Christmas 2012


Everyone is currently napping and I’ve stolen a few moments to myself to blog. I’m not sure exactly what I want to say as my brain is still slightly switched off. I’m learning that taking a break is ok, actually it’s necessary. March is fast approaching and with it a new fashion season. If the last three years are anything to go buy, things will get busy again soon enough. Right now, in this moment I’m appreciating the stillness, the quiet and the ocean breeze.

Those who follow me on facebook and instagram would know by now that we’ve travelled up to the point to spend Christmas with the family. Aidan loves it there and has been waiting for weeks to go. We head back tomorrow, leaving Stephanie to spend some time with Mum and Dad on her own. It will be nice to have the house back to ourselves but at the same time I’ll miss her like crazy… just don’t tell her that. She’ll be back in Tassie in a few weeks for Uni and I’m trying not to think about it.

Santa was very good to Aidan and Grandma was especially spoilt this year. I got some home wares and perfume, my family knows me well. We spent Christmas Day inside the house due to the rain but now the sun is out and shining so we intend on spending the afternoon out on Dad’s yacht, soaking up the sun and maybe, just maybe… we’ll see dolphins.

Happy holidays, drive safe and be happy xx


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      We didn’t end up going on the yacht, just splashed about in the paddle pool and walking Charlie on the beach. The house feels weird whilst it’s not filled to the brim with people lol.

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