Working Holiday

I love my job, especially when they take me to places like Hayman Island. I kissed my boys goodbye and I was off. I was there all last week and whilst the island was beautiful I’m not going to lie, it was hard work. I had 50kgs of swimwear, jewellery, shoes and a just a few items of clothing for myself. I fell in love with my American Tourister Alpha Cube Suitcases all over again, they’re so strong, sturdy and easy to manoeuvre all by myself. I always get compliments on the colour too.

The flight to Hamilton Island was packed, so many people ready to start the school holidays early. Once I’d claimed my bags and wandered over to the vessel that would take me to Hayman I was gobsmacked, the cruiser was beautiful, nothing like the public transport ferries I’d taken in the past. Once on board it was all about comfy seats, wifi and tiny sandwiches… heaven.

Samantha was there to meet me when I got off the cruiser, my bags where taken to my room whilst I was whisked off to meet the rest of the girls. Sam was my model for the entire shoot and she still had to work throughout the week, talk about cramming it all in. We were both nervous and excited. I felt pretty fabulous in my 17 Sundays cardigan and brand new hat from City Beach. Mum had to convince me I needed it and bought it for me as a gift, love you Mum.

Watching the sunset and drinking bubbles eased the anxiety and it was nice to meet a few more faces and learn more about what it’s like to live and work on a five star island. Seriously, could you imagine waking up in paradise everyday?

It was the best welcome party I’d ever been to. There was champagne, way too much wine (which was all consumed) and so much gorgeous cheese… seriously I think I ate my weight in the aged cheddar. Sam had brought along little battery operated tea candles and one of the girls cranked their iPhone with funky tunes. Ahh… girls night, sometimes you just can’t beat it.

 When was the last time you had a girls night?


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    Looks like you enjoyed a fabulous time. Totally jealous, have always wanted to travel to Hayman! Can’t wait to see the photos you took. Very curious to see the swimsuits too.

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      That was just the first day! If you get the chance, go but take plenty of money lol. Hoping to have the lookbook up in the first week of October, I can’t wait to share them but I just have a few other jobs to do first.

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    So wish I’d been able to come too to keep you company while Sam was working, I’m sure I could have helped with the cocktails :) Can’t wait to see the results!

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