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I’m not an App junkie, my iPhone only has two pages. I’m quite particular about what I like and I hate useless apps cluttering up my screen. I have several photo apps I like, there are transit apps, social media apps and of course BeJewelled. A month or so ago Steve told me to download My Fitness Pal so I did… then promptly forgot about it.

On Sunday night Steve came up to me when I was snuggled up on the couch tucking into twitter and fair chunk of chocolate, showing off that with help from the App he’d lost 7.5kgs. I admit I’d already noticed, his arse had been looking even more magnificent and his neck seemed more defined.

I was jealous.

I put the chocolate back in the fridge.

We laid in bed for the next hour talking about the app, how it worked for him, why he thought it might work for me. He’s my best friend so I listened and the more I learnt about it the more I realised he might be right. Basically it’s a food diary, you input what you eat by typing it in or by scanning barcodes (so fun!) and it counts calories and acts essentially as an account balance for your body. He helped me set up my free account, showed me how to input the data and how to message him.

See… that’s the kicker.

Whenever I log in my meals, because Steve and I are “friends” through the app, he can see everything I eat. Not only is the app keeping me accountable but Steve can too and I him. He now knows when I get into snack mode (usually as soon as Aidan goes down for a nap) so he’ll message me through the app and suggest something healthy or just keep it simple and say “No Cookies”.

I like to hide my food. He knows it, I know it.

Now it’s not possible and really what would the point be? I knew it was never good for me, stashing away chocolate bars and pretending like they never happened. Don’t get me wrong, despite the impression this post may have given you so far about my weight and lifestyle, we eat well as a family, our portions are good and we balance the indulgent meals. It’s just I’m eating crap on the side occasionally.

I’ve used the App all week and I’m slowly getting the hang of it. I’m more aware of what I’m eating and how certain foods effect my levels with the convenience of graphs, tables and pie charts… because I’m a lazy geek the whole thing sings to me.

Want to know the best part?

Doing it with Steve, celebrating the highs and supporting each other in the lows. We even played tennis last night and about 30 minutes in I piked, crashed and burned. I cried because I hated that my body wouldn’t catch up with the others. Steve squeezed my hand, kissed me and took my place for awhile so I could catch my breath. Afterward he said he was proud of me, I knew my limit and stopped but that he was even prouder when I got back onto the court.

The app kicked off a different phase in our marriage, something we’d never really done before. We’ve never synced into healthy lifestyle mode, one was always more keen than the other. Now it seems we’re both in the zone, me and my fitness pal.


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    My husband and I both use it and even though I still eat the ocasional amount of junk food, it does keep both of us honest. Soemtimes I think it can make me a little crazy and I stop using it becauase I like to at least try to eat mindfully, but it’s always there when I need it again.

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    I downloaded this a little while ago but being pregnant haven’t used it yet. Now that I am a week away from bub’s arrival (hopefully!) I will definitely be giving it a go to help me lose the baby weight. I didn’t realise you can link to other people. I think I might need to get my husband onto it to so he can keep me motivated. I find it very easy to lean towards the cookies when home alone instead of grabbing a piece of fruit.

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    I used FP for a few weeks just to see how many calories/sodium/carbs I was eating – and then used that to clean up my diet. I’ll use it occasionally to check in too.

    Have you seen the new Lorna Jane app? It was free when I downloaded it last week – great for tracking movement!

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