Aussie Curves – Orange

I knew exactly what I wanted to wear for this week’s challenge “Orange” and both items were brand new into my wardrobe thanks to the PSFWA Clothes Swap. When Gisela busted into the joint wearing one of her new creations I knew that at some point I’d have to try it on. Thankfully she’s an awesome friend and let me prance about it in for awhile but then she said she loved it on me so much that I should keep it. Who in their right mind was going to say no to that offer? No one. The maxi skirt is actually a strapless maxi dress, I can’t remember who the original owner was. It’s lovely, light and flowing.

  • Print Peplum Top – Gisela Ramirez swapped, not yet available for sale.
  • Tan Studded Skinny Belt – Torrid
  • Blood Orange Hexagonal Bangle – TS14+ gifted
  • Brass Look Bangle – City Chic
  • Orange Strapless Maxi Dress – ASOS ¬†swapped
  • Tan Sandals – Payless Shoes USA

I’ve never worn peplum before and I’m still not entirely convinced it’s a style I could wear everyday but I love wearing this top because it was made with love by a friend, someone I believe in. I’ve also worn it with denim skinny jeans and my black jersey pencil skirt. Wearing a fitted bottom definitely shows off the peplum more but I kind of like the subtly of it when paired with a big full skirt. A few brass and tan accents and the outfit is complete. Big thanks to my sister Stephanie for taking these photos for me!



  1. 1


    Your outfit is stunning. I was there when Gisela insisted you keep the peplum top. It’s stunning. I loved it then, and I love it even more in these photos! The orange skirt compliments it so well. Love your photos.

  2. 5


    I love this outfit on you, and the photos look like they’ve come straight from the fashion editorial in a very glossy magazine… I think the peplum definitely works for you :)

  3. 6


    Oooh peplum top with a maxi skirt- I’ll have to try that combo out sometime. I love the pretty colours in the top paired with the bold colour of the skirt. You look gorgeous! xx

  4. 8


    I wouldn’t have thought of trying a peplum witha maxi skirt so I will give it a go!

    If people like your maxi skirt they are sellings ones very similar at Millers (My new fave shop!).

  5. 10

    Jode says

    I think your peplum top is extremely flattering!! I having been toying with the idea of buying one – City Chic has one that comes in a variety of colours that I have been eyeing off and I think you have just convinced me to mark it SOLD! Great outfit!!

  6. 13


    Oh wow! I LOVE this outfit! I am so excited about Gisela’s new line, SO excited. I think the top paired with the dress, worn as a skirt looks great. I love the way peplum looks, I’m glad you decided to try it!

  7. 16


    Oh my goodness! This is beautiful, Dani. I think yours and Lisa’s have just about won me over from my life-long hatred of Orange. This is a really pretty look – I think you’re right about the way it looks with this skirt.

    I want this entire outfit, piece by piece. Help a girl out…

  8. 17


    Err..that came out wrong in two ways. First- it’s not just you and Lisa that have outfits I like. Yours are just the only two I’ve visited yet. :)

    Also “Help a girl out” didn’t mean give me stuff. I just want to find that skirt/dress and get one. BUt there was no link (which I’m assuming might have meant an old season?).

  9. 18


    Great outfit!!! i love the peplum + maxi combo.
    I love it.
    and as always you look amazing!!!
    Don’t forget to enter my Kardashian Kollection Kompetition :)

  10. 19


    I’m not sure about peplums either. I want to try one on so I can see if I like them on me. I think it’ll be a either total win or total fail.

  11. 21

    Renee says

    Love this outfit. So classy. I really seem to struggle with the belt – thing. I really think the belt really makes this outfit….

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