Target Shoes Giveaway

I never used to understand the whole “shoe crazy” thing, to me shoes were annoying, often painful not only to wear but to find. My feet are 26cm long and 10cm wide equating to a size 9.5 – 11 depending on the make, height, fabric and design. For me shoes were a puzzle that were a pain in the ass to solve. What does one do when they have no shoes? They wear Havianas.

Since I started blogging about my outfits and instagraming them people have commented on my lack of proper shoes making my outfits look unkempt, that it just looked lazy and I guess in a way they were right. When I went to NYC I only took two pairs of shoes, my clear jelly flats and my thongs, that’s it! Everyone thought I was crazy but I knew the US was ahead of Australia when it came to wide fitting shoes and I planned to stock up. Needless to say I came home with nine new pairs of shoes, all within my budget and you still can’t wipe the smile off my face.

It would seem Target is upping their game when it comes to sizing and fits in the shoe department. There are no dedicated “wide” sizes but I can tell that’s just around the corner. How can I tell? Well for the first time in years their shoes fit me! Affordable, on-trend shoes that fit my less than dainty feet… WOOHOO!!! Oh and just for bonus points they also sell shoes online now, so no need to drag Aidan around whilst I make life defining decisions like the choice between a wedge or heel. Important issues people.

Yes Target, good things ARE happening!

Despite what some people might think, I don’t have a regular budget for new clothes or shoes. However now I know I fit some of the new gorgeous sandals I might have to give in occasionally, you know for Aussie Curves… it’s considered “work” right? I mean, with some shoes priced from as little as $8 and the fancy heels at around $40 that’s doable in my opinion, I’d call that fair. Sure beats having to ship from the US or UK!

Do you live in thongs? Do you have trouble finding shoes that fit or maybe you just don’t have any spare cash laying around to devote to your pretty feet? Well, I have a $50.00 AUD Target giftcard to give to one lucky reader! To enter all you have to do is answer this question:

What do your dream shoes look like?

Competition is open to Australian Residents only. This is a game of skill. One entry per person. Competition closes Tuesday 16th October 2012 at 5pm AEST. This is a sponsored post and I have been paid for my time and skill but not for my soul. Please read my disclosure policy for more information. I was supplied with two pairs of shoes which I’ve featured in Aussie Curves and totally love which is why I asked to do this giveaway, because I want to give you the chance to love them too!


  1. 1


    Shoe Addict here. I range from a 9 – 10, dependent on style etc. I always make space for new shoes (well I did before mortgage – BM). Luckily I am not too wide so can generally find shoes to fit – except for strappy and peep toes (wide but short feet) as my length is like an 8 but width is a 9-10. I don’t wear a lot of thongs – as I don’t like the look of feet……..but have a few for when it is way too hot to not wear thongs….

  2. 2


    I’m not a thong person at all, I never have been. But I do understand your problems with finding pairs that fit. I have very short, but very wide feet. So in length, I’m about a 7. But in width, an 8 or 9. It’s hard to find.

    Oh, and (despite the trend I’m noticing), the answer is always heels. Not a fan of wedges. I actually think that they’re actually less comfortable than a heel, and heels are definitely more gorgeous and swoon-worthy.

  3. 3


    I jump between a 9 and a 10 when it comes to shoes and find those sizes are normally sold out first!

    My ideal pair of shoes would have plenty of sparkle and swoon and make everyone who saw them jealous :)

  4. 4

    Kelly Arndt says

    My dream shoes are silver, dazzling and bright,
    Glittery and strappy and fit just right,
    Not thongs, but heels three inches tall,
    I may teeter and totter, but I won’t fall,
    Sheer pride helps me keep upright,
    And dancing merrily through the night,
    No matter if my toes feel crushed,
    And my feet squeeze into slim heels just,
    As long they look good, I’ll feel great, too,
    Like Cinderella, shining and new!
    I’ll deal with the blisters tomorrow,
    Take a panadol with my coffee to soothe my sorrow…
    And slip on my trusty pair of thongs!!!

