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Last week’s theme was Red and it was so much fun! This week is “Celebrity Copycat” and I’m knocking off Nigella Lawson’s style… can you tell?

The inspiration was always there thanks to my new daily habit. A few months back I won a years worth of tea from Twinings and I’ve been hitting it hard. It’s done wonders for my digestion, I can’t even begin to tell you. I was never a hot drink person but I am now.

This is my personal ‘classic’ cardigan from Target Moda several years ago. It’s my go-to cardi for when I need a pick-me-up or need to make a plain outfit pop. The black, midi-length tank dress was only a recent purchase from ASOS Curve (now sold out, this is similar), less than $30 and shipping was free! I’m wearing my black suede wedges from Payless in the US but Suger recently found a similar pair in Kmart for under $20.

Since the outfit itself was pretty basic (no statement necklaces!!) I thought I’d go a little bit crazy with the setting, cracking out my beautiful china tea pot and silverware. I may have also used it as an excuse to buy special ‘props’ from the best bakery in town.

“T is for Twinings”

If you expect to do a shoot like this without the toddler eating all the props you’re kidding yourself. Aidan said “Raspberry tartlet please Mumma”. We’d treated ourselves to one several weeks ago and he remembered what they were called, how could I refuse?! So we had a little fancy party, I cut him a small piece and he ate it off the china like the little king he is.

I really enjoyed this challenge and I’m looking forward to next week’s which is “Sparkle” so brace yourselves!!! I’d like to welcome all the new players to #aussiecurves and to say a big THANK YOU… The blog hop as reached over 80,000+ hits in the last month and I can’t begin to tell you how proud that makes me. Ladies are even starting blogs up just so they can play along, it leaves me¬†speechless. The Aussie Curves facebook group is also going bananas so even if you can’t play you can join in the conversation!


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    Yeah Nigella is the BEST ever! You did a great job with her style and it’s so comfortable and her pops of colour are just so right. You look right and home and as usual photos are amazing!

  2. 13


    You captured these photos beautifully. Loving her style on you! Nigella always looks amazing, as do you! I’m with Aidan, yum. I started drinking Twinings tea, I’m hooked.

    • 18


      It’s all about the pose ;) I was going to go a step further and pose licking a beater but decided not to. I’m not even going to describe what I looked like when I bit a chocolate eclair lol.

  3. 32


    What more can I say … LOVING everything about your style, look and ideas not only for this post but for all of them. Mega Thanks Danni for making this happen ;)

    • 33


      It wouldn’t be Aussie Curves without the rest of you ladies. I have to push the envelope a bit and lead by example. Each week everyone’s photos are getting more and more awesome, love it!

      • 34


        What a lovely lady! I rembmeer seeing the mag when I visited Canada as a teen & enjoying it – how fun to see it’s still going, & I agree, we need to love our food!

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    PERFECT! Seriously, I don’t think I could think of someone you’d suit more now that I’ve seen this post. You look amazing, that dress on you, uh, WOW! Aiden is so cute, that photo of him eating the strawberry is great!

  5. 39


    Babe! You are the Queen of photoshop! Nice idea using all the props, they totally add to Nigellaness. You look gorgeous in that dress and pop of pink.

  6. 41


    Love your photo trickery, but you kinda pull off the look without photoshop! Looks great. So simple yet so effective.
    I must say, I do love your taste in kiddy clothes too. I picked up the same robot t-shirt for Levi last Friday! haha.

  7. 47


    YOU NAILED IT!!! And you look absolutely radiant- stunning, even! I love the cleavage attention, the burst of color, and the fabulous setting that you cooked up. Nicely done!
    -The Opinionated Girl

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