Change Room Confessions: Target 2

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target 1

Last month I showed you a few of the things I liked at Target and even pulled them into outfits. I was frank with you about the fact that I wasn’t exactly blown away by the MODA range and I’m happy to report that Target appreciated my honesty. One thing I noticed a lot of people mentioning in the comment section of the last Change Room Confessions post was that most of you were having luck finding pieces in the standard size section which now goes up to a size 20. I made that my challenge this month (I wanted something fancy to wear for Christmas Day or even NYE) to see if I could make any of it work for me.

target 6

This is what an epic fail looks like. As soon as I saw this dress on the hanger I just knew I’d have to try it on. As with everything from the standard sizing section I grabbed a 20, the highest size and tried to find garments made of stretchy fabrics, with generous cuts or flattering lines. I loved the print and colours in this dress and I really liked the tulip hemline but it just didn’t work on me. I wasn’t disheartened… at least I’d tried.

target 2

The next dress was something out of a dream, as soon as I saw it I begged for it to fit me. Cobolt blue, white and lime with awesome stripes, comfortable v-neck line and flattering skirt length… I just had to try it on. I also loved the white cotton and lace dresses, perfect for Christmas Day but  there was just no way they were going to work for my size 20/22 frame.

target 3

Here I am, in the dress that almost fits. It looks OK in the picture but the dress wasn’t designed for an ample bust like mine so it gapes underneath the arms exposing my bra. I knew I’d love the neckline and the skirt was so flippy and cute. If MODA sold dresses like this they’d sell like hot cakes, even if City Chic sold them at double or even triple the price people would buy it… hell, I’d buy it!

target 5

I call this the t’shirt dress because that’s exactly what it feels like when you’re wearing it. Super comfortable with plenty of stretch, a great neckline and funky blue tones. As soon as I tried it on a felt like a Suger Coat it impostor, that girl just totally rocks the stripes so I made sure to instagram her straight away so she can rush out and buy it. Another standard size item that could easily be included in MODA.

target 7

Ahh the pile of dresses that made me want to cry… all of them size 20 and all of them way too fitted to even get on. The thing is, these are SO my style: fitted, lady like tea and shift dresses with florals galore and smart tailoring. In a pure state of denial I tried shoving myself in that blue dress so hard but to no avail, it was never going to fit. So what did I do? I sulked… all the way back to MODA.

target 4

I needed shorts for the Aussie Curves challenge on Monday so I thought I’d try and find myself a pair in Target. I saw on the online store that they had “Danimezza Blue” shorts and they looked perfect. I tried on the size 20 and they fit ok, I loved the length and colour. I also found this funky abstract print top which I thought was pretty cool. Again it hugged my hips pretty tight but I think it would look cute tucked into a skirt or pants. Ah the joys of being a pear shape.

target 8

So I was stumped… I didn’t find anything worthy of Christmas Day or flashy enough for NYE. I had a $100 giftcard burning a whole in my pocket and I was determined to look good at Christmas. I aimlessly wandered the store whilst Stephanie looked for a few things for herself and I found myself somewhere totally unexpected… the pyjamas section! Why didn’t I think of it earlier? I would be spending the entire morning in my old grungy PJs having breakfast and unwrapping presents and more than likely to be photographed doing so… or I could buy fabulous PJs!


Folded Cotton Rose PJ Set $20 $14

So here I am with no make up, big wild morning hair and nothing but an Ahh Bra (or at least the Millers version) holding up my boobs. My first set of PJs: a rose print, cotton, button-up set which was $20 and on sale for $14. They had quite a few different designs but this was the one I loved the most. The 3/4 pants are comfy and light but they’re a smidge firm across the hips. I got a size 20/22 and they just fit. If they had a 22/24 I would have got them but the option wasn’t available. I asked Steve what he thought of them and he called me “Nigella”… I’ll take that as a compliment!


Pink PJ Outfit $27 $22.50

The second set is very relaxed and comfortable. A pink MODA scoop neck tee $12 and 3/4 pants that were $15 and on sale for $10.50. There were plenty of different colours and patterns too, I think I should have bought a second pair. Fancy PJs for less than $25 is a win in my book, especially as both these items go up to a 26. I spend a lot of time at home so I like to have a few ‘house outfits’ which are comfortable enough for me to play in, do a bit of housework and write whilst curled up in bed or on the couch. I don’t get dressed up everyday but I do like to be presentable for the post man and couriers that unexpectedly drop by.