  5. 5

    Kelly Walter says

    As i cannot wear shoes with a heel because of my bad leg, any shoe really thats not flat is my dream shoe.
    But i would like to try and win this for my mum as she loves shoe shopping and she would be so thrilled.

  6. 6

    sonya says

    My dream shoes are super comfy and able to be worn everywhere but are sedate looking – just plain brown sandals are fine by me; I don’t need any glitz or glamour, just something conservative and comfortable.

  7. 7


    I hear you, I’ve never had much luck with shoes and comfort. Therefore I’ve resorted to being a bit of a thong person in summer just for ease if nothing else. But it’s a bit of pain when you’re going somewhere half decent. Loving the bright wedges.

  8. 8

    Michelle says

    My dream shoes are medium heeled wedges, with lots of ruffles and flowers, multi coloured so i can wear them with any outfit.

  9. 9

    Keena says

    My dream shoes are hot pink pumps, with sparkle!

    But I’m tall, have flat feet, size 10/11, so I can’t do heels at all and need supportive shoes.

    My more realistic dream is for the availability of cute/pretty but comfortable and SUPPORTIVE ballet flats – with a good sole. At my price range they’re usually kinda ugly, and I can’t afford to pay $100 plus for the more expensive brands. So supportive shoes end up ruining my whole outfit, or I’ll wear unsupportive (but cute!) ones and live in pain!

  10. 10


    My dream shoes are comfy, indestructible and supportive but also sweet, minimal and stylish. Like a ballet flat made out of titanium with laces and air cushions. Not sure they exist.

  11. 11

    Narelle Rock says

    They are bright and colourful, give me height to my 5ft frame without hurting my feet or giving me blisters!

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  12. 13

    Catherine T says

    My dream shoes are sky high & have great traction – so when people drool over them I don’t slip over!

  13. 14


    Ha, this post is right on time! I just went shoe shopping yesterday, and was majorly depressed. :-(
    I was a size 10-11 before, but since being pregnant even those sizes are right as on me. Looks like my feet never shurnk back to normal size! So YES I live in Haviananas! They are actually the only ‘shoe’ I wear apart from a basic pair of slip on shoes I got eons ago that still fit!

    My current perfect shoe would be another slip on shoe that doesn’t come up too high (sits just above my toe cleavage), in every colour please. xo

  14. 15


    I like black shoes with studs. Or anything purple. They can’t be to high in the heel but a little hight is good for my shortness.

  15. 18


    My dream shoes, sandals and boots are all flats. Soft, stylish, flat heels that allow me to feel like I’m walking on a cloud. Flats that don’t give me sore balls on the soles of my feet, flats that are well made with sufficient padding to put a bounce in my step. Going by the Dani’s images Target could be THE exact place to fulfil my shoe desires!

  16. 19


    Oh i wear Havianas everywhere- my friends always make fun of me!

    My perfect shoes…

    Why change what’s already working?

    I do need some slip on’s though cause unfortunately society doesn’t deem thongs appropriate for all venues, what the!?!


  17. 20

    Annie says

    Each baby upped my shoe size….I went from a 7 to a 10 in 8 yrs and they are WIDE….and I’m only five foot tall with small hands, I think my feet look ridiculous!! I’m an egg on duck feet, is how’s would describe me. Happy to be the egg, not happy for the feet. I’d love some wide wedges, funky and fun, I’m sick of thongs!

  18. 21

    Linda J says

    I would love to find a pair of slingbacks (wide fitting) in that beige-y nude tone — to lengthen my sturdy legs!

  19. 22

    Kate says

    My dream pair of shoes would be a nice pair of sandles, in a colour that i would wear with anything, that fitted my wide foot and thick ankle, but still looked nice and danity with out making my foot look like an over stuffed snag and a chocked ankle like most do at present..


  20. 23

    Rachel K says

    My dream shoe would be one that could was sexy and could dress up almost any outfit but it also has to be comfy! Perhaps even an over-the-knee boot with a 2″ heel – as all the high boots on the market today are either stilettos or flats.

