The Aztec Skirt

Today I took Aidan to the shops and we went into Katie’s. There was a gorgeous Aztec Pencil Skirt, black & white and really stretchy, it was beautiful. I tried it on and I loved it but they only had a size XL which is a 18 in Katies. Now I dont know about you but when I buy clothes I tend not to pay attention to the label, to me the fit is more important. The fabric gave enough that on my size 20/22 booty it looked ok… just.

So I went to the check out and I asked “Do you have any larger sizes in stock? Does it come larger than this, I know you go up to a size 3XL in some lines.” The really lovely lady said “Sorry this style only goes up to an XL.”. That baffled me because it was a pencil skirt which flatters everyone. The fabric was so stretchy and had a bold print so it was perfect for a plus size woman but they didn’t make it go up to a size 3XL? Katie’s, what’s with that?

I buy it, knowing a 2XL or even a 3XL would be a better fit. I plan to rock it, I already have the outfit in my head. It was $59.95.

Aidan and I then went into BigW to buy toilet paper, a new mop for the bathroom and then I stumbled on Zumba for Wii. Zumba was $58.95 and I thought that was fair since my gym membership used to cost me $35 a fortnight and I never used it. I’ve been working out at home on the Wii Fit and going for walks. I thought that Zumba might perk up my tempo a bit plus I knew Aidan would love to do it with me.

Now here’s the kicker… Zumba cost the same amount as the skirt. The skirt which didn’t fit properly. It did fit, it kinda fit. I planned to loose weight to make it fit perfectly.

Oh the irony.

The Zumba game was a bit frivolous but it had good intentions, it had my best health interest in mind. The skirt was goregeous but skirts come and go, it’s my ass that was refusing to leave. So I did the right thing. I took the skirt back.

Normally I’d say “If it makes you happy now, go for it, enjoy it no matter your size” but this was different. This felt like one of those defining moments, a crossroads. The skirt might make an awesome outfit, but the skirt wont change my life. I’m not saying Zumba will, not at all but for me to actively choose exercise over the most gorgeous skirt… yeah well, that was new for me, a turning point.


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    I’m with you, it’s about the fit, not the number on the label. Shame, huge shame the skirt wasn’t made in a bigger size. Bravo for learning to walk away. Took me ages to do that. Still annoying, but so much better to only bring home items you can rock now.

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    It always amazes me why some stores don’t go up sizes on styles that would still suit the larger sizes. I get that *some* styles of clothing don’t translate to bigger sizes but a lot, in fact most do and yet they aren’t made in bigger sizes. All this does is make us large lasses *sigh* and deprive stores of more sales.


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    Me too no looking at sizes if it fits it fits. Good on You love your strength ;) Next time there’ll be an even more gorgeous, perfect fit skirt with your name on it :)

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    Tully says

    Lovely skirt, but I have to say that as an apple shape myself, pencil skirts look awful on me. I literally look like I have a bum on my front! I think they may just look good on the lucky girls with a waist and curves!

    We all have such different shapes that it is a shame designers can’t just make all the clothes in bigger sizes and let us choose what works for us.

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    Belinda says

    Pencil skirts don’t suit apple or hourglass body shapes. I would never wear them. A line skirts and dresses are far better for my hourglass figure.

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