Get Steamy with Sunbeam

You know I wouldn’t write about an iron if it wasn’t fabulous right? Well here I am writing a post about one and yes, I’m even giving you the chance to win one! When Sunbeam offered to send me the Pro Glide Plus 8700 (valued at $399) to review I couldn’t resist. I hate ironing to the point where Steve and I will purposefully buy clothes that don’t require it. On the odd occasion when we needed it, we’d drag out the Tobi Steamer but it was cumbersome and fiddly and if you wanted a crisp collar on a shirt you’d have to drag out the iron anyway. This little unit has those two properties combined… and it’s awesome!

No, seriously, this thing is fabulous. It’s lightweight, it cleans itself and I’m seriously having second thoughts about giving it to my Dad for Christmas. You see my Dad is a military man and has been promoted way up in the ranks and has to wear a fancy stiff uniform everyday. Ironing is just something he’s had to do for years and year and years. I’m 100% certain that he will think this will be right up there with one of the best gifts I’ve ever given him… take that Super Cheap Auto giftcard!

It’s a pretty sexy beast isn’t it, want to know more about it? After all you could be unwrapping one yourself for Christmas…

  • Teflon® Platinum Pro soleplate
  • 2400 watts with 5 bar pressure and 110g/min with steam output
  • Steam trigger lock for continuous steam
  • Fast 2 ½ minute heat up
  • Easy to use lightweight iron
  • Removable and continuous fill 1.4L litre water tank with permanent anti-calc filter
  • Safety auto-off after 15 mins
  • Steam Ready, Low Water and Calc Clean indicators
  • Locking base for easy carrying and storage
  • 3 metre 180⁰ power cord
  • 2 metre steam cord

For an iron it’s a total bad ass don’t you think? It takes no time at all to get it set up and going at full steam. I don’t even own an ironing board, just a mini table top one that I use when I have the random urge to sew. That’s the beauty of steaming, just hang the garment up somewhere on the hanger and do your thing. The Pro Glide Plus sure does pack a punch.

I love this cardigan but I never wear it because it always needs to be ironed, so I thought I’d make an example of it. Suger took these photos of me whilst she was staying at our house and she can attest that I was done in a matter of moments. Zip, zoom, done. There were no spluttery water drops, the weight of the iron was hardly noticeable and the best part of all, no wrinkles. The steam even removed the slight “storage smell” it had after being packed away for the last few months.

I did one half of the cardigan in less than a minute to show you the finish and I’d never used the iron before. When I finished the cardigan I made sure to pay more attention to the hem and sleeve which was easy enough and I was please to find that even with the trickier bits of the garment I didn’t get burnt. I don’t care too much about wrinkles in casual clothing, especially if I’m just going to wear them around the house. As I said I usually pull out the iron if I have a specific dress or outfit that requires a little extra care… just like my Calvin Klein dress.

Isn’t it fabulous, Jen Hawkins eat your heart out! I picked the dress up on drastic sale at Macy’s whilst I was in NYC in June. It fits like a glove, the print is crazy beautiful and nothing like anything I own. I saved it to wear to the races this year but I wasn’t able to go, I even made my fascinator and everything. That wasn’t going to stop me from showing off my super cute outfit on the blog though. I felt like such a hot little lady when I wore it and when I got home Steve didn’t want me to take it off!

Why do you deserve to get steamy with Sunbeam?

Answer the question above in the comments section below to enter the giveaway. Open to Australian Residents only.  The prize (1x Sunbeam Pro Glide Plus 8700 valued at $399) will be shipped to the winner directly from Sunbeam. Competition closes Saturday 1st December 2012 at 5pm AEST. This is a game of skill, no random draw will be entered into. One entry per person.


  1. 1

    Stacey says

    I NEED THIS IRON !!!! Ironing for 9 kids and a hubby who wears office attire everyday for work, you can imagine the ironing basket by Friday (my ironing/movie day) … yes I have THAT much ironing that I have to dedicate a day to get it done !
    I do believe this iron with help me cut that time down to one movie instead of 3 !

  2. 2

    Debbie Paterson says

    Why do I deserve an iron…. oh my oh my oh my…. after being made redundant and losing my lovely part time job I am now working 2 jobs (6 days per week), raising three kids and trying to organise building a house. Every day i walk past my laundry and wish for an ironing lady (shirts school uniforms etc etc…) there is no skill involved in my answer just a plea…. would be lovely for some good luck to come my way – by the way you look fab in that dress!

