Chobani FroCHO Pops

Earlier this week Chobani sent us a great big crate of yogurt awesomeness, this stuff is crazy good. They sent us a package around this time last year and Aidan was thrilled with it so I was keen to see what was in this one as they’re always a surprise. In case you’re wondering Chobani is an all natural greek yogurt company.

Aidan and I knew straight away what we would make… FroCHO Pops!

Aidan’s confident in the kitchen so I let him make them, he was so pumped.

I sliced up some strawberries so he could slide them down the sides of the mould.

Slide in the strawberry slices, mix the yogurt and spoon it into the moulds, too easy.

We used two tubs of yogurt to fill the six moulds and Aidan was very proud of his handiwork. The hard part was putting them in the freezer for 6-8 hours to properly set, Aidan wasn’t a fan of that part…

… but he was a fan of this part! Aidan’s totally proud of his creations and asks for one every morning when he wakes up but I somehow manage to hold him off until after his afternoon nap. Just so you know we weren’t paid for this post, the Chobani pack was just a wonderful surprise and totally up our alley so I decided to share. Thanks Chobani for sending the awesome kit our way.


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