Curvy Cover

Adele is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine (out October 11th), her pretty eyes peeping out through the hipster filter. It’s a gorgeous cover, she’s a gorgeous woman but tell me… where the hell is Adele’s body?

I’ve been a fan of Adele’s before she was cool and rocking the charts, I love the woman. She’s made me feel, made me cry and made me scream out lyrics so hard in my car it’s made my chest hurt. She gets me and I get her. What I don’t get is the whole ‘She’s-fat-but-she’s-got-a-pretty-face-so-lets-just-focus-on-that’ theme when she features on magazine covers.

Now I understand that this may be her choice, she may go through the approval stage of images and only want her face shown, I get that. Surely that would be encouraged by someone else though. I also understand that Adele isn’t selling her body as a gimmick (refusing to be the token fat girl) that the whole floating head thing may just be a way to draw attention to her pouty mouth and the magic voice within.

I think if I had the opportunity to photograph Adele I wouldn’t be able to help it, I’d focus on her gorgeous face too but wouldn’t it be nice to show her as she is, in her whole self. Magazine’s are digitally altering women’s bodies, moulding their thighs, boosting their busts. Wouldn’t it be amazing to banish the idea that to succeed or follow your dreams you need to fit a warped hollywood sense of style or physique… instead just be awesome and flaunt it?

Do you think curves are cover-worthy?


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