How To Look Good When You Work Out

I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s Aussie Curve’s post where I reviewed my new activewear from Virtu and shared that it’s ok to “break the rules”, that you can be attractive whilst you’re active. Today I wanted to talk to you about the things I love to use for a workout. The gym is great but I’ll be honest, I haven’t been in ages. Since our dog Toby passed away I’ve preferred to take Charlie (our younger dog) for regular walks to keep him from getting too lonely. I couldn’t walk them both together ( big labradors) but now it’s become a bonding thing between Charlie and I. Obviously that means I’m outside a lot so I rely on sunscreen to keep me protected. I’ve used the Light Feel Nivea 30+ for ages and prefer it because I never burn and I don’t feel sticky. For me that’s a win.

Usually I work out without make up, it’s better for your skin. I take great care of mine and really consider the products I use on my face and body. I’ve become a total Invisible Zinc junkie since I was sent some to review over a year ago. The best feeling for me is knowing that since then some of my readers have been converted too and they’ve raved about it just as much as I have. Seriously guys, I only share the good stuff with you, there is so much that doesn’t even make it to the blog. Ok, so if you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Invisible Zinc Silk Shield Foundation at your local chemist or Priceline. Usually around this time they release gift sets so keep an eye out. Also know that if I can organise another giveaway I will. Top stuff.

Now I’m not saying that you should wear foundation to the gym but sometimes, on shitty days where you’re not motivated it’s nice to feel “done”. I like to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted (they’re due this week) and my eyelashes tinted too. I’m naturally quite fair so tinting adds more definition to my face without me having to worry about messy mascaras and additional products on my face. Got a huge pimple and don’t want to gross out your trainer or the hot guy that hangs around the gym. Pop some tea tree oil on that sucker and leave it be, don’t put any make up over it. Totally freaking out about it? Skip the gym and opt for a solo outside workout… wanky 5 star resort branded hat optional.

When working out at the gym you should take along a towel, no matter what the rules are. Not using a towel is just gross and inconsiderate to your fellow sweat-a-holics. I have two designated gym towels so there are no excuses. Why not buy a bright outlandish towel in your favourite colour, there are no rules but it’s probably best to stick to a standard size, for the love of dignity don’t rock up with a bath sheet or something monogramed by nanna! When I get home from my work out I strip in front of the washing machine and start the cycle then and there. If I don’t I end up making excuses “I don’t have a clean towel/pants/bra” and I don’t work out. I’m my worst enemy.

Drink Water. Seriously, it’s not even funny. You should be drinking at least 8 standard glasses a day. Yes, this is me getting my bossy pants on. Want better skin? Drink Water. Want better metabolism? Drink Water. Want a better night’s sleep? Drink Water. You get the drift. I’m currently on the look out for a fancy 1 litre glass bottle with a silicon cover for my new water bottle. If it’s better for babies it’s better for me so if you’ve seen any let me know. This one is BPA free and I got it from BigW.

Ok so we’ve covered a few things I feel are important for a good looking work out but my favourite beauty tip is this one: stains, tints whatever you want to call them. I have a few different colours from a few different brands. I’ve used this one by The Body Shop since I was 17. I’ve always had really pale lips, they sometimes look blue so this stain has always come to my rescue. I can layer it up so it’s really bold or just do a thin application to make them look naturally gorgeous with a swipe of gloss. I love blush but sometimes I hate wearing powders (it gets on my camera) so just a few dabs of stain which is then rubbed in with my fingertips gives my face a bit of definition and a glow. Benefit also has a great range of tints, I should know I own them all, Cha Cha Tint is my favourite for summer.

Adding a touch of colour to your face for pre and post workout is a personal choice but one I know makes me feel good, just like having pretty polished digits. I used to hate having colour on my nails, I’d stick to a clear gloss but then got crazy with my toenails. Things have changed for me, it’s the easiest and often cheapest way to finish an outfit plus it’s a great way to experiment with the latest colour trends like this neon number from Orly that I’ve been raving about on instagram. I’m currently wearing coral shellac and so far it’s gone with all my outfits, two weeks on and I still haven’t got a chip. In between salon visits I love the DIY option, I love nothing more than bringing out my summer brights. Colours effect your mood, get to know what colours motivate and excite you. Surround yourself with those colours when you’re working out and you’ll feel the difference, trust me.

You knew this was coming right? No one likes to be on the treadmill next to the stinky girl or better yet be the stinky girl on the only treadmill left which just so happens to be positioned right in front of the giant fan casting your fresh odour across the whole room… you know what I’m talking about, you’ve been there. There is a way to avoid it and Impluse is not the answer, not even if you’re 17. I love the Clinical Protection range from Dove and Rexona. It’s a cream application that works wonders, I’m serious, take the gamble and tell me you hate it if you do but I personally love it. Prefer a spray? I was sent the Sensitive 48hr Protect spray from Nivea and so far so good. It’s quicker to apply and so far no embarrassing public smelly moments.

