I Loved ProBlogger Training Event 2012

I could tell you how inspirational the ProBlogger Training Event (#pbevent) was, rehash all the lessons from my point of view and give you the steps you need to take to get the keys to the holy grail of blogging but I’d be wasting my time. I can guarantee every single attendee took away something different, something powerful and uniquely inspiring to them. I know I did. I’d encourage others to be resourceful and attend next year in person… or you can buy a virtual ticket and listen to the recordings and look at the slides from this year’s event.

I should be writing my Aussie Curves post for tomorrow but instead I’m trawling facebook for the Smilebooth Australia photos which were taken during the ProBlogger Networking Event at Maha Restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD on Friday night. As you can probably tell, I found them. The first one is one of my favourites, just me and my girl Rhi from Hummingbird’s Song hamming it up like pro’s for the camera.

Rhi and I have been planning this for a year. I cried when we were reunited, I cried again late at night after whispering our dreams and truths in bed after dark like teenagers and I cried even more when I had to say goodbye. That part sucked. I may have even cried on the car ride home when I told Steve how much I already missed her. We’ll grow old together like those old ladies on birthday cards I just know it.

It was so fantastic to have a few of the Aussie Curves ladies in attendance at #pbevent leading the curvy fashionista way. Melissa, Claire, Jeanie and me. Each one of them brought their a-game when it came to outfit selection and they looked sensational and I noticed them all receive compliments from strangers. There was no way we could miss out on an outfit photo together but unfortunately we didn’t act quick enough as Omega had to leave early and missed out on the fun.

Melissa and I drank too much, ate too much, laughed too much and cried too much but that’s just how we roll. We slurped back Long Island Iced Tea’s, talked about how the plus size fashion blogging scene in Australia has changed so much in such a short time and how proud we were of all the ladies who participate in Aussie Curves every week. It’s great to talk shop with those who get what you do and why.

At the very end of #pbevent during the closing notes, several photos taken the night before were shown up on the big screens for everyone to see… this photo was one of them and it received hoots of laughter and applause from everyone in the audience. I was gobsmacked and laughed so hard I snorted. I remember whisking Darren Rowse (AKA: ProBlogger) away from his wife for a quick photo but I wasn’t expecting us to ham it up as well as we did. Even today we both keep tweeting and giggling when we look at it. Without a doubt I’ll be framing it for my studio, maybe I’ll even make it the cover of my hypothetical ebook “How to Win Blogging Friends and Influence Influential People”… screams best seller to me!

What is the one thing you would like to learn from a social media conference?


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    I love that last picture! It is like the front of a hallmark card! Fantastic! I have yet to attend a blogger event, but I have so many questions that I started writting them down in a journal. So, not just one thing for me, but many things.

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