How to Look Good When You Feel Crap

Last week I was feeling pretty miserable, gross and unapologetically sick so to drag myself out of my funk I decided to put my face on and get out there… even if it was only to the post office. I thought it might inspire others to do the same so when you’re feeling “blah” like I was, think of me and this little video.

What do you do to feel better?



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    Mrs Woog says

    Oh i just loved this so much. I am a from believer that even a slick of lippy can change your mood.

    Talk to me about that curling thing. I think I need it.

    Also, not blowing smoke up your ass, but you had the goods to start with D-Mez. You are beautiful, inside and out xx

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      You are a darling, thank you so much x

      The Perfect Curl is from Remmington… I believe you know who to call :)

      Your smoke, my ass, anytime baby. You’re pretty damn fabulous yourself x

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    Love it! I am proud to say I have been maintaining a skin care routine for the last few weeks and honestly the difference in my skin is incredible. Now I just need to start wearing make up more regularily and I will be a proper grown-up!

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      Nah, I don’t wear it regularly. A little bit here and there but 90% of the time my face is bear, it’s good for the skin. Just sometimes you need to feel a bit “done up” when you feel down, you know?

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    charlie says

    often i feel like crap when the house is dark and messy, so i open every curtain and window, turn the music up and tidy up in my pyjames, i then visit my neighbour and we have a cuppa in our pyjames (usually after midday lol) while our kids run wild.
    then once ive enjoyed the finer things in life i put on an outfit i havent worn in a while, with jewellery that possibly doesnt match and could be “over the top” and i head out braving the stares. but usually i get alot of compliments and ppl asking where am i going all dressed up and i reply “im on a date with my little man”

    btw you looked fine when i rocked up, you look fab in anything even pjs…not that i even thought it was pjs i thought it was a summer dress :)

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      Aw thanks Charlie, I really did feel like death though. I have to thank you, I felt so embarrassed after to dropped by that I made this video so others feel less so when they’re feeling crap.

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    With out saying a word you’re entertaining and mesmerising. I keep leaving the house with no makeup. It always feels like a waste. I guess it’s not if it makes me feel better. I’m with Mrs Woog, curious about your curly thingy.

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    wow! You look beautiful chookie:-)
    Maybe this is what i need some lippie and new make up to lift my mood .
    Wish my eyebrows looked as good as yours do! Mine are so thin just sit there and do nothing . What is a good foundation and blush for high cheek bones?
    I no nothing about make up as i hardly wear any no wonder i feel crap on a daily basis

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      lol everything takes work, even my eyebrows. I read make up text books, absorb magazine beauty editorials, watch models and video tutorials. It’s something I’ve always had an interest in but lacked the confidence to try. In the end it all comes down to risk and effort x

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    OMGosh Ms Dani!! You are a stunner! Love watching your videos…always so fresh and fun! I think I need to invest in some new makeup and that Remington hair curler!!!

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      It’s pretty fabulous, especially as I’m loving big hair at the moment. The safety feature is pretty attractive too as Aidan is usually at my feet when I get dolled up. Thanks for the video-love xx

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    I love doing my makeup! It definitely gives me a boost of confidence to face the days challenges whatever it may be.

    When I’m sick, there is nothing better than a day spent at home doing nothing to make me feel a little better :)

    Loved the video x

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    charlie says

    aww your funny, no like i said ive been your friend for 6 yrs now and you shouldnt care what you look like around me..danielle with no bra wearing pyjames does not = danielle looks crap!!!
    <3 you just the way you are…next time im not wearing a bra either lol damn uncomfortable things anyways

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