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Last week’s ‘Stripes‘ theme was fun, it pushed me a little bit out of my comfort zone and I’m not even 100% sure I pulled it off. This week’s theme is ‘Picnic’ which basically means no rules so I was determined to keep my look laid back and simple, everyday Danimezza style.

I packed ‘the most beautiful picnic basket in the world’ with lots of delicious goodies for us to eat in the late afternoon sun. I made a fresh batch of brownies just for the occasion and splashed out on some yummy cheese. The waxed cheddar, the double cream camembert cheese and the pumpkin & pickle dip from Aldi are worthy of any party platter I promise.

We picked a lovely spot in the sunshine by the river with a playground for Aidan to run wild on. It was only ten minutes drive from home so we’ve already made plans to go back. It was lovely to lay in the sunshine, laugh with my boys and enjoy the afternoon.

Aidan was happy for the chance to run wild with the other kids at the park and “fly” on the swings. Don’t be fooled, with a good run up he can go pretty high… which always leaves my heart in my throat.

We go to the park a lot but I don’t normally take pictures, my camera is always too big and heavy to lug around and it’s not safe for me to just leave laying about in the grass. This was the perfect opportunity to take a few snaps… who told him he could grow so big so quickly?

Aidan’s wearing his favourite skinny shorts and the most beautiful super fine merino wool hoodie, a birthday present from Merino Kids. Seriously, it’s so gorgeous and soft that I almost didn’t want Aidan to wear it incase he ruined it. Screw that idea though, enjoy it while it still fits baby boy. It’s lightweight but really cosy and I think he looks super handsome in it. You can currently save 35% off at the moment too, I may be lusting after the scarf and beanie in grey. They’re pricey but high quality I promise.

Anyway we’re not here to talk about Aidan are we? We’re here to watch me prance about in an open space with backlighting, showing off my outfit… right? Oh and my new hat of course. If you follow me on Instagram you would have already seen it a million times by now, oh well… I love it.

When I was in Melbourne for TS14+ I was told I could grab a few outfits from the store (I love my job) and as soon as I tried on this top I instantly added two more in different colours to my pile. If you ‘like’ me on facebook you might have seen the big conversation about it. I’m in LOVE, they’re made of nice fabric, come in fun colours and most importantly they fit great even with my big arms and huge boobs. I actually need more because they’re always in the wash when I need one. High rotation people, if that’s not a solid recommendation I don’t know what is.

This skirt is perfect for picnics, it’s soft, stretchy (for when you eat too much cheese) and the length is adjustable. The dark denim colour means it goes with practically everything and the bonus is that it’s not as restrictive as a denim skirt would be. At the moment it’s going for a total steal in the mid-season sales. Just in case you’re wondering I’m wearing a size M and it’s generous. See, casual can still be fun with a little bit of fancy!


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    Love the colours of your outfit. I wouldn’t have thought to put that top with that cardi. Stunning! I have a similar TS skirt in purple. It is the nicest skirt to wear. I am drooling over that blue one. $39 you say. Don’t mind if I do! Love that you actually enjoyed a family picnic along with your photo shot. I wasn’t that organised to even make it outdoors. Great style, I’m loving everything about your outfit.

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      Yeah I may have winged the colour combo lol. I’ve seen it done but wasn’t sure I had the right tones to pull it off but either way I loved it and will be wearing it again. This challenge is really making me open up my wardrobe and reassess. Oh and I think I enjoyed the cheese a little too much lol.

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      Thanks Lisa, I didn’t really want to put up my everyday kind of outfits and I really wanted AC to push me, to give me an excuse to dress up OTT but the colour combo was a little push for me and that was fun.

  2. 7


    Oooh that food looks yummy!! I love the diff shades of pink you have going there, and I might just check out those Virtu tops when I have some money. The cute hat just tops off your outfit perfectly!

    • 10


      I’m a “hostest with the mostest” from way back ;) This outfit felt a little plain compared to some of my other Aussie Curves looks but it was nice to be a little more relaxed.

  3. 11


    I really like the heart stopping way Aidan launches himself on the swings he has no fear.
    I’m loving the outfit you chose for the picnic. Lucky there were no boat races there.
    That hat is awesome!!

  4. 13


    Gosh I love this initiative! I wish I could take part too! I love seeing what the girls have put together each week – so stylish.
    I think you look tab in bright colours :)
    When I think if picnic I think of full circle skirted floral dresses and a scarf in the hair!

    I love what you took to eat too!

    • 14


      Thanks Carly, I had a full circle skirt dress which was all ladylike and feminine but it just wasn’t suitable for a family trip to the park lol, might have to save it for another challenge. Your support means a lot Carly, thank you xx

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    Last weeks outfit shot was ACES! This week is no different…I loved the pink and coral combo and I always love seeing your lil boy….He is tooooo cute….got pretty eyes like his momma ;)

  6. 17

    abearmadethis says

    lovely. lovely outfit, lovely picnic, lovely little boy, just all lovely. OH and I really like the look of that skirt, off to check out the specials xx

  7. 20


    OMG lady… picnic perfection! First of all, I need the entire outfit because i’m sying here! It’s so so cute!! And your boys? Awwww… the pic of you and the hubby on Twitter was so sweet!!! P.S. – your curves look AHHMMAAAZZZING in that skirt!

  8. 21


    You make my heart zing peeking in at you & your beautiful boys ♥♥ Loving your look from head to toe as always … you’ve done it again, you’re looking sensaish Dani ;)

  9. 25


    You know I always thought TS14+ was for older ladies but you are really showing me they have some good stuff. I even checked them out in Myer the other day! I love this outfit.

  10. 27


    Such lovely photos and those clothes looks amazing. I’m a little larger than you but I’m thinking I’ll give these a go. Thanks for the ideas!

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