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Last week I had half an hour to get ready and I needed to be presentable pronto. These are the products I used to get my look in no time at all. So I decided to recreate the look for you on camera showing you exactly what I used. As usual this self confessed Bene-Babe (Junkie) dove into her stash… honestly I don’t why I bother looking at any other brands anymore so expect to see a lot, this isn’t a sponsored post though. You can even WIN a kit of your very own at the bottom of this post!

I must mention that when I straighten my hair I usually give myself enough time and do it properly but to to show you just how much of a rush I was in and how quickly the new stylers work I did a quick rush job and it still turned out great. My old ghd (bought in 2008) has been passed down to my sister and whilst it’s been great, I can really see the difference between them not only in the construction but also in the result.

In case you’re wondering I’m wearing the High Times HiLo Tunic, a gift from 17 Sundays which has the softest silk cotton panel across the chest and shoulders. Seriously dreamy people. For those playing along the song featured is a new one from Tegan & Sara called “Closer” and I’ve been playing it over and over. Ok, enjoy and as usual if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I’ll email the response to you directly.

Products I used to create this look:

*For every Pink Cherry Blossom Styler sold in Australia and New Zealand $20.00 is donated to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and National Breast Cancer Foundation… cool huh!

I’ve been trialling the “Light” kit for the last three weeks and I’m loving it, I even took it with me to Hayman Island! Want to win the “Medium” kit so you can try it out yourself? Seriously, your complexion will never be the same again, it contains everything you need for a perfect, flawless base.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below answering this question:

When was the last time you felt you looked truly amazing?

Competition open to Australian residents only. One entry per person. This is a game of skill. Competition closes Wednesday 10th October 2012. Winner will be notified by email and in the comments section of this post. Prize is the Medium Complexion Kit from Benefit Cosmetics and will shipped by me personally as I had to fight tooth and nail to get this for you guys. This is not a sponsored post.


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    On Saturday, I went on the first date I have ever been on in my entire life.

    I was anxious, I almost cancelled. My mum rolled her eyes as I ummed and ahhed over outfits. I did my hair. I put on my lipstick. The butterfies didn’t leave, even when I spotted him across the crowd. But I felt a sense of confidence I hadn’t in my entire life. I had my favourite jeans on, and a sexy blazer, and I just felt great. And it must have showed, because he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. And it was at that point, when I realised for the first time in my life, that a man was admiring me, was actually smitten from being with me, that I felt the most beautiful and amazing that I have in my entire life.

  2. 3

    Cassandra Schleyer says

    I Feel i looked truly amazing last week on holidays as I was so rested from not having to cook for myself and my 3 children or do daily household chores while staying at our resort .I looked in the mirror and saw a truly rested person with no care in the world and
    to me that made me feel beautiful not tired and haggard or worried

  3. 4

    Kate Hartman says

    The last time I felt Truly Amazing <3 Well the only time I have felt I looked truly AMAZING in over a year was at my sister's wedding a few weeks ago as a Brides Maid!
    I had my pretty Blue dress on, my hair was done up in a swirly bun with a side plait. Air Brushed Make-up that was gorgeous and silky smooth, and beautiful glittery nails. My fiancé was a groomsman, and he bolted to our car as soon as we rocked up to the ceremony, and he was chastised by the wedding co-ordinator for leaving rank. I have never felt so absolutely beautiful as in that moment, the moment when his eyes lit up as I stepped out of that car!

  4. 5


    my cousins wedding last year. I had an amazing sequin dress from Nordstroms, awesome Napoleon makeup (done in store) & amazing hair style courtesy of my amazing hairdresser. I had so many aunts, uncles and cousins comment on my outfit and I did feel amazing. (less so the next day after a massive reception followed by a massive hangover).

    loving all of the Benefit products you are using – especially the brow zings. love a good eyebrow.

  5. 6

    Sarah says

    The last time that I have actually felt truly amazing was only just recently in my 33 years of life. To cut a long story short I have had a weight problem & have been overweight for all my life. I have had 3 beautiful children in 3 years & my weight went over 130kg! In the end of January this year, something snapped in me & I changed my life completley around! I have lost over 53kg, & still losing, I feel so alive again, & most importantly healthy & for the first time I looked in the mirror in my new little black dress & felt amazing & sexy :)

  6. 9

    Yani says

    The last time I felt truly beautiful was last month when I lost a total of10kgs and my husband noticed. we were going out and usually I don’t make an effort as I’m so self conscious but I dressed up made a huge deal of how I looked. It felt amazing that he noticed and commented.