  3. 3


    I do all the ironing in our house, I have a tendency to procrastinate & wait until all A’s shirts have been washed and there are more then 20 to iron, I then sit myself in front of the TV(watching GG, parenthood & the like) and work my way through all the ironing we have, sometimes its up to 2 sittings worth (8 hours) I would ALMOST do anything to get my hands on this fabulous prize & no doubt it would cut my time in front of the iron down by more then half – & that my friend can only be a good thing!
    Pretty please with a cherry on top – PICK ME!!!!

    • 4


      I picked one of these up at the Good-Will still wrpeapd in it’s original plastic wrap from the store. I felt quite happy and I love it. So, much nicer than having to drag out the big ironing board when what I mostly iron is transfers and seams when sewing. Enjoy your new treasure, every crafter and seamstress should have one :)Happy Easter.Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. 5


    Moving out of home was hard enough….but having to learn to do my own washing was a slap in the face. Soap powder, softner….and ironing. It’s come to the point that I don’t bother ironing anything because my apartment doesn’t have room for an ironing board. I bought a steamer for my delicate items, but I’ve paid the price where items have been splurted with hot water and on a number of times I have actually burnt myself!
    What I like most about this is that the unit is combined; it’ll save me space and I will still be able to steam my delicate pieces with ease (and without getting burnt).

    The only problem is…..I think my mum would steal it from me!

  5. 6


    The amount of times we’ve moved I think pit current old sunbeam has finally packed it in after 10 years. I’m one to usually avoid ironing too, but I just can’t get around trousers and jeans that just crinkle and no amount of shaking and folding flat gets rid of the crinkles.

  6. 7

    Helen says

    I’m a great believer that it’s the items that you use regularly – that really count. I’m particularly drawn to anything that turns a chore into a pleasant activity, and reading your review of Sunbeam’s Pro Glide Plus 8700 excites me! Although my favourite chore is not actually not ironing, instead its putting away the laundry! It’s so rewarding to me to have those empty baskets and full wardrobes and drawers.

  7. 8

    Felicity says

    This looks awesome! I’ve been wanting one of these for years but have never managed to convince my husband they’re worth the money (guys don’t get it, seriously). As a result, I’ve got two washing baskets full of unironed shirts and dresses that span many years and have been shut away in my spare room ever since we moved in together before we were married (about 7 years worth :x). And most of the items in the baskets are my husband’s shirts…so hah – revenge! I think if I were to suddenly (and secretly) have them all ironed and hanging up one day he’d be stunned…and it’d be funny, hehe. :-) But yes, I would *love* to get steamy with Sunbeam using one of these, they’re amazing…even if my husband doesn’t get it. :-)

    Your CK dress is gorgeous too – very jealous!

  8. 9

    Karen says

    I would love this iron for my husband. I am the sole breadwinner and he does all the home duties and it works very well for us.

  9. 10

    HelenH says

    I love natural fibres, especially linen and cotton, but unfortunately both fibres wrinkle like nobodies business! And so I iron a LOT, and I (try to) use bucket loads of steam. Most irons struggle with lots of steam, and I go through a lot of irons as a result! And you cannot sew properly without a good iron. I’ve been lusting after an awesome steam iron like this for a while, but unfortunately the budget won’t stretch that far at the moment (hello Christmas!). I would love, love, love to win one!

  10. 11


    you know how you can have one thing that no matter what you seem to do, it’s just not happening. My relationship with irons is this.
    they just die, they just leak water, my current iron the water lid just somehow snapped off. So these days I don’t have much steam, because if the water section is filled, each time I stand my iron up water spills out everywhere.
    I’d like to think that this beauty would put an end to all these iron dramas. This is why I’d love it.

  11. 12


    Oh this would be wonderful! I deserve to get steamy because our current steam iron is no longer making any steam! Making it a very heavy, clunky appliance that barely does the job!

    My Husband and I iron as needed. I never saw the appeal of spending ages ironing al your clothes, especially is it gets creased again once put into my very full wardrobe. So our iron is always set up in the laundry. It get switched on when we go to have a shower, then the items get ironed once were out!

  12. 13


    I’d so adore the gorgeous Sunbeam Pro Glide iron for my Darling Grand-daughter Dee. With a hubby and two little girls her ironing basket is constantly chock a block. She’s a sewing crafty girl too so I know this fabulous Sunbeam would get the workout it’s designed for. Winning this would mean she wouldn’t have to wait till I pop my clogs to inherit my iron, another brand same idea, that I rave about. The Sunbeam Pro Glide system of ironing is a dream that would whiz her through her ironing in a flash NOW!

  13. 15


    I HATE IRONING!! So much so That I actually avoid buying cloths that require Ironing! However my partner has decided to switch careers from a Truck driver to a Computer Technician and we have now gone from Hi-VIS to Business Shirts… NIGHTMARE!!! Not to mention my partner is claiming ignorance with the Ironing Skills, SO I am hoping this New Iron might encourage him to learn, or at least make my experience easier and Open up a whole new wardrobe to me! Lets getr Steamy with Sunbeam!