  21. 24


    Since I had my daughter my feet went up from size 8 to 8.5 – 9. I find it hard to get shoes to fit, often being too big or small. I also can’t stand high heels.

    My shoe wish list is… (are you listening shoe makers?)

    Have a bit of a heel, not as big as a stiletto, not as low as a kitten heel.
    Be wide(ish), and go up in half sizes.
    Come in a variety of colours (so I can buy one in every colour)
    No ankle strap, but no open heel.

    and free? haha!

  22. 25

    mel says

    I am dreaming of something super unpractical. I have been on maternity leave all year so have been basically barefoot for most of that time chasing my little girl around. Am thinking something stiletto-y and fluro might do the trick!

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  23. 28


    My dream shoes are Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Three clicks of the heels and I will be transported home. Right now, I could do with the safety and comfort of home and my family.

  24. 29

    Michelle says

    I have problem feet, it doesn’t matter what pair of shoes I buy I always end up with blisters. It doesn’t matter what style of shoes – it could be flats, sneakers, heels or thongs, the blisters keep on appearing!
    My dream shoes would be a simple black wedge (not too high) that didn’t cause blisters!
    Thanks for running this giveaway.


  25. 30

    Michelle says

    Ohhh I hear ya my hooves-for-feet sistas!!! I have size 10-11 feet and when I first started working (20 years ago) there was only one shop that I could really buy shoes from – Suna Shoes in Brisbane and they were Nana shoes :) But now the choice is endless from places like Target and Big W and I am so so grateful. I would really like a pair of colour block shoes in either the blue or orange/pink.

  26. 31


    Awesome giveaway! I totally love my shoes and target for that matter. So affordable! My dream shoes would be blue with a heel and a scattering of diamonds on the front. I think I would wear them every single day. Thanks for the chance to enter. N x

  27. 32

    Sioux Denim says

    Red Ruby slippers – click, click!

    I was only in Target today and also have to say how sooper dooper impressed I was with their range of shoes – love me a good wedge!

  28. 33

    MichelleP says

    Chanted with pompoms……

    Give me a P – pretty, high but powerful heels to hold up my plus size frame.
    Give me an I – itty bitty ankle boot to rock out my leggings.
    Give me a C – could only be black.
    Give me a K – killer zips, tassels and studs, just a little bit not too much.
    Give me an M – maybe suade, that’ll do the trick.
    Give me an E – expect the unexpected as you fold out the floral inner lining.
    What does it spell, PICK ME

  29. 35

    spdmstr says

    My ultimate shoes would be – very black
    – very high
    – very glossy
    – very sexy
    what else could a girl want?

  30. 36

    Effie Bakkalis says

    My dream shoes would be very sexy and very high-heeled. Possibly with a leopard print design on top and a blinged heel. (And a pair of nice legs to match would also be a bonus – do you know where they sell those?!!)

  31. 37

    Lianne says

    My dream shoes would not be too high because I need to be able to walk but they would be red patent leather with a silver metal pointy toe. mmmmm

    • 38


      I bought some moc socs from them last suemmr–great customer service. Awesome looking bags that would come in handy for storing one of the many pairs of shoes I’ve bought after seeing them on YHBTI!

  32. 39

    Pumba says

    My feet are an 11, so I totally hear you on that particular shoe difficulty.
    I’m also 6 foot tall, so I dont want gigantic stilettos.

    So my ideal shoe would be a gorgeous purple seude mid-height wedge with black ‘heel’.
    In fact, that was precisely what I was looking for to hide under my wedding dress so I felt particularly awesome.
    (It didnt happen, I wore ivory sparkly heels)

    Now I am off to Target to check out those fantastic bright coloured wedges.

  33. 41

    Thanh says

    Christian Louboutin’s Cinderella collection! They are just heavenly and out of this world! It would be a fairytale come true if a prince charming came to me with these shoes (heart melts)!

