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I love going backstage, it’s often my favourite thing about a runway show. Everyone is rushing around, I’m trying my best to stay out of the way and catch those moments of clarity in between. It’s the only time you’re really allowed to move, to document and see the candid human energy behind a show.

Whilst the show was taking place in the tent, hair and make up was being sorted just across the road in Town Hall. It really did feel like a “hive” of activity, especially with the honeycomb yellow roof. Such a beautiful building with lots of ornate details. It reminded me of my home town in Windsor where those little details of history are restored and treasured.


I love watching make up artists do their thing, always with the most serious face, eyes flitting back and forward from the plans. Little fingers gently poised on the cheekbones of models, steadying their brushes, directing their strokes. Make up is art in motion. Living, current, easily disposed and yet painstakingly envisaged then created, if only to be showcased for a few short hours.

I loved the simplicity of this look and that it would be easy enough to duplicate at home. A smudgy black eye is a dramatic look and can seem a little daunting but it really packs a punch. Keep the rest of the face subtle and clean, leaving the eyes as the main feature.


Softly contoured cheekbones to add definition and subtle drama. A natural colour lip to help make the eyes look larger and flawless skin for a healthy glow. One thing I liked about the show was not all the girls had an all over body spray tan, it was refreshing.

Melanie S



Melanie B

It’s not just their hair and face that need primping either, nails need to be seen to as well. The creative team chose a really stylish and super awesome glossy fuchsia berry pink tone which was exactly the same as I was wearing… WINNING! This was Melanie B’s first ever walk and she was so nervous but you know what, she did a brilliant job. See, even a woman who’s face graces the covers of catalogues and websites still get nervous.

All the models wore super soft slouchy, comfortable clothes.The show may only run for 25 minutes but it takes HOURS to get ready and everything is done on rotation. Models bounce from one station to the next. If I remember correctly they started getting ready at 11:30am, I shot these images just before 1pm and the first show started at 5:30pm. There is a heck of a lot of time waiting around. Most girls had books, smart phones, listened to music or chatted to the artists or amoungst themselves. If I was a model I’d blog or instagram myself giving serious face all the time… oh wait I do that already!

Olivia L

Melanie S

It’s nice having met quite a few of the models in the Australian plus size industry. They know me, they know my deal and it’s nice to see a friendly face when there are always strangers walking about in a hurry. I guess in someways it’s a personal thing of mine, to photograph them. Plus size models often seem ‘token’ in the media but I truly believe in their worth, I think they’re beautiful and believe that if more people saw them as they are they’d see their value too.

If I could be at every plus size show in Australia I’d be there, documenting behind the scenes just like Anna Bauer. Ok, so maybe not with an epic large format polaroid but still with soul. I hope to keep taking great shots when I do get the chance. I hope to keep being invited. I hope to keep sharing the moments with you.


Check back tomorrow to see all the runway looks!


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    Loving this insider look. I have been a non make up wearer my whole life but am wondering if 38 might be the age to try it on for size.seeing all the artists at work is really inspiring!

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    I love to see ‘behind the curtain’, it’s always so fascinating. I love how you described watching a make up artist work, sometimes I really kick myself for dropping out of beauty school because it was runway & photography make up I was specialising in!

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