Canteen Bandanna Day

Today is Canteen’s National Bandana Day, the annual fundraising¬†initiative¬†which helps to support Australian youths with cancer. Canteen and Girls Night In are two my chosen charities so I’m always thrilled when they reach out and ask me to collaborate in raising awareness of their fundraising efforts.

Even Steve and Aidan got in on the fun! In case you’re wondering, Steve’s making pirate noises… and this was the best picture I was able to capture of the two of them together. Steve rocked his funky black pirate bandanna “beanie” style and due to Aidan’s fractured shoulder (he fell off a chair, he’s on the mend) he rocked his funky green bandanna as a sling! You can see more cool ways to wear a bandanna here. When I think about what these kids and their families go through, I’m glad a fracture is all I have to worry about with my little boy.

Even Charlie got in on the action wearing his bandanna “cowboy” style.

Canteen supports young people aged 12-24 who are living with cancer and I think it’s inspiring. Do you remember your own stresses as a teen, in comparison to what these kids have to go through, let’s be serious here, they were pretty damn trivial. It’s not about research, it’s not about money for the labs, it’s about supporting the mental wellbeing of kids and their families in the chemo trenches.

Shit happens and somehow you have to deal or shit gets worse. Canteen helps support these kids and their loved ones by giving them safe places to chill, to mingle with peers of similar age in similar (often shitty) situations. It’s about community and I love that. Lets help give these kids a reason to smile again!

I had a lot of fun dressing up for this cause, I figured it deserved something bright, something fabulously young and funky. The dress is super simple and such a comfortable fit, it’s been my go-to basic since I got it a few weeks back. The fabric is a bit thinner than some of their other dresses but I like that it’s lighter. The poncho? Well just because I could and I love it. This isn’t even how it’s meant to be worn, that’s one of the things I love about TS14+ their garments don’t conform, they’re so freeing.

The outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pretty polka dot Canteen Bandanna tied with a bow at the front for a bit of a retro vibe. I didn’t even “do” my hair or brush it for that matter. I pulled it up into a high pony and the last time I could get the hair elastic around again I only pulled the hair part of the way through so it would fan out. No hairspray either, messy and un-done is key to pulling this look off. You could totally rock this bandanna style at work or even at the beach.

Canteen needs your support to help

young people show cancer who’s boss!

You can wear and style your very own Canteen Bandanna TODAY by purchasing from the following retailers nationwide: Woolworths, Woolworths Petrol, Wendy’s, Super Cheap Auto, BCF, Goldcross, Ray’s Outdoors, Rebel Sport, Newslink and GNC Live Well as well as at street stalls.

While you’re at it please “LIKE” Canteen’s Facebook Page!


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