Just quietly, this week has been mental. We’ve had Melissa and Kelvin from Suger Coat It here since last Thursday afternoon. The house has been a buzz with blog talk, outfit photo marathon sessions and laughter, lots and lots of laughter. Aidan’s deemed “Kelvy” as his favourite and follows him around like a little shadow. As you can see from the photo, they’ve made themselves at home and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

On Friday Suger and I were invited to attend the Sydney Bloggers Brunch and as usual it was amazing. Inspiring speakers, lots of new brands to chat to and yummy food to eat. Aidan came with us of course, this was his second event and played in the ball pit like a boss. He also had his face painted like a puppy dog and had lots of fun playing with the kids. We packed up the car full of generous goodies and we were so inspired by Philadelphia that we made their Creamy Pasta stir through with Steak for dinner that might. There was nothing left for leftovers that’s for sure. Try it, it’s amazing and so easy.

Saturday involved a casual day shopping at Rouse Hill. Kelvy got a pair of awesome jeans and a few shirts and Suger and I may have picked up just a few things. I wore my neon pastel outfit as we planned to take my outfit photos that afternoon. Everywhere I looked at the shops there was neon and plenty of tropical prints, I was in heaven. It was nice to chill out and go shopping with friends, that rarely happens for me these days, I usually just run in and out with Aidan in tow.

After shopping and lots of outfit photo taking we got ready and headed out to Amanda’s 30th Birthday Party close to the city. We dressed up and rushed out the door. We were late but ready for a good time. It was lovely to meet Amanda’s friends and family and help her celebrate the big 30. I’ve still got two more birthdays before I have to deal with that party but I’m sure it will be epic. Amanda’s had so many lovely homemade touches, you can tell the girl loves Pinterest.

I spent a little too much time doodling in the guestbook, it was like preschool art and crafts… it was game on! I loved the photobooth props in neon pink, black, white and gold, so funky and cool. Suger and I may have gotten carried away a bit but it was just too much fun.

After Saturday night we just mellowed out, took it easy, played with Aidan, napped  and ate a lot of yummy food. Our house is tiny, we’re pretty much on top of each other but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Honestly Aidan’s loving having so many people in the house and I’ve got to say I’m quite loving it too.

On Sunday morning we went and had brunch at the bakery in Windsor and checked out the markets. Suger stocked up on lots of gorgeous local vegetables and fruit as she planned to cook for us during the week… I wasn’t going to stop her. After our usual little naps Suger and I headed out for a scenic drive around the Hawkesbury for a bit of outfit photo taking and instagraming. We came home to a beautiful chicken burrito dinner the boys had made and a little bit of bubbly to finish off the day. Suger and Kelvy are staying with us for another five days and I can’t wait to see what else we can cram in before they leave.


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    I was a little afraid this post would be about us being a giant pain in the butt. But this is lovely, I LOVE this. Loving the collection of our photos, it’s really been a lot of fun so far!! :D

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    I had lots of visitors this year and it was fantastic. I love it when the house is stuffed to the gills with the ones you love. Have a great time ladies! You both look beautiful and happy in these pictures!

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    We would love the Sensitive Hippo plush as one of our favorite books to read berofe bed is But Not the Hippopatamus. We have tons of Sandra Boynton books. I’d be elated if I won this.

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