  14. 17

    Sam O says

    So, I threw out most of my stuff that needs ironing, I go out of the way to buy things that don’t wrinkle and hubby quite often goes to work in crinkly shirts. I know, I’m terrible but I really despise my current iron and I’m not very good at ironing anyway. I think I actually make it look worse by the time I’m done ironing. This Sunbeam fancy iron looks like it may change my ways though. There may be hope for hubby and his crinkly shirts!

  15. 18

    Mel Jones says

    I’m flat out and with the humidity in Queensland the only thing I want heating up in my house this summer is the Sunbeam Pro Glide Plus 8700!

  16. 19

    Wendy Rose says

    I’m sick of heating up then using that old Sad Iron my Scrooge of a husband handed down to me. I don’t care if it was good enough for his great grand-mother in 1905!

  17. 20

    Rebecca Baker says

    Well I get steamy in the kitchen,
    Steamy in the shower,
    And yep steamy in the Bedroom,
    So now it must be time to get steamy ironing the clothes!

  18. 22

    Ros McFarlane says

    Friends that change the setting on the iron. I have wreaked some of my clothes. I am indeed of a new iron with lots and lots of steam. Need iron badly

  19. 23

    Brenda says

    Oh my golly gosh.!! I cam’t believe your timing ! I had me one of those fancy steam irons(different brand thou) and it’s just pooped it’s dacks – it must be under warranty but I’ve searched everywhere (including my Mount Washmor and my floordrobe and I cannot find my original receipt!!! So totally screwed,

    I want to get all steamy with my new Sunbeamy!!!

  20. 24

    Dee says

    I’ve got a wardrobe over flowing with clothes that are no sooner ironed & hung back up, and they’re full of crinkles and wrinkles! I deserve to get Steamy with Sunbeam because I’m ironing so bloody often!

  21. 26

    Ernie says

    To kill two birds with one stone, get the wretched ironing done and maybe the steam will clear out my sinuses as the same time?

  22. 27

    Linda J says

    It’s been a loooooooooooong while since I’ve been steamy with anyone. I wonder if the situation would improve if I ironed my clothese?

  23. 29

    Robyn Palmer says

    I love nothing more than freshly ironed clothes. Not just for myself but to see this on other people. But every one I talk to lately say ironing was for my generation & nobody buys clothes these days that need to be ironed. I just call them lazy & nick name them the crushed look family. So I beleive that I am the only one that would totally appreciate & love to win this fabulous iron.

  24. 30

    Karina w says

    I like to have fun while I am doing my most hated chore…and this looks like fun! I will iron everyday with this snazzy contraption!

  25. 31

    Kelly Arndt says

    Caressing my lovely linens,
    Pressing against my cotton with gentle pressure,
    Blowing hot air so softly on delicate fabrics,
    Treating them as an irreplaceable treasure…
    Whilst I’ve never lusted after an iron before,
    Here I am getting hot and steamy…
    I have to tell you something a little personal,
    This is honestly the first time for me…!
    Love that sexy Sunbeam!

  26. 32

    Liz says

    The iron I currently use is about 24 years old. The thread around the cord has frayed so its contents are exposed, and it certainly doesn’t look as fancy as this Sunbeam beauty! Maybe it’s time for a replacement…

  27. 33

    Alana says

    Newly married and learning to cook, wash, clean and iron…I love it all but constantly burn everything- yes, even toast :) It’s the Teflon Platinum Pro soleplate in your review that has won me over!

  28. 35

    Dianne says

    I hate ironing as well and will buy clothes that dont need ironing, but there are always a few things that i put off wearing for a long as possible as they need to be ironed. I would love an iron that makes this easier for me!

  29. 36

    Jennifer B. says

    E~veryone deserves some ironing respite,
    A~ll including me! My laundry workload’s a fright.
    S~unbeam could fix that, make my dull life easily more steamy…
    Y~es! Forget Grey’s Anatomy! Life warrants the Sunbeam McDreamy!!!

  30. 37

    Kylie Miller says

    I need this iron as the one I have now my darling Fiance left sitting on the board for too long and burnt the bottom. There’s nothing worse than a burnt clothes smell! Now I iron by running things through the Dryer. Also with our wedding coming up next year this would be PERFECT to iron out all the wrinkles of my dress!

