Danimezza SWIM 2012

I’m just a little overwhelmed, I still can’t believe it. There it is, the very first SWIM Lookbook and my first attempt at digital publishing… please be kind. I’ll come back later in the week once I’ve recovered and tell you more about the whole experience. For now just click, view, enjoy and then come back here and tell me what you think!


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    OMG! That is so awesome! Congratulations Dani!! Finally, a look book I can devour. I want to go and buy some swimwear now…and some Wild Bling!
    (excuse excess use of exclamation marks…I’m really excited!!)

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    wow! Amazing! Fabulous! have i missed anything love it . Danni thank you i now can feel confident about how i look and feel xxx Now to go out and buy that swim suit and show it off to the world!!! Also digging all the jewelry need to get some of them too (wink)

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    That was pure magic Danielle!!
    So worth all your effort. Too many favourite shots to name, Samantha is just gorgeous, you captured her multiple personalities exremely well.
    love always…………….

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      I am not sure what I am doing at the moment as I do not have your book, yet I do help peploe, maybe not with money, as that is another subject, but by giving them really good deals and I love to barter. This is another way to show love to your brother or sister. I don’t know about you but I have a lot of FAITH and I believe in miracles. I would love not to have worry and concern over money and I am truly looking forward to reading your book and finding out how I can make a difference for myself and for others. That’s what life is all about making a difference.

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    I’ve been looking forward to seeing this. I have always wanted to visit Hayman Island. Plus I just knew your photos would be awesome. You didn’t disappoint, it looks amazing! Well done you. The swimwear is great. Awesome to see it all in a look book like this.

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      Dani,Thanks for posting this, I am in a very dark valely right now and have been blaming the Lord for my troubles. I have lost my home and my wife is very ill. Thanks to the spirit driven success cd’s I have asked the Lord for forgiveness and am no longer going to live in self pity and anger. I have re-dedicated my life to God and will no longer believe the enemies lies. You have truly been a blessing to my heart and life.John

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      Ernest, as a conservative, it has nhntiog to do with working with him. He has an idealogy that we don’t want to take this country in! You’ve got to look at what he’s done to the country in 3.5 years. You’ve got to see all the czars who are not accountable to us he has set up. All the mandates or dictates he’s done. And we’re not supposed to be under a dictatorship! He spent 4 trillion dollars to pass onto the next generation(s)! He is just taking us away from what made America great! If it seemed like they weren’t working with him, these are just some’ of the examples. We need to get away from socialism and that is his vision for America to grow government! Do you really want this??? As a capitalist you must see how ineffective government is when it runs things. GSA come to mind?

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    charlie says

    wow, and yes please take over the catalogue sometimes it can be so daggy, it really doesnt showcase everything they have instore or whats in season atm.

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    Unreal! Your photographs are amazing, I LOVE the styling and as a whole it’s just a stunning, professional, well put together look book that makes me want to actually buy and wear the swimsuits. Stunning. You should be so proud! Wow I can’t wait to see what you do next!!

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    Danielle says

    AMAZING! You have done a fabulous job on this, it’s absolutely terrific. The styling is beautiful, the model is gorgeous and i’m running out and getting that stripe maillot immediately!!!

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      Thank you so much Dani for yielding yesruolf to the voice of God. I fill recharged and on fire to go forth in prayer with Boldness of faith .because all God’s promises are yeah and Amen.

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      am I most excited about for 2012? The STREET coobookk, of course! It has been years in the making (literally) .and we have a lot of terrific stuff in there: great stories, recipes,

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      Hi Shona, I had a very difficult time sourcing plus size bikinis to fit an 18F. I just got one from Sorella Swim and that one just fit. Next year there will be more, many more :)

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    Tiffany Payne says

    Amazing amazing amazing! So inspiring,sexy ,daring and professional. I am totally glamming up my outfit to the pool this afternoon!


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