Aussie Curves – Mixing Patterns

My eyes hurt just looking at this post. I guess that wasn’t really the point of this week’s theme “Mixing Patterns” but I don’t blame the outfit, it’s the lurid acid lime green walls at my local shopping center car park. Suger took these photos for me and it seemed like a good idea at the time. We’d just had a lovely mexican dinner (hi food baby) and we were heading back to the car when I told everyone to stop so I could get my model on… would you believe no one batted an eyelid. Outfit photos are just an everyday thing for our families.

Dinner at Tequila’s on Main with Leigh, Suger, Rah and Claire… oh and the boys.

Oh yeah so back to the outfit… this challenge was really hard for me as I like things to be quite matchy-matchy and “just so”. This is SO out there for me but it was so much FUN! Stripes, florals, leopard print… WOWZA. I felt a bit bad ass. I felt a bit trendy. I like a different woman. Sometimes it’s nice to break out of your own style mould and try something new.

This outfit was daring, bold and super duper comfortable. I love the cut of this dress, I’ve since worn it heaps. I’m falling more and more in love with florals. I’m covering my house, my stationary and my wardrobe with them. These leggings have become a firm favourite. I’ve been able to wear them with so many different coloured dresses and tops and yes, I will admit that I have even worn them as pants. Now go be a little shocking yourself!



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    I confess, I can’t handle matching prints. I’m a very even/ symmetry/matching fanatic. It’s my OCD, and Alexander is developing it too. (Bad Mama moment).

    Somehow you still manage to make it cute. (Well, no. The green walls are not helping,lol. That is REALLY REALLY neon, no?). I love when you get your model on. I love how much fun you can have with your shoots. And I LOVE the dress.

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      Haha! I feel the same way, faux leather lniggegs are my favorite though, so chic and SO COMFORTABLE!You look stunning, love the neon! In fact, neon yellow is my favorite neon shade! I hyped your look :)

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      Nov05Ryan I note the lack of comment rgedraing Leopard Print underpants in this post What say you? Classy? Tacky?I don’t know about you, but I like my women just a little on the trashy side

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    I’m falling for your floral leggings. They’re stunning. The striped dress is all kinds of awesome. The necklace brings it all together. Great Mixing.

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      were you flashing paerssbys dearie?*sigh* bad girl…hee hee…love the pants!I have a vintage 80s black leather skirt, but I don’t know how short you are looking for, or what waist size, if interested you know where to find me!*hugs*

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    I love the neon walls! I love that you’re brave enough to have your photos taken in a busy shopping centre carpark. Great outfit this week Dani. I’m still coveting those floral leggings.

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    Kelly says

    Love it, very bad ass!! I have a dress in the same print as the leggings ( heart Crossroads) my FAVOURITE dress! :)


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