Floral Lace PJ Set $45 $31.50

I’ve saved my favourite set for last… isn’t it dreamy! Soft fabric, gorgeous colours, pretty florals and lace detailing on the shoulders. The top was $20 on sale for $14 and the pants were $25 on sale for $17.50. The pants also have drawstrings so you can make them shorter if it’s hot. They go up to a size 24/26 which is actually what I’m wearing as I like my PJs a little looser. They’re just utterly romantic in my opinion and I feel so pretty when I wear them. Aidan said I looked beautiful.


5 Pack Knickers $12

All up the three PJ sets only cost me $68 so I had $32 left to spend. I found a gorgeous nightie for a Christmas gift which was $20 on sale for just $14 and then I decided to blow the remaining $18 on knickers. I figured if I was sorting out my PJs I may as well update my intimates! I bought two packs, one in black and one in nude, each pack ($12 each) had five pairs of invisible elastic knickers and they looked like they’d be worth the gamble so I paid the extra $6 in cash. The gamble paid off, they’re incredibly comfy. Don’t freak, I pulled my pants down a bit so you can see, they sit underneath my belly button, no cottontails for me just yet and yes, I just totally flashed you my knickers!


So there you have it, not exactly what I was hoping to achieve but I had a lot of fun and I just love my PJs. I’ll be looking fancy come Christmas morning, here’s hoping the rest of me doesn’t look too haggard opening presents in the early hours. I’ll be doing another shop in January… I wonder what I’ll find!

Please Note: I was paid for my time and gifted $100 voucher to spend at Target in store on Fashion products and garments. Product selection was at my own personal discretion and all opinions are my own as usual, please feel free to read my blog’s disclosure policy


  1. 1

    Susan says

    Thank you for your honest assessment of Targets clothing. The pj’s are lovely and I will definitely go and grab a pair. I also only wear Target bras and knickers.

    However, plus size clothing is a completely different story.

    I go into Target in the hopes of finding something in a 20-22 once or twice a month. I’m an apple shape with slimish legs and not to big in the bust, and find it difficult to find pretty dresses that don’t make me look pregnant or are too tight in the waist.

    I have never found anything in the Moda range. It is very old fashioned and at 45 I really don’t want to look 65, which in my opinion is their style. Nothing is fitted, the material is beyond stretch. I want to cover my funky curves in fitted dresses, skirts and tops, not be draped in copious amounts of material. And don’t get me started on the patterns. I think Target need to hire somebody who knows plus size fashion. I always feel like who ever is in charge of Moda has no love for me and my curves.

    I hope Target listen to you because although they have larger sizes in the normal range, they don’t fit properly on us bigger girls. I would love them to get rid of Moda and to realize that their customers want funky, fun and pretty. Think a classier City Chic! I’ve actually found some pretty cute little dresses for under $30 at Crossroads, and they fit very well.

    I look forward to your next post.

    • 2


      Thanks Susan, I love hearing about other people’s shopping experiences, everyone has their own tales to tell. Target is definitely reading and listening, the good and the bad. 2013 is just around the corner and it might be time to shake things up!

  2. 3


    Oh Target knickers! I love them to death! I’ve got …well a lot of pairs in that boring beige but they are so comfy! I accidentally bought a full brief set once but then thought, hey these would be great underneath a dress. And yes, they were. I’m going to have to check out their PJs after Christmas. Need some BADLY and I love the floral ones you’ve got.

  3. 5


    How weird is this, when you were shopping in your Target I was at my country Target.Had some time to kill waiting for my bus, saw the SALE sign and in I go. Bypassed the dresses and such, cause I am not looking for them and ended up finding myself in the pj section. Remember the black nightie you bought for me a while back, well this one is similar but way sexier and almost a steal with the 40% off that I got.
    Lucky I didn’t buy the ones I was looking at for you huh!!!
    Love those pics of you.

    • 7


      I’m always honest… I’ve just realised I’ve preferred to only share the honestly happy which isn’t what you or the brand needs… I’m learning to be more balanced in my own way.