  34. 43

    Rebecca Bird says

    I already have my dream pair of heels, not that they were expensive, but they are beautiful! I wore them for my best friend’s wedding, they are black and strappy, have plenty of sparkly bits, a skinny heel and tie up my calves. Pretty, but uncomfortable and impractical :( What I’m really after is my dream pair of flats, I don’t know what they would look like, but I’m sure it would be a case of I won’t know them until I see them! I also have size 10-11 feet and I’m very guilty of wearing thongs all the time too! Whenever I go to buy some nice flats I’m lucky to find any at all that are big enough, I either leave with none or a pair that are too small that I hope will stretch! I would love to be able to go choose some new ones that might actually fit nicely :)

  35. 45

    Chelsea says

    I can’t believe people complain about your shoes – I put you & Sugercoat It at the forefront of Australian plus size fashion blogging and always think your outfits look really tied together. My dream shoes at the moment are a little bizarre – I have been really drawn to the bright, colour blocked suede wedges (including a few pairs at Target) and really feel like I need a blue & green pair. Miss Doesn’t Wear Colour wants bright wedges in traditionally ‘not seen together’ colours … go figure :)

    • 46


      If I had one, it would force me to finally buy the sweet broegus I’ve been scouting, cutting short the pleasure of wanting-not-having but with the compensation of owning some sweet broegus.

  36. 49

    Maria says

    I’d love a pair of shoes that give my legs that “go on forever” look when in reality they are short and not so slim.

  37. 50

    AmberB says

    Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted a pair of shoes just like Cinderella’s. Silver jewelled heels fit for a princess that sparkle like nothing else … if only I could walk in heels ;)
    In reality, jewelled thongs are my choice …a much safer bet.

    • 51


      Amazing post and congrats on a faittsanc 2011! The standard of your work is exceptional. Roll on 2012 can’t wait to see what it has in store! So glad we had you there to capture our day.xx

  38. 52

    sarah says

    Since I’m short I’d like to find a pair of heels that support me and I don’t feel I will trip and break my ankle. Perfect heels to feel an inch above the rest or atleast the same height as everyone else and they don’t look down on me or my shoes

  39. 53


    My dream shoes are wedges (because I like the height without the risk of falling on my face), black with a cork heel, medium height and super-comfortable. Funky, fun and versatile enough to go with jeans, black trousers or even a summer dress!

    • 54


      The lingerine are relaly lovely. The first one is so romantic and sexy too :)How are you today? I hope you are ok :)Wish you a lovely dayHugsEna :*

    • 55


      HI C&J Wow What a year! I love loads . Granny, The Bagpipe Lesson, The Bride & Groom on the wall, The Chinese Ladies laughing, so many falbuous emotions and people have such cool weddings! Hope 2012 is great for you xx Luci

  40. 57

    Rachel T says

    My dream shoes are ballet flat style, closed rounded toe, because I hate pointy toe shoes. A peachy pink… Perhaps with a white flower detail or some fancy glittery bits along the sides. And they’d be available in a few different colours too, because when I find a shoe I like, I buy lots of them!

  41. 58

    Michelle Gray says

    Dream shoes are over the top covered in bling and splashes of colour and match every outfit I have from tracksuits, to pjs, to evening dresses. Magical shoes :)

  42. 59

    LSP says

    Hi Dani,

    WOW – another person who can’t find wide fitting shoes, has to resort to thongs and has a regular budget!!! I thought i was the only person who had that problem! Sure there are wide fitting shoes that look like they’re made for Mrs Doubtfire, or wide fitting shoes that start at $200 – so I’m glad there is someone else who understands my pain!!! However I’ve treid target sgoes and can never fit inti any of their closed-fitting shoes, only ever the sandals and wedges. Do you have any other suggestions where i could find some lovely ladylike shoes in a bigger size and wide? Believe it or not, I’m only 5″7, medium build but 25.5cm long feet and 10.5cm wide! I’m such a freak!!

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