Dude, you need some serious shoes. I’m really sorry but those shoes from KMart aren’t going to do you any favours now or in the future. I’d always bought trainers off the shelf but earlier this year I went into Athletes Foot and got fitted, best decision ever for my feet. It feels like I’m walking on clouds. They were of course a bit more expensive compared to the crappy ones I used to shell out for but I just put them on lay buy for a few weeks. I’ve learnt it’s better to invest and be patient than rush and buy crap. Oh and on the topic of being rushed, have some dry shampoo on hand for greasy sweaty roots. I love to use Klorane. Really lazy and rushed like me? Pop your hair up in a slick pony and pin loose bits in place.

Last but not least, gadgets you’ve just got to love them. Virtu sent me a funky little pedometer from a recent promotion they did and I love it. I’ve just started #danisteps on instagram/twitter where I take a photo of my pedometer score to keep myself accountable and record my progress. The watch I’m wearing is a $20 jelly from Factorie and I love it. It’s funky, bright and I use it to time my jogs plus it’s in fashion with the Sport Luxe trend. Steve and I are buying each other fancy heart rate watches for Christmas (I know, we’re so romantic) which also count your steps and your calories. I’m want to get one in a really bright colour.

I hope this post has been helpful and that you’ve now got a few confidence boosting tricks up your sleeve, now I’d like to hear from you!

  • What’s really peps you up for a work out?
  • What’s your favourite beauty product to stash in your gym bag?
  • Do you have one of those fancy watches that you’d recommend I have a look at?

Unsure my tips will work for you? Worst case scenario is that you’ll look like a big old sweaty mess but with a great big grin on your face, beaming with pride and that… is priceless.


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    Love the post! For me personally I have gotten over how I look when at the gym. Ive learnt that no body looks at you because everyone is focused on their own work out. To prep for my gym time I always wear my most comfy work out cloths and always have a bottle of water and sweat towel. I never wear make up to the gym just good deodorant and my iphone is always playing my favorite work out music! My biggest tip for gym goers is definitely do not eat at least 30 minutes prior to working out or you will just feel sick! When gym time is over I liek to go home and shower and put on a really nice outfit that makes me feel good. sort of like positive reinforcement for working out!

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    Nell says

    Great post!
    A heart rate monitor will change your life! Look on eBay as POLAR have a store on there and it’s really well priced. Ft4 is my weapon and I love it!

  3. 4

    Hope says

    Absolutely love this post!

    I was always so reluctant to re-join a gym after being a member of one last year that was full off the pretty Lorna-Jane types and big muscley intimidating men. I bit the bullet and joined my local YMCA in July and couldn’t be happier! I used to be THAT GIRL – the one who wore make up to the gym and had perfect hair but gone are those days, I probably end up looking like the troll from under the bridge after a P.T session but at least I feel good and have worked hard. I am motivated to work out because I absolutely love my shoes! I bought a pair of Hot Pink adidas runners and am in love with them, I always feel comfortable in them and I think they’re pretty stylish. I always have paw-paw ointment and deoderant in my gym bag for pre and post work out. My lips get really dry and horrible and I have a fear of being the stinky girl so I always lather both on haha.

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    These are all excellent tips! I need to check out that invisible zinc, and I am totally with you on the nails. Doing my nails has become one of my passions, best way to lift my mood is having cool nails. I really need to get myself some new runners, might have to talk to Santa about it!

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    Chelsea says

    I love my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor.

    I usually keep some deoderant (Mitchum Unscented 48hr roll on – I have never tested this 48hr theory, especially not at the gym), lip balm and body spray (White Musk by the body shop is my fave spray) in my gym bag.

    What peps me up is doing stuff I love – working out doesn’t feel like a chore anymore because I stick to the Les Mills Classes that I genuinely love (Body Combat + Body Pump are the favourites); hill climbs with friends (I’ve now done three of the Castle Hill Tracks + the road here in Townsville – two of the tracks I loved enough to make it into my weekly routine) … always with friends though, I have the motivation to go to PT or a class on my own, not to lug my 106kg up the hill by myself no matter how good my playlist is, haha.

    I have two gym towels – one to put on the machine and a smaller microfibre travel size towel for personal sweat relief mid-work out.

    Definitely agree on the shoes thing – I seem to collect water bottles (I have three at the moment, being in Townsville the current faves are the ones that have the stick that goes in the freezer to keep your water cold) so if I see any glass ones like you mentioned I’ll let you know.

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    through a single thing like this before.
    So nice to discover someone with a few original thoughts on this topic.
    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This website is something that’s needed on the web, someone with a bit of originality!

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