Down in Melbourne for MSFW

This is a pretty tough office to beat when you’re away from home. TS14+ had flown me down to Melbourne to cover their runway shows during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and I was staying at the lovely Novotel on Collins. By some weird fate I always seem to stay there and that’s cool with me, I like it. It’s comfy, close to everything and I know my way around.

Last time I definitely didn’t have one of these bad boys in my room though. I’d always wondered if these chairs would live up to the hype… my goodness yes. I need a replica in my house asap. When I wasn’t at the runway my ass was firmly planted on this lounger, laptop on my lap and I was busy editing away.

Want a sneak peek at the runway? Here it is, all set up and ready for the guests to arrive and the models to strut their stuff. It was an amazing space, a long marque next to Town Hall in Melbourne CBD, two seconds away from Novotel. There were two shows, one at 5:30pm (which I’d sit front row for) and one at 6:30pm. During the last show I was in the press pit doing my thing and taking shots of the girls rocking the threads.

It was so nice having Stephanie there. She carried my bag when I needed help and even ran across the street to grab me a bottle of water (I’d left mine in the room) as all they had at the tent was the sparkling stuff which dries my mouth out. Dry mouth when meeting people, not cool… sister to the rescue! I wish we could have sat next to each other but she understood that I was there to work and was really supportive.

Usually on jobs I’m all alone and I’m ok with that, it’s easier for me to put my business hat on and network without hesitation. I thought I would be nervous working in front of my little sister but I didn’t anticipate bawling my eyes out moments before the show was due to start. My niece Melissa (19 years old) had caught a two hour country victoria train ride to come to the show to support me and catch up. We only see Steve’s side of the family once a year and the fact that she did it all without telling me made it even more special.

Photo by Jeanie from Inspired Wish

I remember Beth from TS14+ excitedly saying “How cool is it that you get to have a mini family reunion!” and despite being elated I felt slightly queezy. This wasn’t how I usually rolled on the job, I don’t even bring Steve with me, it just doesn’t seem professional. You know what though, who exactly made up those rules? TS14+ embraced my family, embraced my friends and trusted me to get the job done and I did. I delivered. This is why TS14+ feels like family to me.

Ok ok, enough with the deep mushy stuff, time to get a little vain and prance my show pony about. This is what I wore to the runways shows. Now, let me explain that I love TS14+ but I don’t usually wear it head to toe all in one outfit so this was a real challenge for me. I had a 45 minute window to choose a couple of outfits and all I knew was that I wanted colour and lots of it.

Out and About Cardi – Fuchsia Pink

Spidermesh Long Cardi – Violet Purple

Kore Wide Strap Tank – White

Editorial Pant – Black

Jubes Necklace – Pink/Purple/Orange/Yellow

During the day I skipped the pink cardi and opted for the purple mesh undone, I love the way it drapes. Then at night I buttoned  up the mesh, chucked on the cardi, pushed up the sleeves and tried my hand at layering. I may have failed. The designer for TS14+ may have been appalled who knows, but I gave it my best shot. I was totally and unbelievably comfortable and I had fun. Just wait and see how I rock these pieces at home!

Oh it wouldn’t be a runway show without your girls would it? Jeanie from Inspired Wish and Omega from Fashion Adjacent came along to the free public event to meet the TS14+ team, watch the runway show, score an awesome giftbag and get great big hugs from me. You might remember these lovely ladies from the Aussie Curves challenge every Monday. Total dolls with their own sense of style. You’ll be able to see their full outfits on their blogs soon, I couldn’t help myself and just had to photograph them.

Honestly somedays the awesomeness of my job just baffles me, who wouldn’t want to hang out with these women and talk hair, make up, clothes and shoes all day? Check back tomorrow to see how the Bella Model Management ladies were primped and preened for the big day.


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    The time in Melb with you was great. It was so amazing to meet the team at TS14+ and they were so welcoming. First time at a runway show was pretty darn special for me. Love you so much, when are we doing it all again???

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        Dear Santa,I ll spare you the sob story because you re magic so you alerady know everything. I m sure you can see on your list that I ve been extremely gracious this year and have received enormous fulfilment from volunteering my time this year to so many amazing organisations and am so appreciative for the beautiful, enriching experiences from which I ve greatly benefited. It has meant however that I haven t had the kind of money that i am used to when I am working to buy shoes, which, as you know, are very close to my heart. I would really like to win this and you know I m pretty deserving! I also would like to make a commitment that If I do get to win I will wear an amazing pair of these shoes at one of the first fundraisers that I want to put on next year for one of the amazing organisations that I want to support. It is called Auroville Village Action Group and is based in the south of India. They do amazing work in community development, and I ll need to be looking my best at the event. I hope the elves are being diligent and not giving you any grief. You re welcome to send them my way if they are misbehaving. I have almost perfected my crescent kick.Much love,Alitta xxxxxxx

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    Just loved these photos! I am so happy that in our busy lives we can still pause for family. So proud of you Danielle. Can’t wait for the next post.
    Yes Charlie, both our girls are gorgeous!

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    Loved catching up in Melbourne, by the cat walk no less. Was great to see you in action doing your thing. I felt privileged to share that with you. TS is very comfy to wear, that’s one of the reasons their garments make it into my wardrobe – colourful and comfy. Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos. Meeting Steph for the first time was great too. She’s super lovely too.

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    Oh, that was sooo nice of your niece to do! So sweet. You look fabulous and I think you nailed layering spot on! I really love the violet cardigan on you, looking at it on the online store i’m a bit eh, but you sell it! I may also be in love with that necklace!!

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