Aussie Curves – Pastels

I’m pretty pale, there’s no denying it, so wearing lighter colours often leaves me looking washed out and a bit sickly so I was nervous about “Pastels”. I knew during summer I’d want to embrace lighter clothing with easy layers and lots of white, it’s a fun colourful trend I didn’t want to miss out on. I decided to blend a pastel shade of aqua with white and neon to funk it up a bit. I also wanted to show you that white pants weren’t just for old ladies or skinny women on yachts, big girls can rock them too.

I’d been wearing these pants all day so they’re a little wrinkled but I think they still look pretty good. The fabric is really soft and silky and I love the shape. The waistband sits up quite high just the way I like them so they had a really comfortable fit for me, even with my big sticky-out butt. No zips or buttons either so they just slip straight on. I liked that without them my stomach looked smoother.

A good way to draw attention away from a squishy belly is with a waterfall cardigan, no buttons just a soft drape of fabric, they’re my favourite kind. Better yet a beautiful scarf will do the trick too. This one is so soft and the size of a sarong, that’s how fine the fabric is I’m totally in love with it. To build the rest of the outfit I drew inspiration from the scarf and added pops of neon pink and worked my bright neon yellow nails. I wore this outfit to the shops on Saturday and got lots of compliments but the best part… I didn’t spill anything on my pants!

A special thank you to Melissa from Suger Coat It for taking these photos!


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    Cute scarf! Loving your backdrop wall of flowers. You look great, comfy yet chick, and pretty as a flower. I recently worked out the waterfall type top looks great on me. I’m waiting on a The Iconic order to arrive with the waterfall front, can’t wait.

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    You look beautiful lovely. You look pretty darn hot on your retro lounge right now too. Haha. Love this gorgeous scarf and the neon elements of awesome.

    Bindi patch of death indeed.

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    Oh Dani. You and those flowers. Match made in heaven. You look so happy and beautiful. Shot Melissa for capturing that xo scarf and nails are my fave.

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      Thank you, I’m in love with them. I think I might have to brave the bindi patch again since they look so awesome. The bush was HUGE. It’s also hard not to smile when you’re hanging out with friends :)

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        i remember i went 2 tniesua 20 years ago as a8year old kid,saw thz game in the lobby at the hotel, and within 6hours i spent all of my money double dragon rules!!!!!!!!!

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