This post is photo heavy so brace yourselves, it’s all about the runway show I attended during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2012 for TS14+. I still feel so privileged and lucky to have gone and covered the event. It’s hard to describe the energy of a runway show, I’m totally addicted to the drama of it all.

I wasn’t the only lucky one either, the free event had gift bags for the first fifty people at each show (they had a 5:30pm and a 6:30pm showing) and they were really good. A little jewellery tree, the classic nail file matchbook, the BEST wash garment bag ever, in-store stylist service leaflet, the lastest catalogue and a… NEON iPAD CASE! There was pink, orange and yellow, I’m totally in love with mine.

For those that didn’t arrive early enough to nab a gift bag their were nail files, catalogues and a discount voucher on offer. It was kind of surreal seeing model Melanie B’s face all over everything, I can’t imagine how that felt for her!

For the first show I sat front row with Beth from Marketing and for the second show I was down capturing the moments from the media pit, it was so nice to experience the same show from different angles. Ok, enough dilly-dallying… on with the show!



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    As I have mentioned before, I am not normally a TS14 fan, but the dress that I did like in the recent catalogue looked so good on the catwalk and those grey wedges in the first photos are so cute. I did love the colours.

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    Well worth waiting for. Great work honey you captured so many varying poses and it was obvious the girls knew you. I loved the vivid colours. The audience was worth looking at too.

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    I am so so so in love with the orange fishnetty top & green capri outfit! So in love! I bought the black version of the top a couple of days before this show and now I kind of wish I’d bought the orange instead!

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    charlie says

    loved the colours, i like the pieces, but the layering for me was a bit strange, having a skirt that is pulled up by a drawstring only to be covered by tops on an angle then another top and a wrap, pulled in at the waist by a belt and paired with ozzy glasses and ugly wedge shoes, yuk

    it was like they didnt have enough time to show case all the pieces separately so they threw it all together

    i loved the heels too but as a curvy girl i need thick heels or i fall over, they look like they would snap lol

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