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When I was asked if I would like to review an exercise class, I have to be honest, I hesitated but the opportunity to hit things and wear a cute outfit sealed the deal. A high energy, tennis based cardio workout for an hour one afternoon, sure no worries I could handle it.

Tell me… does this look like the face of someone who handled it? Errr… no would be the answer. That class kicked my fat chunky ass. I burned in places I’d never burned in before. Half an hour in I piked out and Steve took over while I clung to my inhaler. I cried. I was angry at myself because my body wouldn’t keep up the pace. For the first time I really felt my weight, like really felt it. I was furious because I was missing out on the fun.

Yes that’s right, I was having fun… turns out I like to hit things and wear my wanky posh Hayman Island hat. Sure my lungs were burning, my knees were shaking and my face had turned an attractive shade of beetroot but I was enjoying myself. The pace was energetic, I had to constantly push myself but the routines swiftly changed and kept me on my toes.

A Cardio Tennis session comprises six key components:

  • Warm-up, cardio segment (drill-based and play-based activities) and cool down
  • Music – 120 to 150 beats per minute
  • Heart rate monitors and regular heart rate checks
  • Low-compression balls
  • Cardio Burst activities (15-20 second aerobic activities such as agility ladders, footwork activities etc.)
  • The coach (energetic, enthusiastic and engaging).

 My ass wasn’t the only one being kicked, even the skinny girls were huffing and puffing about, the dudes were no different. In short the class is designed to keep your heart rate up, you never stand still you’re just constantly moving. You play games, you beat obstacles and you work on your aim and coordination. Sounds like hard work, don’t get me wrong, it is but it’s fun I swear. In short, would I do it again? The answer, YES!

The big question is… would you like to give it a go? Cardio Tennis have been generous enough to offer one lucky reader the ultimate prize to get you ready and raring to go on the court. The pack includes:

  • Wilson Tennis Racquet
  • Five Cardio Tennis Lesson Passes
  • Suunto Heart Rate Monitor
  • Cardio Tennis Singlet Top

Looking to avoid the gym with an outdoor session that will keep up the tempo during your workout? Cardio Tennis is supported and endorsed by Tennis Australia, you can find your local coach here:

For your chance to win all you have to do is answer this question: What is your favourite colour to wear when working out and why?

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  1. 1


    Now that sounds like a serious workout. I’m a little scared but would love to have a go! My favourite colour to work out in is just black mainly because it doesn’t show how much I’m sweating! Although like you my bright red face is a bit of hint.

    • 2

      Carlie says

      My favourite to exercise in is light blue as it is the colour of my fave sports t-shirt I got when I was at Uni. Even cooler – it says “Peggy” on the back!! It’s daggy but I love it!

  2. 3


    Oh my God, YES! This totes up my alley. The las time I played tennis I was 18, and I’m super keen to get back into it again. My colour of choice? Hot Pink baby. Just gives me a surge of energy like no other colour can! (So proud of you for giving it a crack too!) xx

  3. 4


    My favourite workout colour is pink!

    Sometimes it’s hard to want to leave the house if you don’t look nice, and workout clothes can be a bit hard on the self-esteem. I’m not normally a pinky-girl, but when I’m exercising, wearing all that spandex, I want to look feminine and pretty, and pink definitely helps to charge me up!

  4. 5


    I haven’t heard of Cardio Tennis before, but it sounds amazing!

    I don’t really have time to explain the science behind this, but trust me when I say that red clothes make your workouts go faster. Racing stripes help a bit too! x

  5. 6

    Ros McFarlane says

    Ok. I like wearing “WHITE” it is a COOL colour, EASY to see and I think is fashionable colour for summer. Exercise is good, even thou you might miss the ball now and again. Tennis can be enjoyable and have lots of fun and laughs along the way.

  6. 7


    Well done for giving it a go. Cardio is always tough.
    I’m a ‘white’ girl – it never shows the sweat marks and it looks fresh. I usually double layer wearing a white tshirt under a shorter white singlet.

