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This smile is a lie, this shoot was tough. My hunky “tripod” is currently overseas for work so there was no one around to help me take the pictures, you know, besides Aidan. I chucked an outfit on, set up the tripod and my remote failed, no matter what I did the thing wouldn’t sync. What did I do? I put the camera on self timer and walked back and forth, back and forth like a goose. It took five times longer, most didn’t focus but I was PMSing too hard to care. Yep, endometrial torture for the win but that wasn’t going to stop me participating. I was really lazy this week, sorry ladies. My hair is ala natural and for make up I just slapped on some lippy and glasses lol… at least this post is up right?

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about shoes now, a whole new world has opened up. I love these lace up wedges although I’m still learning how to walk in them, they look cool so it’s worth it. A simple pump or heel would have looked too plain when paired with a funky bondage style belt, check out the hardware on that thing! I’ve kept the jewellery minimal, black and gunmetal, to tie the look together. It felt weird to wear a small necklace, usually mine are all giant statement pieces but I think this works better.

The skirt is a favourite of mine, I love the tulip hemline and it’s super comfortable. It’s no longer available online but you may be able to find one in store. The tunic is in one of my favourite colours for spring and it’s the most comfortable and flattering shape. I don’t even really need to belt it, usually I’d wear leggings and a big dangly necklace and I’m done. Also, since it’s made from a crinkle fabric I don’t even need to iron… winning!


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    That colour is gorgeous on you Dani! Love everything about this outfit…those shoes and belt are killer, and the tulip hem on your skirt is just divine.

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    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but I would never have guessed unless you told us.. you look great. I really (REALLY) love that belt :)

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    I feel you! I used to do that when I was out in the desert with no timer and no sister to take my photos. I also have been busy with work and family stuff so I am finding it difficult to get all my shots done but luckily I have some unused photos so I can still play along.

    I LOVE YOUR SHOES…. and I love target for the size 11! Yay! Pretty shoes for our big feet :D

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    Your shoes, belt and other accessories look awesome together! The TS top and skirt are devine. Love your outfit. Hope you’re feeling better soon x

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    This outfit looks great! You are truly the queen of the belted waist. And the black and green look amazing together.

    I know you thought we’d doubled up on outfit again but really, what we double up on was mood. Haha. Same look on my face as in the last few photos and same air of I love this stuff but gosh I feel ick.

    Not long now!! See you NEXT WEEK!!

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    Fabulous outfit! The accessories of belt and shoes really tie it all together. And really, is there any colour you can’t wear? You look fab as always! xx

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    Gorgeous! I’m not a fan of green, but I’m really loving that green and the lime that is currently in. That skirt is pretty fantastic too. Oh, I used to have to do my outfit photos like that when I lived in Adelaide, it is super frustrating, but yay, the photos look great!

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    abearmadethis says

    even with all your ‘speed bumps’ you still managed fab photos and a fab outfit. My hubby is also OS at the moment so I know how you feel. xx

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    CUTE! You did well. The colour of the top really suits and I love the belt. I use the same tripod technique too: set it to take ten pics at a time so I feel like I’m being papped but it really just makes for a f*ck-load of photo editing later

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    I really like these colours on you and the belt is fab! Know what you mean about the self timer, all my posts with the concrete backdrop are self time, neighbours must think i am that obnoxious prancing in front of my camera.. alone haha

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