A Date with Dettol

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When someone invites you to a intimate get together to learn more about “New Dettol Touch of Foam, the easiest way to steal a moment of softness in your busy day.” you kind of want to go along and see what all the fuss is about. A day at Sheraton on the Park for manicures in Sydney’s CBD didn’t sound half bad either!

I got dressed up in my best spring brights: my skirt and top were from TS14+, the hot pink blazer was from Crossroads and my big chunky statement necklace was from Peeptoe Shoes. Everything about my outfit was soft and comfortable as it takes me at least and hour and a half to get into the city by train. We were told that we would be filmed and interviewed during the event so I was determined to wear colour as it always makes me feel more confident and approachable… even if deep down inside I was nervous and petrified.

The plan for the day was to have manicures, experience the new product Dettol Touch of Foam hand wash, answer a few questions about my lifestyle and then have lunch with the girls. I was the last to arrive (stupid train) so a few of them had already started their manicures. I was the first to be interviewed and some parts I nailed, during other parts I felt like I needed my inhaler. I really need to invest in a public speaking workshop.

After the interview was finished I picked my pretty colour and headed off with one of the exotic beauty therapists to have my nails done. Let me just say, I’m a sucker for a good spa. You could pamper, slather, pound and exfoliate me every which way til Sunday, it’s my kind of heaven. I instantly felt relaxed, my hands in bowls of warm foamy rose and cherry fragranced water.

As she filed, buffed and painted my digits I just sat there and soaked up the view. It was a beautifully overcast day. Photographers like overcast days, it’s like the world has applied an instagram filter for you already. I just let my thoughts trail away into memories as I stared out the glass window, just like I do at my kitchen sink. Steve and I had stayed at the hotel before many years ago and I couldn’t help thinking how nice it would be to do it again, to steal away a moment for ourselves.

All too soon my manicure was finished and my bright, glossy “Watermelon” nails by Essie were done. I walked back out into the foyer to meet up with everyone else and we all stood around fanning our hands trying to dry our nails, afraid of ruining them. Bellies rumbling we delicately picked up out bags and made our way to a private boardroom where lunch was being served.

You know it’s going to be a good lunch when a a big piece of oven baked bacon awaits you. The caesar salad was crunchy, creamy and surprisingly filling, as were the little onion tartlets, I’m always a sucker for their caramelised deliciousness. For desert we had mini berry trifles, even looking at this photo I’m craving raspberries and cream again.

This was one of the smallest blogging PR events I’ve attended and I really liked it, quality over quantity if that makes sense. I got the chance to really talk and hug everyone who was there, that almost never happens. We talked about blogging, about PR pitches, what we loved and what we hated. We talked about exposing our kids online and imagined the digital world that they will grow up in. It’s not all food and fancy at these events, it gets deep and real and I love that.

Bron, Lori, Lexi, Brinne (From Nuffnang) and I, unfortunately Nic had already left for her plane.

I’m a multi-tasker so learning about new products, getting my nails done, having lunch with my girlfriends all in one go is right up my alley. The same goes for the product itself. I love that Dettol’s Touch of Foam cleans my hands (killing 99.9% of germs) and moisturises at the same time thanks to the micro bubbles which trap and remove dirt. Since the event Aidan hasn’t needed any reminders to wash his hands after coming in from playing with our big Labrador Charlie, the fact that there are instant, non drip bubbles and his hands smell “Like flowers Mumma” wins him over every time. Lots of hands to wash at your place? It comes in 250ml pump packs and a 500ml refill is available too.

I’ll remember that special day every time I wash my hands at the kitchen sink, taking a moment to multitask and reflect. Thank you Dettol for a wonderful day out with bloggers I both cherish and admire and for leaving my hands ridiculously soft and smelling like a Jasmine & Almond Dream!


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    Michelle says

    Sorry to be a debbie downer but I have a problem with these kind of advertorials! I hope you were paid a lot of money for appearing in one. If not, they are using your real lives to sell soap!

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