  7. 8

    Brenda says

    I have lots of black bottoms (well pants!) to work out in and always try and mix the tops up a bit. The WORST colour (or maybe the best for some!) is grey – you can see even the teeniest amount of sweat – I like to sweat and know I am sweating but I don’t need to see it.
    I do Bikram Yoga and people wear grey shorts! I’ve seen plenty of bum crack sweat and no-one needs to see that!

  8. 9

    Nicole White says

    Definitely “JADE GREEN”….it has both a COOLING and CALMING effect and I blend in with the grass when I lay down to rest while everyone else is working out! ;)

  9. 11


    Awh Aidan’s little head back and forth in that video – so cute!

    In all honesty I despise exercise but I’m trying to get fitter and hopefully tone and slim along the way. I’m also all about challenging myself recently so I’d love to give this a go.

    I love working out in leopard print leggings. They serve the same sort of functional purpose as those ‘skins’ but given that I’m not exactly an ‘elite athlete’ look way more stylish and fun! I usually team it with my fave band t-shirts and they help me to enjoy exercise more and therefore do it more often!

  10. 13


    PINK! I know it’s the least flattering colour when I am hot and sweaty but I don’t wear pink any other time and there is something so outrageous about my hot pink work out top that I can’t help but smile when I put it on! It makes me go faster!

  11. 15

    Dee says

    I don’t have one favourite colour to work out in, with me it’s more the cut of the garment and how well it fits, feels and moves with my body while I’m exercising. The colour really is irrelevant, I’m exercising, getting fit, not putting on a fashion show or trying to impress anyone.

  12. 16


    I wear a purple top, to balance my red face, and orange bottoms, such a bright happy colour, together these shade insipre me to work harder and often make others smile.

  13. 17

    Brad Iversen says

    They say ‘just wearing black won’t take care of that’ but it’s definitely my choice for hiding the sweat…and the fat…

  14. 18


    When I was in highschool some friends and I decided to get together once a week to play Tennis. Except we sucked, rarely managed to hit the balls, and eventually spent the hour sitting on the court chatting. Our parents eventually told us they weren;t paying for us to hire the court if we were just gonna chat. :/

  15. 19

    Kay says

    Grey with bright pink shoes
    (A tactic used to draw attention from my bright red face and wild post-workout hair)

  16. 21

    Jacky says

    Has to be black because it drains all the colour from my face so I dont look quite so beetroot red after a workout as I really am.

  17. 24

    kerry says

    Being a basic black girl, Strangely i love a highlight of Red! Red makes you go faster (doesnt it?)……………..

  18. 25

    Danni says

    I wear black because it generally hides my gallons of sweat and makes me less self conscious of my jiggling bits, but I always wear my purple socks and pink shoes to jazz it up :)

  19. 27

    Karla says

    I am loving Cardio Tennis (and I can’t play tennis, actually I don’t even own a raquet – I have to borrow one). Just got my new joggers for classes and I’m loving the hot pink colour that makes me feel pumped and ready to go.

  20. 28

    Lynne lillington says

    My favourite colour is black , it hides the dimples and jiggly bits when I run and doesnt show the sweat.

  21. 33

    Cath says

    I can’t believe I’ve not heard of cardio tennis before this! I love tennis! I need to find me a class ASAP! Well done for giving it a go! My fav colour? Green! My tennis club colors as green and black

  22. 34

    Elizabeth says

    My favourite colour is fiery red,
    because before I work out, I’m full of dread,
    but red builds my passion to fight,
    for an afternoon exercising in beautiful sunlight!

  23. 36


    Workout wear I am happy wearing anything comfy and not too loose and if outdoors to offer sun protection for my fair skin! But to choose a colour HOT PINK baby! Powerful yet feminine!! sounds like cardio tennis!!?? bring it on! i love any outdoor activity where I can take the kids along as well and have them running around and seeing mum keeping healthy :)

  24. 37



    WINNER: Elizabeth – “I haven’t heard of Cardio Tennis before, but it sounds amazing! I don’t really have time to explain the science behind this, but trust me when I say that red clothes make your workouts go faster. Racing stripes help a bit too! x”

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