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Aidan likes presents just as much as the next kid. You can probably tell from the gigantic grin on his face that he loves big presents more. In our house we have very limited battery operated toys. Working from home I just can’t bear the inane noises and flashing lights from toys but when Nuffnang asked to send Aidan a Thomas & Friends Trackmaster “Risky Rails Bridge Drop” set to review I couldn’t bring myself to say no.

It didn’t take him long to rip it all open and get stuck into it, handing me the instructions with a hopeful look in his eyes. I could do this I remember thinking to myself, it’s just a little train track.

Thankfully the instructions were pretty easy to understand, nothing like those brain benders you get from Ikea. I sorted out my pieces, put them in piles and tried to work through the process slowly.

Just as I was almost finished Steve waltzed in from a hard day at work, clicked in the last few easy pieces and took all the credit, his son beaming up at him with love, me in the corner swearing at the blue/grey plastic.

My tip: If you want to surprise your little one for christmas who isn’t capable of doing it themselves quite yet, set it up the night before otherwise you’ll spend all morning trying to do it and there will be impatient tears.
The tracks aren’t electric so there is no need to worry about cords plugged into your kids toy. “Thomas” runs on 1xAA battery (which isn’t included) and you’ll need a tiny screwdriver to loosen the screw underneath his head to get it in there. Thankfully I had both on hand otherwise the next few tears may have been from me.
Finally the track was all set up and ready to go… can you tell he was excited? The track is big, we can’t leave it set up in our house. We might leave it in the lounge room for one-two days and then pack it away. It doesn’t fit that well back into the box as some pieces are unable to come apart. I’d invest in a storage box, we have one that goes underneath the couch.
There are some really cool features, the tunnel, the drop bridge, the zipline for the boulders and all the little switches giving Aidan control of the track.
We’re not train fanatics at our house. Aidan isn’t that toddler sporting the matching Thomas hat, backback, lunchbox, shoes or outfit kind of kid but he definitely appreciates the mechanics of it all. With the TrackMaster series you can expand your play by adding different kits to make your track unique. I think Aidan might be getting an add-on and another train under the Christmas tree.
My favourite feature of this particular set was the boulder slide which connects to a little basket that is attached to the zipline and takes the boulder back down to the station. Aidan did it over and over and over again, even Steve couldn’t help himself.
There was only one thing that excited Aidan more than the boulder slide…
Aidan is three years old and loves a challenge. Once he’d seen Steve and I put the track together a few times he was confident enough to snap a few of the pieces together himself. Not the whole track set up but it was a start.
He figured out how to use all the switches to control the set, how to turn off Thomas, how to fill the boulder cart and how to put Thomas back on the tracks when he went a little too fast.
Do you have a little Thomas Fanatic at home aged between 2-5. Do they eat, sleep and breathe trains? Do you find your entire house covered in complex track works? Why not enter to become The Ultimate TrackMaster!
There are 3 different prize types:
  • Each week, over a period of 10 weeks, 5 entries will win 1 TrackMaster Risky Rails Bridge Drop Playset and 1 TrackMaster Little Friends Engine.
  • Each week, over a period of 10 weeks, 1 voter will win TrackMaster Risky Rails Bridge Drop Playset and one Thomas& Friends Blue Mountain Mystery DVD.
  • At the conclusion of the competition the video with the most votes will win the major prize which is estimated at $8000 retail value. Thomas & Friends merchandise will contribute to $3000 of this value. The second part of the prize is a Puffing Billy Day out with Thomas in Victoria, Australia, including a private tuition on how to drive Thomas.

You’ve already seen our entry, I simply used my iPhone and pieced it together on iMovie but you don’t have to go that far, just film a quick clip of your child enjoying their TrackMaster brilliance and submit it for your chance to win! If you do enter please let me know in the comments below and I’ll vote for you.



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      It’s pretty cool. To enter the child needs to be playing with any of the official TrackMaster playsets and toys. Make sure you refer to the terms and conditions for entry xx


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