  31. 38

    Larabelle says

    No chance of me getting steamy with Brad Pitt;
    Cos that Angelina Jolie, she’d chuck a fit…
    And with George Michael, I’d love to let off steam;
    But unfortunately he bats for the ‘other team’;
    Love to get steamy, remove Mr Clooney’s shirt;
    But he’s too pre-occupied chasing other skirt;
    So after consideration, I did happily decide…
    That I’ll simply get steamy with SUNBEAM PRO-GLIDE!

  32. 39


    picture this: huge greek orthodox christening in sydney for my brand new little nephew – the four of us fly over there from melbourne for a whirlwind 24 hour visit – land – check in to hotel – get dressed – rush to brother in law’s house for some photos – rush to the church – rush to the reception – have a great time – sleep – come home the next day for events we had going on in melbourne! nothing short of crazy!
    except – i added to the crazy…my gorgeous olive pure silk dress (bought from asos ages and ages ago that i absolutely loved) was completely wrinkled and needed an iron before we left the hotel – BANG! within half a second i had burnt a giant gaping hole on the front side of the skirt!!!
    no back up dress, no time to shop for another dress!!
    irons hate me – ironing hates me – i have bad ironing karma!
    i need this iron, so i could have ironed the dress before hand, placed it all nicely in a box, packed that in my luggage and had nothing to worry about at all – let alone a burnt hole in a gorgeous dress!

    PS my mother-in-law came to the rescue and my otherwise straight dress, now had some very interesting gathering happening on one side :O

  33. 40

    April Jane says

    I need to get steamy with Sunbeam because my hubby is “too” busy and I am very faithful, making sure his shirts are crease free.

  34. 42

    marilyn says

    Since I gave up work, I sometimes think I may have given up ironing as well. I have what needs ironing hanging up nicely and waiting to done. If I really really need to wear it then it gets ironed.
    Looking at your photos , you seem to be having fun with your Sunbeam Pro Glide, so maybe it time I give ironing another go

  35. 43

    Kevin Kelly says

    I do all of the Ironing at home -Its my choice, the wife works hard and deserves a break and I like to do it in comfort and style with my drink it front of me watching the tv, The Sunbeam Pro Glide would make it a lot easier

  36. 44


    I deserve to get steamy with my Sunbeam because I am a fabric addict and I sewing is my vice. People like wine, chocolate, picking their nose but mine is sewing. I have projects galore and an epic fabric mountain!! This iron will sort it all out for me so I have some space to walk around in my home :)

  37. 46

    Shellie Reid says

    SUNBEAM’s “PROGLIDE”, with my large family would appeal!!
    A H-O-T and S-T-E-A-M-Y effort! ~A fast and easy thrill!
    Ironing time halved! ~Garments pressed and wrinkle-free!
    I deserve such a break…………….for a wine maybe?

  38. 47

    Olivia G says

    Our iron is terrible… it burns holes in the clothes. So we don’t use it- some creases are better than a giant gaping hole! I could use this iron so that people will stop throwing change at me when I walk down the street!

  39. 48


    I’ve got Nerves of Steel, Silver Tongue, Leaden feet, Golden Locks, Bronzed Complexion and Magnetic Personality, but my Iron Will not get steamy so I’ve lost my Sunbeam Smile. :)

  40. 49

    Wendy says

    Hi Danimezza, I would love a Sunbeam Pro Glide Plus 8700 because my iron leaves black marks on my white clothing and also leaves the clothes looking like I haven’t ironed them (even though I have been ironing the shirt for 10 minutes).

  41. 50

    Maree says

    S – Steamy
    U – Umpteen wrinkles
    N – Nimble
    B – Beautiful
    E – Extreme
    A – Attention to detail
    M – More baskets REALLY???

  42. 51

    Michelle Gray says

    To be all hot and steamy,
    that would be dreamy,
    the thought of it is supreme,
    to be in domestic bliss with my Sunbeam.

  43. 52


    Basically if I don’t win this my husband is thinking of buying me a new one for Christmas, and it will not be as fabulous as this (nor do I really want an iron for Christmas!!) Gorgeous clothes need a gorgeous iron!

  44. 53


    I was going to enter. But then I read Comment #1 and can’t do it. :) Stacy has NINE kids and an office-working husband. 9 kids and she still has the energy to iron? Holy Crap!

    Give it to her. <3

    • 54


      Well you lucky duck!! I paid the equivalent of $30 for one of those for my son to use in his apamtrent!! I love the description of the conversation as to why your previous one ‘disappeared’… have to admit ironing clothes is one of my less favourite passtimes and can still recall Chris’ expression when I ooohed andaaahed over a teeny little iron that I wanted to iron scrapping stuff!!

  45. 55

    Michelle K says

    I agree entirely with Melissa Mitchell….. I really wanted to enter but then read the first comment. seriously, give it to her! :-)

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