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I have a confession… I’ve never been to the races. I’m 27 but that’s not too late to the game surely? I put some feelers out a few months ago, gently suggesting it would be a fun thing to do and got no interest at all, nadda. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I found out today that the Hawkesbury Race Club is hosting the annual Ladies Day in two weeks time, admission is only $10 and I want to go. I don’t have a big group of girl friends I can party with at these type of things. My ladies are all over the globe, conveniently attached to their smartphones or laptops. I’m hoping Suger will be able to come with me (she’ll be visiting for a few days) but I’m also hoping other local ladies reading this will want to come along too… more the merrier.

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Let it be known, I’m entering Fashions on the Field. I’m giving it my best curvy shot. I’ll be wearing my Calvin Klein dress I got on sale from Macy’s whilst I was in NYC, isn’t the fabric print divine! I figure that the chances of anyone else wearing it would be slim and because it’s so bright, on-trend, well fitted and smart I might just stand a chance! I’m not going to show you the whole dress, you’ll just have to wait and see. Why am I even showing you a sneak peek? Well I plan on doing some posts about my prep for the races over the next few days and I wanted you to get an idea of the overall look I’m going for. I’ll talk more about make up, hair, headwear and what you really need to shove into that tiny clutch in the posts so keep an eye out!

One thing I know is that I’ll be wearing these shoes, my white ComfortPlus wide width heels from Payless USA. The heel is demure enough to go with the dress (without having to resort to ballet flats) and to keep me comfortable on my feet all day. At this stage I think I’ll be taking my white vintage glomesh clutch, I think it deserves a special outing. As far as fascinators, hats and jewellery go I have no idea yet but that’s half the fun… I definitely see a trip to spotlight in the near future!

Will you be going to the races this season?


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    Do it Dani! You and Melissa will give the fashions on the field a real run for their money. I love your style and the races is such a fun day out. I met my husband at the races <3

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    Birdie says

    WOW!! A race-virgin! ;)
    The fabric of your dress looks GORGEOUS!!!
    Can’t wait to see the finished YOU. Good luck with fashions on the field . . . I bet you will sweep the floor with them!


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    Erin says

    Damn! I’m a local lady but I have to work! All my friends are going, too.

    I would have loved to have met you and Suger!

    Hope you have a good day and goodluck for fashions on the field!


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    charlotte says

    love the print, u will need comfy shoes, but i know alot of ladies change into their comfortable ballet shoes or sensible sling backs towards the end of the day ;)
    i was thinking of going too, not sure. Im in melbourne shopping it up and scaring alex at all the stuff im getting..nice to not be shopping at bigw lols
    might bump into u on the day

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