Change Room Confessions: Target

I have some exciting news… I’m an official blogger for Target Australia and I’ll be writing one post a month, showcasing finds I love. I’m given a budget of $100, I shop my ass off and come back here to tell you all the things I think are worth checking out.

With Aidan ready to head to school a few extra days a week (hold me) I figure I’ll have a little more time up my sleeve to start doing Change Room Confessions again, you might remember them from my City Chic days.Basically I create a few outfits from the stock I love and prance about in change rooms showing you how I’d put it all together. Again, the main goal is to showcase plus size clothing on a size 20-22 body rather than the catalogue model who is usually a size 14-16… someone with a bit more junk in the trunk if you will.

I scoured through the MODA range and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t blown away. A lot of what was on offer were repeat styles in different trend colours. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that this is usual practice and it does service a community of dedicated MODA lovers but for someone who “gets around” in fashion, trying lots of brands… I felt a bit bored. It was all so safe. I’ve since talked to Target and hopefully in the new year I’ll get the opportunity to chat to the buying team and get some behind the scenes info, cross fingers! Now onto the outfits…

OUTFIT #1 “Blue Lagoon”

When I found the printed tunic in a sensual fabric in a bold colour I knew I’d have to try it on. It didn’t define my waist but it was really nice to wear and I felt good in it. I don’t believe in constantly belting garments, sometimes it’s nice to wear something less restrictive, especially in summer. I immediately paired the top with the blue crop pant which were extremely generous, the size 22 fell off me. They’re made of a really stretchy fabric and the waistband is quite wide to accommodate a larger middle. I’m wearing the 20 in these photos but I could have easily worn the 18.

I played off the colours in the tunic when choosing the accessories. I was instantly drawn to the bag so choosing the shoes was made even easier. Having a wide foot I was pleasantly surprised that I fit most styles. As I’m a 9.5 I still find the shoes a bit long for me in some styles but I just use those little heel grip pads that you can get from shoe stores. I think this look would work for the office Christmas party, dinner by the sea or even out dancing. You’ll feel comfortable in the pants, glamourous in the tunic and fancy in the heels.

OUTFIT #2 “Metallic Dreams”

 The photos seriously don’t do this top justice, it’s gorgeous and the relaxed fit means you could easily dress it up or down. Metallic is definitely on trend for summer and it’s nice to see them available to the plus size consumer at an affordable price. I wanted to put together a dressy casual look, something that could be worn all together or in pieces on their own. I could see the skirt becoming an everyday favourite, the Midi length is really flattering and the jersey fabric is light enough to not make you sweat all summer long.
Again, I led the accessories charge after finding yet another cute bag. This one has soft gold, silver and black pleather weave as the feature and I’m in love. Matching shoes to the look was super easy, I could have gone with either silver or black as either would have worked. As soon as I saw this pair I was hooked. I really got a kick out of the metal detail and the fact that I wasn’t teetering around in super high heels. Sometimes a 3″ heel is all you need for a little boost.

OUTFIT #3 “New York Street”

The shirt and skirt would have to be the trendiest pieces I could find in the MODA section so I was determined to put them together and this was probably the easiest ensemble for me to create. I liked that the shirt was light and the pearl buttons were a great finishing touch. I decided to tie it at the waist to add a little definition and roll up the sleeves into a nice wide cuff. The skirt was stretchy and comfortable and I loved that it was a little shorter. The fine stripe disguised my tummy and drew attention to how wide my hips are and how small my waist is. Horizontal stripes for the win!
The beige sneaker wedges are pretty damn awesome and super comfy. I like the element of urban grunge they give the outfit. I picked the scarf to go with the shoes, I really liked the texture it added to the outfit. I’m embracing scarves more and more lately. I love the way they break up an outfit, create a feature and they’re an easy way to add colour. With this outfit I wanted a more neutral palette so I kept the bag simple and black with a chain strap and studded detailing. The bag came in taxi cab yellow too which I totally fell head over heels for but it just would have been too much for this look.

What did I end up spending my $100 budget on?

The shirt and skirt had to be mine, there was no doubt about it. I loved Suger’s denim shirt from New Look and whilst it’s not usually my style I figured it would work well with casual dresses over summer and give me light coverage at night time without having to depend on a heavier denim jacket. The shoes, well I needed them. My black patent pumps from City Chic no longer fit properly since I had Aidan, they flop off my feet but I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement… until now. The lace heels are gorgeous and super comfy so they had to come home with me too.
I got really lucky with the sale, it enabled me to stretch my budget further than I expected. There are heaps of pieces that I featured that I want to rush back and buy but I have to be practical as I’m saving up to hit those NYC streets again. Over the summer break I’ll be sharing more about my New York journey. I know I haven’t written much about it but it was an emotional process and something I wanted to keep close to my chest for awhile.
I really hope you loved this post and I’m looking forward to sharing more Change Room Confession posts in the coming months, hitting up lots of different stores where I love to go shopping. If you have store recommendations I’d love to hear about it as not all my readers have direct access to the shops and online shopping can be a little tricky sometimes. Getting the right fit can be hard so I really hope these posts help.
Please Note: I was paid for my time and gifted $100 voucher to spend at Target in store on Fashion products and garments. Product selection was at my own personal discretion and all opinions are my own as usual, please feel free to read my blog’s disclosure policy


  1. 1


    Oh I loved being in the change room with you. How gorgeous is that teal and blue! Stunning. Love your outfit selections and photos. That woven chevron clutch might have my name on it. lol

  2. 4

    Jayne says

    The denim shirt and striped skirt are cool. I like that you have shown the accessories I don’t normally look at them.

