A Date with Dettol

detol bling

Sponsored by Nuffnang When someone invites you to a intimate get together to learn more about "New Dettol Touch of Foam, the easiest way to steal a moment of softness in your busy day." you kind of want to go along and see what all the fuss is about. A day at Sheraton on the Park for manicures in Sydney's CBD didn't sound half bad either! I got dressed up in my best spring brights: my skirt and top were from TS14+, the hot pink blazer was from Crossroads and my big chunky statement ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Skirt


This smile is a lie, this shoot was tough. My hunky "tripod" is currently overseas for work so there was no one around to help me take the pictures, you know, besides Aidan. I chucked an outfit on, set up the tripod and my remote failed, no matter what I did the thing wouldn't sync. What did I do? I put the camera on self timer and walked back and forth, back and forth like a goose. It took five times longer, most didn't focus but I was PMSing too hard to care. Yep, endometrial torture for the ... [ Discover More ]

Canteen Bandanna Day

canteen edit-1

Today is Canteen's National Bandana Day, the annual fundraising initiative which helps to support Australian youths with cancer. Canteen and Girls Night In are two my chosen charities so I'm always thrilled when they reach out and ask me to collaborate in raising awareness of their fundraising efforts. Even Steve and Aidan got in on the fun! In case you're wondering, Steve's making pirate noises... and this was the best picture I was able to capture of the two of them together. Steve rocked ... [ Discover More ]

I Heart My Body 2012

iheartmybody Danimezza Plus Size Nude Body Confidence Self Love Awareness Beauty-2

I've just eaten a bowl of spaghetti for dinner and Aidan is playing quietly with his iPad. The sun is going down. "Just do it" I whisper my mantra softly to myself, soon I'm bare faced and naked. My hair is exactly how it looked when I woke up this morning. I grab the camera, set up the shot and call Steve quietly. "Just hold the button down, it will take two seconds" and I was right. It was done, they were taken and it was painless. This isn't a new frontier for me, this naked business. My body ... [ Discover More ]

The Ultimate TrackMaster™


Sponsored by Nuffnang Aidan likes presents just as much as the next kid. You can probably tell from the gigantic grin on his face that he loves big presents more. In our house we have very limited battery operated toys. Working from home I just can't bear the inane noises and flashing lights from toys but when Nuffnang asked to send Aidan a Thomas & Friends Trackmaster "Risky Rails Bridge Drop" set to review I couldn't bring myself to say no. It didn't take him long to rip it all ... [ Discover More ]

Achievable Delusion

laptop rawr

This post isn't a whinge I promise but it may sound like it, my mum says I have a knack for it. I'm feeling a little burnt out because I've been doing too many fabulous things. I know, you hate me right now but hear me out. I'm just one person and sometimes what you see in a post takes weeks or even months to turn an idea into an action and from an action turn into a publication. Often fabulous things overlap each other and almost always in a short space of time. You're probably thinking I ... [ Discover More ]

How To Look Good When You Work Out

virtu active danimezza pink work out exercise-8

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's Aussie Curve's post where I reviewed my new activewear from Virtu and shared that it's ok to "break the rules", that you can be attractive whilst you're active. Today I wanted to talk to you about the things I love to use for a workout. The gym is great but I'll be honest, I haven't been in ages. Since our dog Toby passed away I've preferred to take Charlie (our younger dog) for regular walks to keep him from getting too lonely. I couldn't walk them both ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Breaking The Rules

virtu active danimezza pink work out exercise-1

Before I get into this week's theme I really wanted to take a moment and say WOW IT'S BEEN 12 WEEKS!!! Thank you so much to all the ladies who have participated in Aussie Curves so far. I'm so proud of all you, reading your stories and seeing your own unique styles, sometimes to the point of tears. You move me. Ok, enough sappy business it's time to get on with this week's challenge: Breaking The Rules. It's very open to interpretation which is why I'm so excited about it. I planned to ... [ Discover More ]

Curvy Chic Lingerie

plus size lingerie delphina curvy kate city chic model danimezza-3

Model: Delphina Shakallis  Lingerie: Curvy Kate Australia + City Chic Make Up: Amy Sheree Styled & Photographed by: Danielle Melnyczenko Accessories: Stylists Own k EDITED TO ADD: There have been a few comments about how photoshopped these images are so I thought I'd post a before and after. Delphina has magical skin, that was one of the reasons I knew she'd be perfect for a lingerie shoot. I've applied a general action over ... [ Discover More ]

Steve Showers

My husband is a good sort, I got lucky. I met him when I was 17 and we've been together ever since. He's been a huge support to me, pushing me to pursue my dreams, helping me make my fantasies a reality. "Our Great Love" (a direct quote from his wedding speech) is enduring and passionate, we're best friends. He didn't quite get the whole blogging thing in the beginning but now he's hoping that I'll make millions so he can do his dream job... be a stay at home dad with cash to burn. He sees me ... [ Discover More ]

