she was cool and rocking the charts, I love the woman. She's made me feel, made me cry and made me scream out lyrics so hard in my car it's made my chest hurt. She gets me and I get her. What I don't get is the whole ... [ Discover More ]

The Dark Door


Aidan is amazing. Honestly somedays (even the tough ones) it's hard for me to believe I'm a Mumma, especially Aidan's as he's the coolest dude on the planet. I may be biased. There will be a moment everyday, without fail, when I will whisk him up into my arms, smoosh my lips into his chubby cheek and tell him how smart / clever / handsome / kind / funny he is. I sometimes wonder if he's missing out by not having a sibling. Aidan is three years old. He's curious, loves to dance and likes to ... [ Discover More ]

My Fitness Pal


I'm not an App junkie, my iPhone only has two pages. I'm quite particular about what I like and I hate useless apps cluttering up my screen. I have several photo apps I like, there are transit apps, social media apps and of course BeJewelled. A month or so ago Steve told me to download My Fitness Pal so I did... then promptly forgot about it. On Sunday night Steve came up to me when I was snuggled up on the couch tucking into twitter and fair chunk of chocolate, showing off that with help from ... [ Discover More ]

Working Holiday


I love my job, especially when they take me to places like Hayman Island. I kissed my boys goodbye and I was off. I was there all last week and whilst the island was beautiful I'm not going to lie, it was hard work. I had 50kgs of swimwear, jewellery, shoes and a just a few items of clothing for myself. I fell in love with my American Tourister Alpha Cube Suitcases all over again, they're so strong, sturdy and easy to manoeuvre all by myself. I always get compliments on the colour too. The ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Stripes


Wow, you guys really loved last week's theme "Tribal", I was totally blown away by the response. This week's theme is "Stripes" and would you believe I didn't pack a single striped garment when I went to Hayman! Such a beautiful place for photos and I had nothing to wear! Tragic I know but this afternoon Steve came home a bit early and took these pics for me so I could catch up with the rest of the crew. Seriously if I don't have my Aussie Curves post up on on a Monday morning I feel like I'm ... [ Discover More ]



This post is photo heavy so brace yourselves, it's all about the runway show I attended during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2012 for TS14+. I still feel so privileged and lucky to have gone and covered the event. It's hard to describe the energy of a runway show, I'm totally addicted to the drama of it all. I wasn't the only lucky one either, the free event had gift bags for the first fifty people at each show (they had a 5:30pm and a 6:30pm showing) and they were really good. A little ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Tribal


It's fun to break out of the mould a little, to try a look that's a little bit out of the square and for this week's theme "Tribal" I thought I'd do exactly that. I'm currently on Hayman Island so when planning my outfit the tribal theme was definitely injected with a bit of a tropical jungle vibe. Jacket - Virtu Tank - TS14+ Skirt - Crossroads Necklace & Earrings Set - Wild Bling Shoes - Target This gorgeous neon tribal necklace from Wild Bling arrived late last week with ... [ Discover More ]

Get the Look TS14+ MSFW


I love going backstage, it's often my favourite thing about a runway show. Everyone is rushing around, I'm trying my best to stay out of the way and catch those moments of clarity in between. It's the only time you're really allowed to move, to document and see the candid human energy behind a show. Whilst the show was taking place in the tent, hair and make up was being sorted just across the road in Town Hall. It really did feel like a "hive" of activity, especially with the honeycomb ... [ Discover More ]

Down in Melbourne for MSFW


This is a pretty tough office to beat when you're away from home. TS14+ had flown me down to Melbourne to cover their runway shows during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and I was staying at the lovely Novotel on Collins. By some weird fate I always seem to stay there and that's cool with me, I like it. It's comfy, close to everything and I know my way around. Last time I definitely didn't have one of these bad boys in my room though. I'd always wondered if these chairs would live up to the ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Sparkle


Today I'm not really in the mood for talking, physically I can't force out more than a bark. Thank you Melbourne for getting me sick. That wasn't going to stop me from playing along this week on Aussie Curves even though the lack of smile and sparkle in my eyes speaks volumes. Sometimes even a pretty outfit can't shake up your mood.  I was given this cute little teddy bolero sample from the lovely ladies at 17 Sundays. It's made out of the softest furry fabric and is so comfy to wear. I love ... [ Discover More ]

TS14+ MSFW Invitation


TS14+ is hosting two twilight shows in Melbourne CBD today and they've flown me down to cover the event, I feel so extremely lucky. You can be lucky too... the shows are absolutely FREE for the public to attend! The first show is at 5:30pm the next at 6:30pm. Afterwards you can join me at the Australia on Collins TS14+ Store, which will be open until 9pm. The gorgeous Bella Model Management ladies will be walking and I'm so excited!!! I'll be heading backstage with my camera snapping all the ... [ Discover More ]

How to Look Good When You Feel Crap


Last week I was feeling pretty miserable, gross and unapologetically sick so to drag myself out of my funk I decided to put my face on and get out there... even if it was only to the post office. I thought it might inspire others to do the same so when you're feeling "blah" like I was, think of me and this little video. What do you do to feel better?   ... [ Discover More ]

SHUTTER Bag Giveaway


Before I headed to New York for Full Figured Fashion Week the lovely Cherie from SHUTTER bag sent me the brand new Purple Safari Camera Bag to take with me on my adventures. Camera bags really are the gift that keep on giving for me, again and again and again. I kick myself for having bought those Lowepro cross body pouches for all those years, I'm a fashionable camera bag convert and quite happy to drag everyone else over to the dark side with me. I love my Kelly Moore "Libby" bag, it's big, ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Celebrity Copycat


#twinsies #nailedit Last week's theme was Red and it was so much fun! This week is "Celebrity Copycat" and I'm knocking off Nigella Lawson's style... can you tell? The inspiration was always there thanks to my new daily habit. A few months back I won a years worth of tea from Twinings and I've been hitting it hard. It's done wonders for my digestion, I can't even begin to tell you. I was never a hot drink person but I am now. This is my personal 'classic' cardigan from Target Moda ... [ Discover More ]