Dinner, a Birds Eye View

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The last few months have been manic. In order for me to balance out my work flow, the housework, playtime and downtime a few things have had to slide… fancy elaborate meals at dinner time were one of them. I don’t feel guilty though as I made sure they were still healthy. Coming into the warmer months has made it easier, lots of pasta salads, quick sizzling steak and fresh seasonal salads. We’ve also been eating a lot of steamed vegetables and fish so when Birds Eye asked me to review their SteamFresh range it was a no brainer.

For our dinner I selected a box of Thai Coconut Curry Fish, two boxes of Lemon & Parsley Fish, the mini sweet potato gems and a bag of Carrot, Peas, Baby Corn and Water Chestnuts. We were standing there for awhile trying to decide on what to get. I just usually buy corn kernels and baby peas from the frozen section so I’ll admit I was a little overwhelmed by the choice.


  • Lemon & Parsley – reviewed
  • Garlic & Spring Onion
  • Thai Coconut Curry – reviewed


  • Carrot, Cauliflower and Broccoli
  • Carrots, Peas and Corn
  • Broccoli, Corn, Peas and Green beans
  • Cauliflower, Green Beans and Julienne Carrots
  • Corn, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Sugar Snap Peas
  • Carrot, Peas, Baby Corn and Water Chestnuts – reviewed

I was given a $15 giftcard to spend on the SteamFresh range which would easily be enough for two people but as I had three adults and a child I had to buy additional boxes of fish. Each box has two generous portions, Stephanie, Aidan and I only needed one portion each to feel satisfied but Steve needed two. We also decided to add a bag of Birds Eye Sweet Potato Mini Gems because… well they looked pretty awesome and they were so tasty. This took the total to $24.86 to feed the four of us.

Before I started on the fish and vegetables I popped the mini gems in the oven for 25 minutes. The fish portions were more generous than I thought they would be. They were frozen, coated in the special sauce, with instructions printed clearly on the bag to make the process easier. The pouches were made of thicker plastic and had tiny holes in the steam vent to regulate heat. I put in two pouches of fish in the microwave at a time for nine minutes and they both cooked perfectly. Getting the timings right was a bit tricky with four people to cook for, the fish and the vegetables both requiring the microwave meant only two of us could eat hot meals at a time.

I served Aidan’s without the sauce that remained in the pouch as he likes his food cleaner but I poured the sauce over everyone else’s fish and they loved it.  I only used two pouches of vegetables and split them between the four of us as we added the gems. They were tasty but to be honest I’d prefer to do my steamed vegies from scratch. We have a bench top steamer and sure it takes a few minutes more than in the microwave but they’re just something more in the flavour. Stephanie is a Uni student and she swears by vegetable pouches like these, especially as she’s usually cooking for one. They’re a quick way for her to eat healthy without the prep time.

Aidan scoffed down all the fish, not a scrap was left of it. He picked around the vegies and didn’t mind the gems. The rest of the family loved the entire meal. I can see how far microwave dinners have come in the last few years and I can definitely see the value in having something quick and easy in the freezer on days where Steve’s working late. For our family right now though, prepping, cooking and eating the meals together is something we’re able to do so I’m going to embrace it whilst knowing full well that in busy times I can trust in the odd steam pouch to save the day.

 What’s your favourite quick meal?


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    Hey Danielle I’m so glad you did this post. I have been seeing the add for birdseye fish on tv lately and was thinking of trying them out for those nights when I’m doing evening work and want an easy meal. I think Aidan’s given it the thumbs up for me now. thanks.

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    Paula says

    Love how you always do an honest review. And it really is great to have products like these in the freezer for when everything’s gotten a bit overwhelming and making dinner seems equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest! A much better option than giving in and going to McDonalds anyway :-D

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