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Today I’m not really in the mood for talking, physically I can’t force out more than a bark. Thank you Melbourne for getting me sick. That wasn’t going to stop me from playing along this week on Aussie Curves even though the lack of smile and sparkle in my eyes speaks volumes. Sometimes even a pretty outfit can’t shake up your mood.

 I was given this cute little teddy bolero sample from the lovely ladies at 17 Sundays. It’s made out of the softest furry fabric and is so comfy to wear. I love the added texture it brings to the outfit plus my arms are saved from rubbing up against the beads.

The beaded shift dress is a sale item I purchased from ASOS Curve almost two years ago. It was my first ASOS buy, $250 down to $35 and was the last one in my size. To some it might be a little short but I’m confident enough to rock it with tights from We Love Colors.

It wouldn’t be a sparkle outfit without a little Glomesh. I picked up this evening bag at an op shop in Brisbane and it’s one of my favourites. I seem to come across gold, white and burgundy glomesh bags all the time but silver ones are rare for me.

I kept the shoes simple, suede wedges for comfort and to add a little height. I think that by having matte black legs and shoes it elongates my legs and lets the beaded shift dress be the focus of attention. On another note I straightened my hair for the first time in forever. I’m not sure if I like the straight or curly look more… maybe I’m lucky and I can pull off both?

Next week’s theme is TRIBAL and I’m so excited to see everyone’s looks. Don’t forget you can join in the conversation behind the scenes on the Aussie Curves facebook group.



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      Thanks Amanda, wasn’t sure I was going to pull it together in time but I’m pretty proud I created an outfit without the need to use my beloved killer sequin jacket from City Chic… I’ve worn that way too many times lol

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    This is a beautiful outfit. You’re gorgeous. And when I read the bit about saving your arms from the beading, I was like, heck yes! That.

    Sorry to hear you’re so not well. Something about travel opens me up to sickness to! Weird. New germs I suppose.

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    I would like to apologise on behalf of Melbourne and it’s weird bugs. It was lovely to see you! :)

    Sick or not, you look totally amazing.. that dress is making me make grabby hands at the screen.. and I love the furry bolero too.

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    You shouldn’t be afreaid to wear it because honey, you are rocking that dress!! Your curves have never looked better! You have that model, I don’t care because I am fabulous look. LOVE IT!

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    I’m sorry to hear you’re unwell! I hope you’re feeling better soon.
    You look lovely nonetheless. That dress is just beautiful, as is the fluffy jacket. Rocking the sparkle challenge Dani.

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    Even when you’re not well you look amazing. The teddy bolero is all kinds of cute. The beaded dress and Glomesh are a perfect combination. The dress was an absolute bargain! The ring you’re wearing is stunning too. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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    That dress is so beautiful. Perfectly matched with that comfy but stylish jacket (that is the bugger about beading and arm rub pain). And it is nice to see your hair straight again as a change. I hope you pep up soon……..especially with another trip on the horizon.

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    WOW Dani you’re divine. The bolero is mega cute, that dress is TDF. You sparkle even when you’re not feeling good, hope you get well soon Lovely ;) Thank YOU so very very much for your lovely comment. Hope it’s a great week for you too.


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