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Today I’m feeling a little less than average, I’m still love drunk after my epic long weekend at ProBlogger Training Event in Melbourne. I experienced it in excess and loved every minute. I’m quite firmly back to my old and healthier ways now I’m home and it was sooooo unbelievably good to hug my boys. Before I could unpack or pass out I raced around putting an outfit together for this week’s challenge, there was no way I was going to miss out on this.

Quite a different look for me this week, even Steve was a little puzzled. You see I get so inspired by the other ladies that it makes me want to break out of my usual style, put my own spin on theirs and try it on for size. If it doesn’t work then no biggy, no harm done, I just move onto something else. I don’t think you should ever stop adapting your style or experimenting with fashion.

  • Neon Knit Poncho – Supre
  • Laser Cut Leather Skirt – 17 Sundays gifted
  • Black Leggings – TS14+ gifted
  • Black Tank Top – Crossroads
  • Black Pleather Sneakers – Converse
  • Sunglasses – Forever 21
  • Earrings – Apooki
  • Gong Necklace – TS14+ gifted
  • Lipstick – Revlon Colourburst #030 Fuchsia
  • Nails – Coral Shellac

When Supre announced that they would now be stocking up to size 3XL I was kind of excited. Not so much about their range, it was more that a well established brand was listening to the demand and expanding. My experience in Supre was less than ideal. I was ignored, received no assistance and when I did finally manage to pin one down the staff were unable to answer of my questions regarding styles, stock levels or fit. I don’t think anyone there was over the age of 17 but that’s no excuse, when you work in retail you still have to know your shit.

It took me an hour to scour the shop for the plus size items (selected ranges) and all I found were tops that were all cut from the same pattern, oversized circle cuts in Knit and Jersey. The one 3XL I did manage to find was only 2cm larger than the L. I bought it because it was neon and the knit was pretty. The fabric is terrible, it’s not pleasant to wear. I’m used to quality, investing in beautiful labels and now it would seem that I can’t go back. I planned to write a post about how infuriated I was about the whole process but I figured I’d let other people form their own opinions first. Supre may be perfect for you but for me, I’ll be walking past from now on, just like I have for years.


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    Hope says

    I love how you aren’t afraid to step outside your ‘fashion comfort zone’ you look FIERCE! Love it. We have a Supre warehouse that’s not too far away from my house in Brisbane, I’ve only ever seen the 2XL stocked there but they have a lovely size 16 lady who works there so makes me feel comfortable, still haven’t bothered going into one of their normal stores though. I own a few tops, some gym singlets and a pair of printed leggings, I agree with you the quality isn’t there but at the warehouse you never pay more than $20 for items so it’s not too bad for ‘house wear’ or a few basics :) I’m loving your Aussie Curves posts xx

  2. 2


    I was wondering how your Supre experience went. Like you, I have recently started focussing on quality items. I made myself a promise that I wasn’t going to shop in ‘junky’ stores with mass produced, cheap clothing. I still wear clothing within a tight budget, but I now look at the quality as much as the price.

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    I absolutely love this look on you! That skirt is sitting just perfectly and I can only imagine the amazeballs ways it can be styled! Love the pop of neon too and as for Supre, I have brought there for years however I only EVER by this one run of cotton/Elastine basics, chiffon or metallic fabric (the sheeny one they do) all those pieces I have had for years. But I never expect any form of customer service and don’t even get me started on the change room size lol im lucky to have a bargain warehouse about 30 min away which is cheap as chips! xx

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    Oh the staff at Supre are pretty daft, I’ve noticed that. I’ve managed to pick up a few things from them though. I love the colour of the knit, and I love it paired with the 17Sundays skirt!

  5. 9


    AMEN to knowing your shit if your work in retail!!! That is one of my biggest pet peeves! LOL. you look coooool & i love that your rocking your converse with this outfit! WINNING! :)

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    Michelle says

    Sorry but this is 50 Shades of Wrong! Reminds me of something from a Salt n Pepa video in the 80s!!

    Not every look can be a winner.

  7. 14


    Love your individuality, love your style, you’re gorgeous! I discovered plus size at Supre Warehouse Marrickville but most of the fabric was crap! It’s the old “you get what you pay for” routine!! Love your honesty too ;)

  8. 16


    I’m with Steve, I feel puzzled. I do love mixing it up though and can appreciate a new look just because. There are many stores I simply walk past, Supre is one of those. I prefer quality most days of the week. I’m totally jealous of your shoes, necklace, and how green your grass is LOL.

  9. 19


    Such a great outfit. It is different for you, but I love that you’re mixing it up! I too am inspire by all the other women playing a long and have found myself looking at and trying on items I would never have considered before! It’s making fashion so much more fun! You look so great!

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