    I check out Target every now and again and usually I am disappointed as it is all generally basic and boring. Hopefully that will change.

  3. 5


    That was a fun post! I Love (yes with a capital L) Target for their shoes. They have an awesome range and always have my size (11).

    Living in a regional centre, large chains like Target, Kmart and Autograph are the only plus size stores to shop at locally. It’s great to see how you put together outfits at these “common” plus size stocking stores.

  4. 6


    The third look is actually the only one I like! I find the range in general far too shapeless and focused on t shirt material to be appealing.

  5. 7


    Oh yay! I am delighted you’ve been called in on this one!!! It’s interesting to see what’s same/different between Sydney & Melbourne stock too :)

  6. 8


    I have worn targetwear for years, but never seem to look as trendy as you do.
    Is that a lurking Steph in the mirror?
    I love the choices which remained in the trolley, never too many shoes for you.
    Lovely to see you happy.

  7. 10


    Love the striped skirt and studded bag! I really love Target, but not much of a fan of the Moda range. I think it’s quite good for casual and work-wear, but I find the sizes are too big. They need a bit more variety

  8. 11

    AndyT says

    I am SO glad you will get a chance to talk to the buyers because really I find the Target plus size range quite appalling yet the other ranges within Target are fashionable and on trend etc. They obviously do very little or no market research whatsoever for the MODA range and their buyers are probably not even plus sized. Fingers crossed that when you talk to them and give them some feed back they will actually listen and might finally ‘get’ it

    I love the 3rd outfit

  9. 13

    Karen says

    Agree totally about the need for Taregt to update their Moda range. I am 50, plus size and like clothes with a bit of edge but still have some class. I know lots of women like me. Come on Target – less daggy – more trendy!

  10. 14


    Like Emma M, I’m ‘way out west’ and my nearest clothing store is actually Country Target – the plus size available through them is usually lacking… although the last time I was there I did buy the purple lurex top. It comes in black too so I bought both. They have become a staple and wear one of them at least weekly.

  11. 15

    Jealous! says

    To get paid for something you do anyway? Awesome! Like the others the only one I like is the third one. Target suck with their plus-sizes. I wish their normal range went to size 22 bcz I too am short and just need the width in their clothes. I am young too so their plus size range is well very sucky

  12. 16

    charlie says

    looking good, its funny looking in your trolley that day i couldn’t even pick what went with what, but now i see… you are very talented. i love the first one, i don’t think I’ve seen you in blue for years but it suits you. blue and orange are my favourite colours as well as coral,they are such striking colours so you cant be blue or orange allll over or it looks funny, but you really worked all the shades of blue. looks great, i tend to use jewellery as statement pieces but i like the use of scarves and clutches

    perhaps you could do target swimwear and underwear?

  13. 17

    Sarah says

    I’m always so disappointed with the Target Moda range. It’s so insulting to have page after page of lovely spring racing dresses in the Target catalogue up to a size 18 (or sometimes to a small size 20), and then a small half a page of Moda daggy t-shirts or sack dress. I’m plus size, but I’m shapely and have parts of my body that frankly look better to me when they’re shown off rather than hidden. Also, the range itself is so limited – mostly long baggy tops in clingy fabrics that look like they’re from a maternity range and some daggy cropped pants. The patterns are also not exactly fashionable, and there seems to be a lot of polyester or that hideously hot chiffon material. When I’ve tried on the dresses (that are almost always maxi because apparently plus size ladies apparently shouldn’t love their legs), there is something ‘off’ about the fit. To be honest, the only thing I’ve bought from the Moda range in the last couple of years has been long black leggings. Instead I look longingly at the smaller sizes who are allowed to have nice clothes. I’m really not even asking for avant-garde clothing, just some nice-fitting, well-priced basics (I’m having so much trouble finding a white semi-fitted tee at the moment) as well as some more fashionable seasonal pieces at a decent price.

    Funny story – the last time I bought something from Moda (black leggings), a lady approached me who said that she was a plus size fashion designer with her own range (albeit very small, and aimed at an older customer). She asked me a few questions about things that I liked or didn’t like, and we both talked about the shockingly inadequate Moda range. As we were parting ways, she pointed at a striped Moda shirt and said ‘See? A striped shirt in a plus size range, they have no idea what they’re doing!’. This made me so frustrated as even the people who are in a position to design clothing for a plus sized customer are still imposing outdated fashion rules on them. You could follow all of the fashion rules in the book (and be miserable doing so), but sometimes things just look awesome on you for no other reason than you’re just really rocking it.

    Anyway that’s just my rant. I will say that I’m loving the shoes and bags from Target at the moment, if they can just get their plus size range up to scratch I’ll be so happy!

  14. 18


    I love that blue outfit best! I don’t know that I’d have even looked at that top otherwise, but it looks gorgeous with the cobalt pants. I might even go see if this outfit can work on me (I’m considerably shorter than you).


  1. […] Oh and the colours! It was SO good to see some very on trend colours available up to a size 26 & at a rather affordable price. Sure, a lot of the pieces are still rather flowly, loosely cut tunics, but I don’t mind that so much. I just love that they seem to be listening to what people are saying (Thanks Danimezza!) […]

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