Steve Showers

My husband is a good sort, I got lucky. I met him when I was 17 and we’ve been together ever since. He’s been a huge support to me, pushing me to pursue my dreams, helping me make my fantasies a reality. “Our Great Love” (a direct quote from his wedding speech) is enduring and passionate, we’re best friends. He didn’t quite get the whole blogging thing in the beginning but now he’s hoping that I’ll make millions so he can do his dream job… be a stay at home dad with cash to burn.

He sees me receive quite a lot of packages for the blog and my lovely friends from NIVEA PR didn’t think it was fair that he missed out on all the fun so a few months back they sent Steve a huge care package, just because. He’s a bit of a product junkie. I remember when we met all he used was that Taft hair gel but I guess as the years passed my love of products rubbed off on him. So what’s a blogger to do when her husband gets sent a lot of products… she films it!

Steve’s Top Three by NIVEA FOR MEN:

  • Sensitive Hydro Gel Moisturiser
  • 2-in-1 Wash and Shave Gel Cleanser
  • Sport Shower Gel
Please Note: We were not paid for this post, we weren’t even required to talk about the products sent to us… we just thought it would make a cute video. Steve’s been using the products for awhile and since he raves about them I thought maybe your partners or husbands or even dads might like to try something new, you know, recommended from one bloke to another. 


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      Thanks, he doesn’t “appear” on the blog much at all, I share most things but my marriage is just for us. Was fun having him involved in a project, he’s really quite shy. When I first played him the clip with the song we both burst out laughing.

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    Chelsea says

    Nick really likes Nivea too – especially the Post Shave Balm & Protective Moisturiser. I might have gotten him to moisturise but I doubt he would ever do a video like this – go Steve!

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      Steve’s a sensitive little petal, his skin is so sensitive and he’s quite particular about the products he uses. Some of the products shown are ones he’s repurchased because he likes them so much. He also have the eye roll on (which I thought he’d NEVER use) but he left it at work on his desk because he likes to use it during the day as he works outside a lot… I was floored lol.

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    charlie says

    hahaha you both have similar facials in your videos, the eye roll, cheeky smile, glancing from camera to mirror hehe very cute. next steve must do an outfit pose! or maybe a couples curve week challenge

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