  7. 12


    Part of me wants to say “NEVER” but that’s not the case, but not since my early 20s or so… when I wasn’t (sigh) ‘big’ and when I could wear makeup.

    I perspire as soon as I put anything on my face so haven’t worn anything other than lipstick for nearly 15 years and sometimes I just wish I could don some and feel glamorous!


  8. 13


    You know the last time I felt I looked truly amazing was when I last looked in the mirror. I’ve reached a time in my life where I’m so darn pleased with myself being a minute off 70, to be a Great GrandMaMa for the second time as well as knowing that my girls are proud of how I look compared to women of a similar age. Whether I’m simply at home, shopping, going somewhere special or doing mundane tasks I care about how I look. You know why? Cause it makes me feel better. If I look in the mirror and see a wreck, that image instantly transfers to how I feel in myself. Looking good, looking amazing makes you feel amazing which then rubs off on those people around you so everyone feels amazing too … try it … you’ll love being, feeling and looking truly amazing all the time too!

  9. 14

    charlie says

    there have been alot of times in my life that I thought I looked amazing, because society tells you that you look hot being skinny, and fake.
    Once upon a time I was size 8, covered in make up, I was conscious of how I looked every minute of the day and was looking for approval, now that Im older I dont look back and think i looked good, i just remember how unhappy being vain can make you and that skinny doesnt always mean looking your best.
    The first and last time I felt I looked amazing (in my whole life) was being butt naked in the maternity ward,weighing over 100 kilos and in labour, I didnt look for anyone for approval or reassurance or worry how i looked, i just stripped of and felt so comfortable in my mummy skin, I KNEW this was the most gorgeous and natural looking i was ever going to get, I was totally inlove with how my body changed, I was a vessel for for my child and would meet him any minute now, when our eyes met and our bodies connected it was the most amazing feeling, and when I look back at photos i think being naked, skin to skin with my baby was when I truly looked amazing and so did he

  10. 16

    Kelli-le Stevens says

    It is probably horribly cliche but the last day that I have felt I looked truly amazing would have been the day I gave birth. After the birth that is. I had lost a lot of the pregnancy swelling, was wearing no makeup so my skin was nice and pale (well I needed a blood transfusion but my complexion looked great, haha!) and I was truly happy inside so my outsides just showed it too which I can see when looking back at the photos. :)

  11. 17

    Fiona says

    Definitely on my honeymoon! The stress and pressure of planning a wedding was over. I felt like I could finally relax and unwind, lay by a pool, sip a coktail and read a book. The island we stayed on was amazing – leaving me feeling, well amazing. Sun kissed and relaxed and rejuvenated. If you can’t look and feel amazing after that, you never will!!!!

  12. 18

    MissMel says

    The last time I felt I looked truly amazing is when my both my children said ‘you look pretty today mum, I love you…’

  13. 19


    The last time I felt I looked truly amazing was after my very first massage, I felt so relaxed and that it showed on my face. I was one satisfied lady!

  14. 21


    I felt I looked pretty good recently when I went to the WW Healthy Life Awards. I just felt like it all came together.
    I also felt pretty fab after trialling the Benefit products with you the other day. I’m totally converted!

  15. 22

    Karly says

    In my mid 20s I joined Weight Watchers and lost 12 kgs….I was down to 58 and felt fabulous. (don’t ask me what I weigh now please…what’s the opposite of fabulous?)

  16. 23

    Charlotte says

    When I finally had my hair cut, after growing it out for three years too scared to even have a trim! Walking out of the hairdressers with my neat, straight ends made me feel like a million dollars!

  17. 24

    Renee says

    The only day I have every felt really good was on my wedding day 6yrs ago, since then after having 2 bubs and working I think I have forgotten

  18. 26

    SANDY says


  19. 27

    Fatima Shah says

    After 3 babies in 4 years, I hadn’t felt amazing for a long time – however I just started eating healthier, got a haircut and colour, have lost 6kg in 5 weeks (still a while to go but such a confidence booster!) and am feeling so much better! So right about now I feel pretty great that I’m taking control of my life!

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