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Before I get into this week’s theme I really wanted to take a moment and say WOW IT’S BEEN 12 WEEKS!!! Thank you so much to all the ladies who have participated in Aussie Curves so far. I’m so proud of all you, reading your stories and seeing your own unique styles, sometimes to the point of tears. You move me. Ok, enough sappy business it’s time to get on with this week’s challenge: Breaking The Rules. It’s very open to interpretation which is why I’m so excited about it.

I planned to flounce about in a bikini for you but I’m saving that for another week. I decided to show off my latest activewear instead. What’s so rule breaking about that? Well I thought I’d talk about how you can look good when you’re working out. Most plus size women get self conscious about how they look walking down the street let alone when they’re sweaty, roughed up and lets face it, a little smelly. I wouldn’t be surprised if some women put exercising off altogether just for those simple and silly reasons. I’m here to tell you, from one chunky lady to another, that you can look awesome whilst you exercise and I don’t mean when you chat with your girlfriends whilst walking on a treadmill, I mean really work out.

I’m kind of obsessed with the Sport Luxe fashion trend at the moment. Think minimalist, lots of white, body con, metallics, neon brights and colour blocking… perfect for spring, summer and daylight savings. I don’t know about you but if I dress up I’m more excited about whatever it is I plan to do that day, it’s just how my brain works. The same goes for my activewear. When I pull on my Female For Life gear I feel professional, I feel serious and I feel comfortable so I get it done. I needed something looser, something less serious and a bit more playful. I wanted something for tennis, for walking the dog and for doing Zumba for Wii in the lounge room. Virtu sent me this outfit and I’m smitten.

You might be looking at these photos and scrutinising the fabric of the pants, don’t, just embrace them because I have. The fabric is lightweight and unforgiving but you know what, I don’t care! If some cranky gym bunny gets her Lorna Jayne’s in a twist about the fact that I’m working out next to her with my celulite on show… frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. These pants are SUPER comfortable, stretchy, silky, they’re high waisted and for me that is the best part. I’m kind of in love with the waistband. You could get into all sorts of crazy yoga poses and not flash any crack plus they don’t dig into my soft belly. I’ve already ordered another pair.

Need more convincing? Melissa and her sister Amanda Claire reviewed some of the virtu activewear, you can read their post here and Melissa’s first post here. She’s a gym junkie now and motivates me more than she realises. I wish she lived nearby so we could work out together. Anyway,enough sulking… it’s time to talk about ass pockets! I’m in love with the small zipper pocket placed in the small of my back in these pants. I can fit my inhaler in there or some money and a key or I can put my iPhone4 in there, the iPhone5 wouldn’t fit incase you’re wondering. I’ve already asked Virtu to make sure the next pocket is a little bigger to accomodate as it’s one of my favourite features.

There is so much more I want to share with you about being active and attractive at the same time so I’m going to be blogging about the topic over the next week. I’ll share some simple and practical beauty tips, my favourite blended juices for lazy people like me and a few other tips and tricks to feeling and looking awesome. Want me to help you with something specific? Leave a comment below or feel free to email me at Oh and just so you know, straight after the shoot I walked Charlie our gorgeous Labrador… I jumped up and down a few times to clock up 3000 steps. Not bad for an afternoon walk/jog!


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    Work it lady! Love the pink on you, it looks fab. And I laughed out loud when you mentioned the iPhone 5 in the pocket. HA. I’d end up squishing it against something while squatting or simply flopping on the floor. Headline reads: Woman stabbed in ass by her phone at gym! Awkward. ;)

    And yes, I absolutely AM a gym junkie these days. I went five times last week and was still working out when I could get back again. HA. Love it. Thanks for the nice words about inspiring you. I love that. And I’m glad. I’m all for fit and healthy no matter what size a person is. Show ’em how it’s done lady.

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    Glaf to be along for the Aussie Curves ride! It’s been an inspiring trip that’s for sure! Never heard of this work out wear but it looks great, will have to go check it out! xx

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    I am one of those silly people who doesn’t work out in public because I’m too embarrassed about what I look like. But hell. You’re right. Screw ’em. And my ‘rules’. Time to dance again. Time to swim again. Time to work out a bit and even be in photos.

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    charlie says

    I also dont like exercising in public, mostly due to the massive booby bounce that hits me in the face, My gym gear usually consisted of my clothes that had been stretched, stained, torn or were too big and baggy. Oneday I went for a walk and passed a local shop which has a mirror right outside their door entrance, I couldnt believe how big and frumpy i looked. so i went straight to bigw and bought some new exercise clothes. Ive never bought better or more expensive brands because I still havent made it outside to exercise, but I plan to now that Ive seen this post.. now i just need a sports bra..might spend the $$$ on that

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    Loving those colours on you! That pink is awesome. As someone who has dropped her phone whilst breaking into a run (go me!) during a walk, I think the zip pocket idea is brilliant! Luckily for me I back tracked and found a lady trying to call my last dialled number to work out who the phone belonged to. Phew. (Although she would’ve just freaked my Mum out, who lives in a different state).

    I had a look, the tank is also available in a tee. For workout gear they are reasonably priced. Love that. New work out gear always equals extra motivation =)

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    abearmadethis says

    When I exercise I’m all about baggy long Tees (that cover my butt) and 3/4 leggings not glamorous at all, ha! it’s great to see brands finally making nice looking work-out gear for fat people it’s been a long time coming. Lookin’ good Dani :)

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    You look ready to run! I’m glad that plus size exercise gear options have gotten so much better in the last couple of years.. this is an excellent example of that!

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    I used to be so paranoid about how I looked in public while working out. Now, I figure if people have a problem with my wobbles while I’m doing something healthy and good for my body, then too bad, it really is just their problem! You look so great!

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    No rule breaking here Dani, you look every bit the sportswoman, ready to break world records, don’t stop what you’re doing, you’re doing it beautifully and brilliantly :~)

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    I love love love the pants! I hate it when my excercise pants are too low cut and everything wants to hang over the top. Hate that! But I really like these.

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    I want this outfit! I generally do my Yoga & Pilates in just old tops and leggings, but I’m thinking I need a dedicated work out outfit as I plan to get back into skipping & bike riding once I move. The colours are great and I love that the pants are high waisted!

    I love your interpretation of this post. I also love that companies are catering to plus size active wear!

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    You have almost convinced me to get moving again. My biggest problem is that I like to wear my everyday clothes and go for a walk with the pram, but joggers look ridiculous so I can’t wait to read more :-)
    Looking great and working out…. Sounds like an awesome plan to me!

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