Achievable Delusion

This post isn’t a whinge I promise but it may sound like it, my mum says I have a knack for it. I’m feeling a little burnt out because I’ve been doing too many fabulous things.

I know, you hate me right now but hear me out.

I’m just one person and sometimes what you see in a post takes weeks or even months to turn an idea into an action and from an action turn into a publication. Often fabulous things overlap each other and almost always in a short space of time. You’re probably thinking I could always say no, pass along the opportunities to someone else with more time but you know what… I already do.

It’s not the opportunities that come through my inbox that keep me busy, I’ve learnt what to say yes to and what to just simply delete. It’s the ideas I have late at night that spawn into a concept by morning and by the end of the week turn into a fully fledged project. Those are the things that take up the majority of my passion and energy, doing too many of those things at once is what’s leaving me feeling so haggard.

When you hit a stride whilst blogging you’ll do whatever you can to keep up the momentum, obviously somethings working so you want to make the most of it. You want to be relevant, real, refreshing and just a little bit rebellious. You want to give your readers what no body else can, be their missing link with their morning coffee.

When the stats are up I no longer think of the blog in an analytical way, the way I used to. Picking it apart seems like a waste of time, you learn lessons and you move forward. Now when the blog is riding high I think of ways I can leverage backing for other projects, the ones that keep me up at night.

At the moment I have more content than I could have ever dreamed of but just focusing on one task at a time seems ludicrous. I’m proud of my work, of my contribution and of a lot of things you guys don’t even know about yet that I can’t even share. Just know that I’m a firm believer in blogging Karma and I give as good as I receive.

Do you have too many plates spinning?


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    shirl says

    You inspire me daily. thank you. I always have too many plates too, 2 kids, part time, soon to be full time job, family and house to wrangle. i dobt have an awesome blog though or gorgeous fasion sense, those are some plates i only dream of! dont go changin girl, and remember to find a little breathing space, helps the plates to stay spinning xx

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    Oh so many plates. They say if you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.. I think a lot of bloggers are busy people.

    When I tell people I work full time, have a baby and a teenager, write a daily blog (two blogs now), run two etsy stores, community groups, DJing… they normally ask HOW?!! And honestly? most of the time I have no idea how.

    We just.. do it! Just remember, that looking after you is really important too, and if we push ourselves TOO hard then we won’t be able to do any of the awesome things we want to :)

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    I’ll make an assumption that some people think you’re really ‘lucky’ but it’s quite evident by your blog that you work bloody hard and all those opportunities that come your way are well earned. Keep it up, I do love the feel good vibe you bring to your blog.

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    Who hates you right now? Tell me who and I’ll have words with them. ;)

    I see an inspirational women with a young family with a big heart and a creative soul. A giver, a doer, a beautiful person with motivation, goals and dreams. Do also take care of you too. I know easier said than done most days.

    You’re the dose of inspiration in my morning coffee.

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