10 things you can do right now to prepare for #pbevent

  1. Wash your favourite bras and undies. Trust me, you’ll want your best ones on hand when you’re meeting new people. Feeling spendy? Why not splash out on a new set or two for a dash of sexy confidence. I’m not saying they have to be little lacy numbers, maybe just a pair in your favourite colour oh and it’s best that if no one can actually see them except you. That look is best left to Kath & Kim.
  2. Charge your batteries… all of them. Your phone, your laptop, your back up batteries… everything. If you can, invest in a portable phone charger which you can pick up from Dick Smith, JB HiFi or even the Apple Store. Worth it’s weight in gold I promise you.
  3. Get rid of those greys! If you’re a lady that rocks them, GO YOU! You’re a braver woman than I. Can’t afford a salon visit or they can’t fit you in? Box dye your hair like I did but do it tonight so you have some time to remove any runaway dye.
  4. Download, store, delete and reformat your camera’s memory cards. The last thing you need on the day is a card file error.
  5. Brush and floss your teeth, I know you do it everyday but really give them a good old clean. Stock up on mints, gum or sprays to keep your mouth smelling fresh. Remember even if you don’t think you have an issue there will be lunch and snacks and no one wants to be that person with herbs in their teeth.
  6. Don’t squeeze the stress pimple that’s just popped up in the worst place on your face imaginable. Leave that sucker alone and dab some tea tree oil on it. Think about something else like packing and stop freaking touching it. Leave it alone and keep cleansing your face as normal and it should go away… if not you can always glue a faux diamond over it, hang around with the fashion/beauty bloggers and call it a fashion statement.
  7. Paint your nails or at least remove the cruddy old nail polish that’s been slowly chipping off for months. Strangers will be shaking your hand dude, at least make it a glamorous experience. A fun colour on your nails can also be a great ice breaker. Are you a closet nail artist addicted to online tutorials? Now is the time to let your freak flag fly lovely.
  8. Wear all the shoes you intent to wear during #pbevent, the daytime one and the night time ones around the house for a few hours. Ask yourself, are they really that comfortable or are they just pretty. I don’t care which answer is more important to you but if you choose the latter I don’t want to listen to you complain about your ill choice. I know this because I’m usually that whinger. I’ll be choosing comfort this year.
  9. Turn on the vacation setting for your inbox. DO IT. I already have and it feels so amazing. Write a sentence about how you’re such a high flying blogger, off to attend an industry event and you won’t be back in the office til Monday. DO IT. Take this time to nurture you.
  10. Pack less and learn more. Everything you have to bring to a blogging conference is right here *points to your heart* you don’t need the fanciest gadgets, the coolest laptop case or the most awesome business cards in the joint. Stop stressing over the small stuff. Bring your ears, an open mind and be ready to learn.

I attended #pbevent last year and I loved it so much I made a little movie about it which you can watch below. I hope some of my tips have been helpful and a reminder of those things you’ve put off. If you’re coming along to the event I can’t wait to say hello.

Don’t want to miss out on the fun? Well you can attend #pbevent virtually, more info if you click on the link. For every ticket I sell through my blog I make a 30% commission so that would be awesome. The discounted price of $149 is only valid until Thursday night so be sure to get in early before the price goes up. I’ve invested more than six times that amount to attend in person this year and it’s worth every penny I promise.


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    Mrs Woog says

    I leave tomorrow and have had such a massive say that there is no way I can improve myself. Clean undies and some deodorant for me! xxxx

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    OK – without seeming like a stalker, if I get the chance to meet you at the PB Event I want to give you a big hug! I’ve been so nervous about attending my first blogging conference and this post has made me feel so much more at ease about everything (including my heels vs flats debate!) Thank you!! x

  3. 8


    Great tips, especially as I’m in the middle of getting things together! Batteries, must charge batteries, nails – oh dear – no time, hair (check!), shoes – three pairs wondering which are going to make it. This is so hard for a country bumpkin!

  4. 10


    Great post, Dannimezza – thank you :)

    I hadn’t even thought about my nails before now – not sure when I can fit them in though… Mints or mouth spray is also an excellent idea.

    Taking most of tomorrow off to prepare is sounding more and more appealing (and gives me time to shop for mints and a new top, lol!)

    #10 is the one I’m stuck on… notepad and pen will do the trick but a laptop means I can tweet but can I be bothered lugging it around…

  5. 11


    Love it! I DIDN’T do #10 and regretted it badly. I had scoliosis by the end of the two days. Shame I didn’t get to chat to you at Problogger. Maybe next year! Kx

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      Thanks for coming out for the class and a feed, Vic. it’s been a fun coulpe of days, and there’s still another training session and some more sightseeing to look forward to tomorrow. :)

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      Hey Shawn,I think we are all too hard on ourselves. We are far more harsh and jgetmdnual of ourselves than we are of others. I’m sure you come across and confident and knowledgeable. Try to imagine you are talking to a friend or a client. Don’t focus on what’s happening around you, just be passionate about your message.Sending great video blogging vibes ;o)Caylie

  6. 14


    First – Happy Birthday, love the photo.Second – I had never thought of bihdrtays like that, and its confronting to me. As someone in cancer remission, bihdrtays remind me that I am alive and that I am getting older – I had never thought that others would be unhappy with their own or others birthday. Thank you for a different perspective.


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