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Wow, you guys really loved last week’s theme “Tribal”, I was totally blown away by the response. This week’s theme is “Stripes” and would you believe I didn’t pack a single striped garment when I went to Hayman! Such a beautiful place for photos and I had nothing to wear! Tragic I know but this afternoon Steve came home a bit early and took these pics for me so I could catch up with the rest of the crew. Seriously if I don’t have my Aussie Curves post up on on a Monday morning I feel like I’m running on a treadmill all week until I do… I hate playing catch up.

  • Jacket – City Chic circa 2011
  • Striped Cami – City Chic circa 2011
  • Fuchsia Martine Jeans – Virtu gifted
  • Earrings – Lovisa circa 2010
  • Bracelet – Lovisa circa 2011
  • Black Lace Up Wedges – Target gifted
  • Neon Yellow iPad Case – TS14+ gifted
  • Hair Extentions – Lady Jayne

It’s not that I don’t like stripes, I do, I just don’t seem to own many striped items. I know that Suger’s jaw has dropped right now (she’s devoting the entire week to stripy outfits!) but they’re just not my thing, I’m a floral girl. I’m not afraid of mixing things up though, this is my go-to top to break up a bold outfit. It’s silky synthetic fabric makes it feel dressy so it’s great under a blazer, teamed with a pencil skirt or a pair of well-fitted pants. I know a lot of people don’t like these banded tops (shirred waists) but I think they’re brilliant, especially on bloated days!

The wedges were a recent gift from Target, not something I’d necessarily go for but they’re a bit funky and I’m open to trying new things, I think they worked well. The bonus with these shoes is that because they’re lace ups, you can customise the fit. Wedges are always super comfy to me. I liked the platform, giving me height but keeping me stable. My pedicure looks pretty cute in them too. Oh and are you  wondering why I rolled up my jeans ever so slightly? Well, it’s the “in” thing to do for spring: bare those ankles, elongate those legs and show off those super cute shoes… personally I’m a fan.



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      This is the first piece of coloured denim I own. I originally teamed it with a blazer and went “oh crap that’s sugers look” lol so I roughed it up with a faux leather jacket. I still think I’m a dress/skirt person but they’re fun. As for the case, Beth might have a surprise?

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        Haha. I’m pretty sure I didn’t invent the coloured denim and blazer look. But I get what you mean. Crazy part is that I thought I was a total skirts/dresses persona and all I bought this year has been pants! Madness.

        She does huh..? Well that would just about make my day… ;)

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          Floral pants and skinny capris get my vote for spring. I used to be a pants person (jeans and black pants) but now I’m all about the dress… we’re funny old birds lol.

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    Martina says

    Yay, you posted!
    Great outfit and love the pops of bright colour against the lack and white stripes. Wish the jeans with my name fit me nicely.

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      Black and White stripes seem to be a bit of an ongoing theme with the Aussie Curve girls, they’re classic though. I found the jeans fit ok, gaped a little at m lower back but all my jeans do that due to my ample booty, at least they don’t show crack lol

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      Thanks Jeanie, the jeans are new for me and the light was pretty much gone by the time I took the pic (no backlighting sigh) but happy to have found a white wall lol.

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    Dani, my 7yo daughter watched your “how to look good when you’re feeling crap” video the other day and she thinks you’re just beautiful! She’s now decided that she needs a hair piece just like you. Lordy help me when she’s a teenager! lol.

    You are rocking the stripes this week lovely…great colour combination and accessories.

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      Awwww that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! Tell her I think she’s beautiful too xx You can get coloured clip on “foils” really cheap from Priceline and BigW which are so fun.

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    I love that top! And I’m loving the shirred waist too, I’ve been gravitating toward them. I’m looking back through all of your Aussie-Curves posts and you’re so beautiful. I want to join in, but in truth, I haven’t let anyone take a photo of me in 2 years. I don’t know if I could do it.

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      Hi, I was just here to ask if shipping is free.I live in Canada, so I was just aniskg because I’m a huge fan of him and it’s his birthday today ;) So is shipping free? Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

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      Good shoes laces can take a shoe from nice to epic- these ones are absolutely amianzg! I love how the metal contrasts with the delicate lace, which is ridiculously pretty. The photos are so lovely too.Florrie x

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    Agree with the rolling up on the jeans! Great look for edging into the warmer months! Love the wedges too, I have a very similar pair by Wittner that are nearly dead so these would be perfect to replace them with! Lace ups wedges are by far the comfiest shoes I wear! xx

  5. 30


    I love banded bottom hems! They are fantastic! And I love this stripped one. The girly pants and the edgy jacket look fab!! Pops of color are rockin’ too! All in all, beautiful!!

  6. 38


    I love all those pops of colour, especially those earrings! Interesting stripey top, nice to see something a bit diff from all the usual stripey tops style. :-)


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