Curvy Chic Lingerie

Model: Delphina Shakallis 

Lingerie: Curvy Kate Australia + City Chic

Make Up: Amy Sheree

Styled & Photographed by: Danielle Melnyczenko

Accessories: Stylists Own


EDITED TO ADD: There have been a few comments about how photoshopped these images are so I thought I’d post a before and after. Delphina has magical skin, that was one of the reasons I knew she’d be perfect for a lingerie shoot. I’ve applied a general action over all the images which adjusts hue, exposure and clarity.  I’d appreciate any further comments regarding photoshop be constructive. Dani x


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    Just gorgeous. Her, the lingerie, your images, just amazing. Will they be everyone’s “cup of tea”? No but you can’t please everyone & you know what? You shouldn’t even try to.

    As I said to you via Twitter, the only thing I don’t particularly like is the heavy eye makeup BUT that’s because I’M not a fan of makeup in general but I can appreciate that it works well for the shoot, the style you were going for.

    You’re bloody good at what you do Dani & getting better all the time x

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      Hey Nadia! Love you much girl! Uber excited you have a new wbetise! You look luvly as always. I have a do you respond when well intentioned older women tell you that you dress is too tight or your skirt is too short?

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    charlie says

    well done, absolutely love the photos, you have made such a difference..less is more.
    i love that i can see her curves now, they work for the shoot, it goes well with the lingerie now that her skin isnt so airbrushed…cos now you can see her chin, neckline etc. the whole thing just works.. go you for being you and not airbrushing like all plus size girls are in magazines..


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    Kakka says

    Did I miss something? These photos don’t look Photoshopped to me, and the befores and afters show that it is a minor adjustment, which most professional photographers do to get even tone etc.

    A beautiful model, a professional photographer and a great photo shoot. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get their eyes checked.

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      Oi Marisa, obrigade3o pela ptrona resposta.Em dezembro tenho um aniverse1rio de dezesseis anos para ir, sou tia e madrinha da aniversariante. Gostaria muito de usar um macace3o que via na loja (comprido/cinza-gelo).Aqui na minha cidade as pessoas costumam se produzir bastante nessas ocasif5es e como o macace3o e9 de malha queria umas dicas para valorize1-lo. O evento sere1 em um bufet.

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    charlie says

    haha i get itchy nipple with lace ones.
    were these ones soft dani?
    did you mention where they are from i cant see where :)
    I like the 7th bra down, the one just below the see through bra

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    That is quite interesting to see the before and after photoshop photos. I must admit that when I see pictures of models and actors in magazines it isn’t that they are so unrealistically skinny (unrealistic for me anyway) that disturbs me, because I know that is just good genetics or perhaps even a diet of very low calories. What I always feel a bit crappy about is things like how my skin doesn’t glow like theirs and my hair colour isn’t such a rich hue. It’s reassuring to see what a difference photoshop makes to photos and makes me feel a little better about myself.

    Anyway, regardless of the photoshopping, she is one stunning girl!

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    Everything about these shots is gorgeous, the lingerie, the model and the photographs. I love them!
    And I don’t see anything wrong at all with popping a little general action over them, I don’t know any pro photographer that doesn’t when it comes to this sort of shoot, it just helps to bring the whole thing magically alive, and no amount of photoshopping would produce such good results if the photos weren’t well shot to begin with.
    P.S. I of course LOVE that location!


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