  4. 8


    I’ve had the same gripe about Target, Big W AND K’mart for some time now – I will never understand why they can’t make some of the “regular” range cross into the “plus size” range. I understand that some garments don’t translate very well into bigger sizes but on the whole, most of them do.

    It irks me that the buyers department of these stores don’t seem to believe in bigger girls looking stylish and that in some weird alternate universe, they actually think we *want* to dress ourselves in oversized articles of clothing, with no shape to them.

  5. 9


    I love to shop in Target (yes, I get my intimates there too). I always head to MODA hoping for the best and occasionally I find the odd piece or two that I am happy with. But I have to say overall, the experience if frustrating. I find the colours often sad, even when the recent colour promotion happened, not in MODA. I feel that all the plus sizes are pitched at an older crowd. And I don’t want to feel old.

    Target are you listening?!?!? I go there with a friend and we like Target and love to spend our money there but when it comes to MODA it’s a disappointment. Something younger. Some colour. Please.

    Great post!

  6. 10

    Mrs Woog says

    Oh for the sweet love of Target… If you are listening…. If you make nice plus sized clothes that are not purple and grey and made of nylon…. WE WILL BUY IT! I would shop at Target (I am a size 18) but not until they stop serving up really average stuff in this market. I know they are listening to customers, which is awesome, but please act!

    My name is Mrs Woog, and I am allergic to man made fibres…. In mauve. And grey.

  7. 11

    Naomi S says

    I basically had this exact same experience today in target! However as i do not have quite the same amount of self-esteem as you do, i left the changing room feeling thoroughly upset and even a little tearful, that i cannot go to a big chain store like Target and find something young and fresh to fit my body. I dont even go into the MODA section anymore because it makes me so angry, that a shop FULL of funky and cute dresses would stock their plus size section with basically bin-liner bags insinuating that if you’re over a size 20 (or lets face it, basically over a size 16 in reality) you arent worthy of being seen or feeling good.

    I feel great that our opinions finally have a voice in you, and im really hopeful that they will take your feedback on board and we will see some changes. Keep up the good work, im glued to the screen!

  8. 13


    Definitely some eye catchers there however I noticed Target range does seem to be a smaller fit. Might have to wonder in without my boys. The blue striped with lime green looks interesting. LOVE lingerie. Last time I saw, Target had this very feminine aqua nightie. Reminded me of something very old fashioned and still very sexy satin. Must see if its still there.

  9. 15

    deb says

    Target plus sized used to be good, now I find their clothes are not true to size and if by the odd chance I find something that fits, you wash it and its out of shape. Very disappointing. They have fantastic clothes for chicks under a certain size, how hard is it to make it a little bigger?????

  10. 17

    Paula says

    Great pj’s! But sorry your outfit shopping experience didn’t go so well :-( My gripe with targets dresses is that they seem to cut their dresses and tops from the same pattern, which is quite high necked. As someone with bigger boobs it just looks terrible on me. Very matronly… Those gorgeous floral tea dresses are my case in point, I love the look but just can’t wear them :-(

  11. 18


    Glad to know its not just me… I tried on a size 20 dress, couldnt even get it over my boobs. My friend (who’s a size 16) said it just fit her…. all because I want clothing that are not watermelon, coral or sleeveless with ruffles or sequins….like a cotton dress! sigh…

  12. 19


    Dani – it is as though we shopped together and had the same experience. I tried on the same dresses with no luck, although I guessed me arse wasn’t going to fit into those pretty tea dresses and saved my self the heart break. I am kicking myself though for not looking at the PJs section – they are all gorge….

  13. 20


    I have this MODA work dress that I wear at least twice a week, it’s amazing, a total wonder and an essential in my wardrobe. But THE ONLY item from MODA in my wardrobe. Ick. What a range they have in store. Not for me thanks. Luckily being more of a rectangle body type I fit into some of the standard 20 range. Same deal though, stretch fabrics and floaty dresses.

    I got that stripe dress on sale, thanks for the heads up. xo

    And did you notice the 11 in the shoes is REALLY narrow? Or is that just me? I couldn’t get ANY of the range to fit this year? How annoying. I always loved Target for shoes…

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