Aussie Curves – Tribal

It’s fun to break out of the mould a little, to try a look that’s a little bit out of the square and for this week’s theme “Tribal” I thought I’d do exactly that. I’m currently on Hayman Island so when planning my outfit the tribal theme was definitely injected with a bit of a tropical jungle vibe.

This gorgeous neon tribal necklace from Wild Bling arrived late last week with a shipment of goodies for the photoshoot I’m doing… how could I not pop it on! It’s big, amazing and I’ve received so many compliments. That’s what I love about Wild Bling, the pieces are so different, quirky and I because I’m such an avid fan here’s a special discount code…

Simply type in the code “danimezza” and get 10% off all purchases at or if you spend over $100 AUD you’ll get 20% off. There’s no deadline for this offer either, you can use it anytime… sweet right!

For a tribal look like this one you need to give serious face, no smiling here! I’ve been watching a few Kim Kardashian make up look a like tutorials and thought I’d have a try at her consealer and contouring methods. Because the make up was so out there for me I wanted to streamline my hair so I straightened it and then added some hair extensions, raising it into a high pony. To hide the clips I plaited a small section and wrapped it around the base of the ponytail. Simple and didn’t take too long to do.

 I picked up the funky digital print skirt from crossroads a few weeks ago for just $30, a steal and totally on trend. I love how it has a mix of the seasonal colours and a tropical vibe. It’s a size 22 but pretty generous in the stretch and the waistband is comfy. The tank is super luxurious, soft and well fitted. I picked it up from TS14+ whilst I was in Melbourne covering the runway show for MSFW. I want five of them as this one always seems to be in the wash when I need it.

The shoes were a gift from Target, they wanted to share their new improved range of shoes for summer. Usually I don’t have much luck at Target as I have a wide foot but this time I was surprised. These flats are quite soft and padded and I like the strappy look. They have what seems to be a metallic bar down the length of the foot but it’s just metallic faux leather so it’s really comfortable. I also picked up a gorgeous pair of wedges but I’ll talk about those bad boys in another post.


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    You give good serious face! That skirt is gorgeous. I wonder if I have a crossroads near by? The necklace is stunning. Thanks for the code, don’t mind if I do! Hope you’re enjoying Hayman Island and lapping it all up. Stunning stunning stunning.

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      Fleur : yes it is, got it from modcloth. My mac did adujst by itself at the right time but my phone didn’t do it until noon the next day. Weird.Sherin & Madeleine Miranda : Thanks, I ahve to confess I had some help buiding up that bumpb by some cmbs and rats…Sue : oh yes I will!

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    WOW Dani you’re looking very sultry ;) Loving the Wild Bling jewels plus everything else you’re wearing. Hoping you’re having the best time on Hayman and getting a little break too.

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    Smoking, crazy hot. You seriously know how to vamp it up lady. And your body looks crazy amazing in that jacket and skirt!! P.S. I need that necklace in my jewlery case yesterday!


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