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I am not a morning person. For me to function even in the slightest way, the morning needs to be an easy time of day. Aidan’s even learnt that he has to wake me up nicely and gently or the day goes downhill swiftly. So the idea of peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables as soon as I wake up… well it just isn’t going to happen. I did try, for a whole week but by the second day I resented it. When I saw the Smoothie Cubes at Aldi I figured it couldn’t hurt to try and now I’m hooked.

For those wondering, this is not a sponsored post, I always disclose when they are. This is just one of those cool things I just have to share. That said, if Creative Gourmet saw this post and decided to send me a years worth of Smoothie Cubes I wouldn’t stop them… because they’re awesome!

What I really liked on first glance was that the cubes weren’t just blocks of frozen berries, they also contained good things like Chia paste, Linseeds, Sunflower seeds and Almonds. There are four flavours you can mix with milk (Strawberry / Breakfast / Berry Antioxidant / Tropical) and three you can mix with juice (Mango & Banana / Fruit & Vege Antioxidant / Vege Shot) which I haven’t tried yet as Aldi don’t stock them. The smoothie I’m making now is my favourite “Berry Antioxidant” and it contains:

  • Banana
  • Blue Berries
  • Raspberries
  • Goji Berries
  • Chia Paste
  • LSA (Linseed/Sunflower/Almond)

The cubes come in a little ziplock bag which makes storing them easy. I put two in the blender for me and one extra for Aidan who adores his smoothie in the morning. I add a cup of milk for my glass and half a cup for Aidan’s. Aidan usually has dry cereal and yogurt in the morning with Steve when he first gets up in the morning and then he has the smoothie with me an hour or so later.

Then comes the fun part… blending! It takes less than a minute on low, any higher and there’s too many bubbles. There’s no chopping, no peeling, no measuring and hardly any clean up. Aidan usually pours the milk in himself, I put the lid on and then he turns the switch. Aidan is quite confident in the kitchen and I love that.

The smoothies are done. Seriously, it takes less that two minutes for me to make them, they’re good for us and they fill us up. I loved the juice and soup detox I did back in June and I loved the results even more but I wanted something I could do everyday which was affordable and easy. A box of Smoothie Cubes from Aldi is $2.99 which is much cheaper than buying the ingredients¬†separately. There are 10 smoothie cubes to a box so it makes 5 smoothies. We usually buy three boxes a fortnight so $9 gets us 15 smoothies. Aidan’s single cube smoothies stretch it out further and Steve only has one or two a week.

So there you go, that’s my spin on the current smoothie situation at my place. They’re really delicious and the balance of flavours is better than anything I’ve been able to manage on my own. I’m keen to try the vegetable juice cubes but I’ll have to go to Coles or Woolies to get them and I’m not sure what the price difference would be… I’ll keep you posted.

Do you make healthy smoothies?


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      Of course you do cosmic twin!
      I guess that’s one of the disadvantages of not shopping at Coles or Woolies, I miss out on some of the new brand name stuff. We’ve been using them for about three months or so now and I’m hooked. If Aldi stop stocking them I’ll cry because I always spend too much money when I go to Coles.

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    charlie says

    another idea for smoothies is to use bananas that have brown skin, peel them, and break into pieces, put in a zip lock back and freeze. you can use the pieces in smoothies, and because you have used brown banana which contain natural sugars and sweetness you will get an amazing full flavour in your smoothy.

    OR for icecream fans, use the same method with the bananas, but peel and freeze 6 bananas. then when they are frozen, blend them or use a stick blender and put all pf the banana in a clean container, and there you have it healthy, fresh and homemade banana icecream. you can eat it straight away or put the container back in the freezer for an hour to set it a bit more.. if it does become to firm, then just take it out of the freezer to soften.

    you can also freeze fresh berries, which is great now they are in season and on special quite often. same goes for mangoes mmmmm I <3 smoothie season

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    I am a huge fan of smoothes and I might just have to go to Aldi to get these to supplement my fresh fruit in a smoothie. They seem cheaper than buying fresh or frozen berries.
    I make a smoothie from scratch, amd it seriously takes 5 minutes max. I put fresh banana as a base, amd whatever soft fruit I have – berries, peaches, mango, nectarine. I get very hungry in the day so I also add oats, a spoon of plain yoghurt and a few nuts, seeds and maybe some honey.

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    I used to buy these for Adam cause he loved his smoothies! I really need to buy a blender so I can make some for myself, I remember them being super tasty!

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