Cardio Tennis


Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia When I was asked if I would like to review an exercise class, I have to be honest, I hesitated but the opportunity to hit things and wear a cute outfit sealed the deal. A high energy, tennis based cardio workout for an hour one afternoon, sure no worries I could handle it. Tell me... does this look like the face of someone who handled it? Errr... no would be the answer. That class kicked my fat chunky ass. I burned in places I'd never burned in before. ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Knit


Today I'm feeling a little less than average, I'm still love drunk after my epic long weekend at ProBlogger Training Event in Melbourne. I experienced it in excess and loved every minute. I'm quite firmly back to my old and healthier ways now I'm home and it was sooooo unbelievably good to hug my boys. Before I could unpack or pass out I raced around putting an outfit together for this week's challenge, there was no way I was going to miss out on this. Quite a different look for me this week, ... [ Discover More ]

I Loved ProBlogger Training Event 2012


I could tell you how inspirational the ProBlogger Training Event (#pbevent) was, rehash all the lessons from my point of view and give you the steps you need to take to get the keys to the holy grail of blogging but I'd be wasting my time. I can guarantee every single attendee took away something different, something powerful and uniquely inspiring to them. I know I did. I'd encourage others to be resourceful and attend next year in person... or you can buy a virtual ticket and listen to the ... [ Discover More ]

10 things you can do right now to prepare for #pbevent


Wash your favourite bras and undies. Trust me, you'll want your best ones on hand when you're meeting new people. Feeling spendy? Why not splash out on a new set or two for a dash of sexy confidence. I'm not saying they have to be little lacy numbers, maybe just a pair in your favourite colour oh and it's best that if no one can actually see them except you. That look is best left to Kath & Kim. Charge your batteries... all of them. Your phone, your laptop, your back up batteries... ... [ Discover More ]

Target Shoes Giveaway


I never used to understand the whole "shoe crazy" thing, to me shoes were annoying, often painful not only to wear but to find. My feet are 26cm long and 10cm wide equating to a size 9.5 - 11 depending on the make, height, fabric and design. For me shoes were a puzzle that were a pain in the ass to solve. What does one do when they have no shoes? They wear Havianas. Since I started blogging about my outfits and instagraming them people have commented on my lack of proper shoes making my ... [ Discover More ]

Teeth Whitening in 20 Minutes


Today I somehow remembered (in between doing the laundry and ordering last minute business cards) that I needed to get my eyebrows and lashes done so I called my lady in a panic. Rachel from Celeste Visage (in South Windsor NSW) is an absolute doll and always fits me in. We have boys the same age and love getting together to chat about beauty/kids/husbands/business/etc. Whilst I was getting my eyes done she asked if I'd like to try out her brand new whitening system... sure!  Now you're ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Blue


I always knew that for this week's theme "Blue" I would wear this skirt. I have so many blue items but this one is always my standout piece. It's super comfy with stretchy fabric and a great length for me going all the way from my waist to my knee. I usually layer it with a singlet, cardigan and flats for a casual "Mumma" look or I can dress it up with a nice blouse and heels. Spidermesh Cardi - TS14+ gifted Floral Dress cut into a Top - Lily & Lou (BigW) circa 2010 Blue Pencil ... [ Discover More ]

The Aztec Skirt


Today I took Aidan to the shops and we went into Katie's. There was a gorgeous Aztec Pencil Skirt, black & white and really stretchy, it was beautiful. I tried it on and I loved it but they only had a size XL which is a 18 in Katies. Now I dont know about you but when I buy clothes I tend not to pay attention to the label, to me the fit is more important. The fabric gave enough that on my size 20/22 booty it looked ok... just. So I went to the check out and I asked "Do you have any larger ... [ Discover More ]

How To Look Good At Everything


Last week I had half an hour to get ready and I needed to be presentable pronto. These are the products I used to get my look in no time at all. So I decided to recreate the look for you on camera showing you exactly what I used. As usual this self confessed Bene-Babe (Junkie) dove into her stash... honestly I don't why I bother looking at any other brands anymore so expect to see a lot, this isn't a sponsored post though. You can even WIN a kit of your very own at the bottom of this post! I ... [ Discover More ]

How to Ensure Long Lasting Nail Polish


Let me start by saying I love Shellac and I'll go and get my nails done any chance I can get BUT sometimes the budget just doesn't allow me to dote so heavily on my digits. This is where the humble art of DIY nails comes in. I'm not going to talk to you about how to do the crazy and ultra cool designs. Before you can really venture into that arena you really have to nail the basics... see what I did there? Boom-Tish. Just like any piece of art it all comes down to the foundation you start from, ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Picnic


Last week's 'Stripes' theme was fun, it pushed me a little bit out of my comfort zone and I'm not even 100% sure I pulled it off. This week's theme is 'Picnic' which basically means no rules so I was determined to keep my look laid back and simple, everyday Danimezza style. I packed 'the most beautiful picnic basket in the world' with lots of delicious goodies for us to eat in the late afternoon sun. I made a fresh batch of brownies just for the occasion and splashed out on some yummy cheese. ... [ Discover More ]