Aussie Curves – Strapless

Strapless… wow, now that’s something I haven’t done in awhile. For years I bought dresses and tops that were totally cute but seriously not practical, this is one of them. I bought it from City Chic many moons ago and I keep trying to sell it and then lose my nerve last minute. It’s a size S and it really is a bit too small but I don’t care, it’s the fabric… I’m in love!

 When wearing a strapless top a quality bra is important. Being a 20G (yes, I know, insane) means I require a fair bit of support and proper construction of my pieces. I could go braless but for me personally I prefer the shape I have when I wear one. I’ve been wearing the convertible bras from City Chic since they released them and so far I haven’t been disappointed, at the moment they’re the only bras I own. I have two in black and two in nude and I find they sort me out in most situations, no matter my outfit.

Having Suger here to take my photos has been so much fun. Don’t forget to head over to her blog to see the photos I’ve taken of her. I think Steve was grateful for the break and to be honest it was a lot of fun throwing a few outfits in the back of the car and just heading off into the sunset to take photos in obscure public places. This wall? My local Aldi carpark, I told you I love that place. I’ve wanted to take a photo there FOREVER but Steve would never do it in front of all those regular shoppers. Suger and I on the other hand had a ball!



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      Geniaal idee zeg! Ik kan NOOIT een goede strapless bh vdienn, maar zou hoef ik niet te zoeken naar strapkess, maar mogen er wel straps aan :D TOP!

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    Looks hawt Ms Dani!! I love that electric blue on you. You should definitely keep that top.

    btw – love that brick wall too! Great work Suger.

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    This actually really works on you! I’m a G cup also (I WAS an H!) and I didn’t know that City Chic had bras in my size. Might have to have a look. I’ve always shopped at bellaforma, but I don’t have a strapless. I thought that there probably wasn’t going to be a strapless bra in the world that would hold my girls up. Is it really supportive?

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    What an amazing colour and material- you look gorgeous! I didn’t know City Chic had strapless bras- maybe I should check them out when I have some money.

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    Smashed it Dani! Love how you’ve accentuated the strapless with a beautiful statement piece! This outfit hugs your curves in all the right places! :D

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    Wow that top is stunning. The fabric looks great. You look gorgeous! I can just imagine you two taking photos in a busy public place and giggling the whole time. I’d find it hard to part with that top too. It’s awesome!


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