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Aussie Curves Danimezza plus size fashion outfit BLING-6

aussieoutfit-08Aussie Curves Danimezza plus size fashion outfit BLING-1

I was really looking forward to this week’s challenge but as with most things lately it was left to the last minute. Stephanie and I dressed up in our best bling and headed out to take photos.¬†Finding a location presented it own challenge but as soon as I saw the giant trees covered in candy coloured lights I knew we’d found it.

Aussie Curves Danimezza plus size fashion outfit BLING-3

  • Earrings – Lovisa circa 2011
  • Necklace – Lovisa circa 2010
  • Lazer Cut Cardigan – TS14+ gifted
  • Tank Top – Crossroads
  • Belt – 17 Sundays gifted
  • Silky Skirt – Thrifted
  • Bangles – City Chic gifted
  • Leggings – SWAK gifted
  • Cut Out Wedges – Target gifted

Aussie Curves Danimezza plus size fashion outfit BLING-4

See, Aidan does get his eyes from me!¬†I bought this necklace from Lovisa back in 2010 and it’s still one of my all time favourites because really, it’s just a little too much. Chunky brassy gold, silver and chains galore. It weighs a tonne but I don’t care when I wear it because I feel so glam when I do. To finish accessorising I added opulent little studs and simple chain bangles.

Aussie Curves Danimezza plus size fashion outfit BLING-8

Speaking of eyes, when I was getting ready I decided to channel a little bit of Omega and added some bling to my make up! Three little plastic rhinestones in pink, purple and red (to match my necklace) glued onto my cheekbone with clear drying eyelash glue. So simple and just a little bit fun. I also tried out a subtle ombre lip, pale frosty pink all over and a bold glossy hot pink in the center softly blended out.

Aussie Curves Danimezza plus size fashion outfit BLING-2

The skirt is a new op shop find and for only $5. I always get excited when I find something in my size at an op shop, actually this is a few sizes too big but I didn’t care, I HAD to take it home with me. Who wouldn’t love a silky purple skirt with pockets?!?! It’s really light and floaty so I feel a bit naked if I don’t wear leggings with it.

Aussie Curves Danimezza plus size fashion outfit BLING-7

Please feel free to join the Aussie Curves Facebook Group which is filled with energetic discussion about all things fashion, photography and self love. Yesterday we clicked over 200 members and I’m totally blown away. Some women don’t blog but instead share their outfits by posting photos to the wall and by instagram. For more ways to play and to chat to the Aussie Curves ladies in real time head on over and ask to join.




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      Ian BriceJune 11, 2010It took a while from the time I started renaidg your notes, but suddenly no pesky, relaxed as hell, chipping dead, driving straight, 2 rounds 75 and 77 off my 14 handicap. Cameron the question is how do I keep it going?

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      Vincent JohnsonJune 11, 2010CameronI have a problem when drinivg that I dont slice the ball but I tend to block the ball to the right. Ive tried to hood the club but of course this tends more to bring about a slice or even a duck hook shot !Any suggestions ???CheersVince J

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      Yeah, I didn’t think that there would be much support for the cpcneot of “less is more” here; just thought I would test the waters. The Internet has taught everyone to expect everything instantaneously and in great quantity; all I was trying to say is that in that situation I believe some of the deeper appreciation of things can get lost. I’m certainly not the type to complain over the absence of posts on any music blog, as it gives me a chance to catch up with stuff I’ve already downloaded. Also I don’t believe I was whining, just politely and articulately expressing a point of view. I’m glad that people like Eric and Jim are out there with their great collections and willing to share. Perhaps I’m a little envious of the lot of you that have all the time in the world to surf the Web, download music and listen to it; I’m a fanatical collector, but no longer have the free time to get to it all. Excess rules!

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    YAY for your cool op shop find!! LOVE the colour and yes a skirt/dress with pockets is ALWAYS at the top of my love list!! :) looking funky this week Dani!!

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