Purge and Redecorate

It always happens at this time of year. Things start to calm down on the work front and I become a touch more domesticated. Some days I wish I worked in an office, I’m sure I’d appreciate our home more if I did. When you’re in it all day everyday working, cleaning, playing and loving it’s really easy to just overlook the space.

It’s been drilled into me for years that Christmas is a time for giving and when I was growing up that phrase had nothing to do with presents. The start of school holidays never meant trips away or lots of time spent by the pool. That first week was always about the big house clean out and several trips to donate at the op shop. My sister and I would be confined to our rooms for days, begrudgingly pulling our rooms apart, sorting our toys into piles and tossing out all our crap.

Obviously I hated it as a child but as I grew older it became cathartic. The ritual was cleansing, a fresh new year with a fresh new room. The clutter was gone, I’d parted ways with toys I’d grown out of and redecorated to suit my new mood and style. When I was in high school (and in the process of accumulating crap at warp speed) the big clean out happened at the end of each term. Still to this day I do a big house clean out at the start of every new season.

Thanks Mum.


So as I was saying, it’s that time of year. I’m purging, I’m rearranging and I’m redecorating to suit my mood. It all started with the gorgeous new couch I’ve ordered which should arrive in January sometime. I’ve been looking for years and some of you might remember me pinning after the Delta from King Furniture but our house is just too small, as is our budget. I still wanted a quality couch, something I could curl up on, something I could sleep on, somewhere to watch movies with my boys and somewhere to work. It’s not white but a natural oatmeal colour with a nice sturdy fabric and I’m so excited.


Of course the new couch needed new cushions that I happily snapped up from Ezibuy whilst they had a serious discount and free shipping. $15 each for luxe cushions that could easily sell for $80, I was sold. I ordered two large pink square cushions with orange embroidery and two dotty rectangle cushions because I thought they were fabulous. When I was at Ikea I also bought duck feather cushion inserts which were only $8 to replace the poly filled ones. Fancy on a budget… tick!


Our lounge is too small to have a coffee table or an ottoman as much as I’d love one. I’d rather leave the space open for Aidan to play. We needed a footstool though and I knew exactly which one I wanted. I’d been lusting after a Silver Moroccan Leather Pouffe for years… yes I know it’s a very odd thing to lust over but I did and now finally it’s mine. Mum and Dad bought it for me for Christmas. It arrived in the post yesterday and I was beside myself. Judge if you will but I was a super happy girl. I put another duck feather cushion insert in the top then filled that sucker up with beans… then Aidan promptly claimed it for himself.

china hutch

The big new couch meant that the china hutch would need to go. It’s a beautiful cabinet and looks brand new, not a single scratch or dent, I’ll be listing it on ebay soon. It held all my wedding china, my fancy crystal glasses, silverware, tea set, platters, nice linens and cookbooks. It was my fancy lady cabinet but I haven’t been overly fancy in the last few years (I wonder why?) so I sucked it up, pouted and packed it all away. They’re now in boxes awaiting a time when we have a bigger house. I’m sad that I don’t get to see my pretties everyday but the room already feels lighter and less cluttered.

table round

I had a love/hate relationship with our old table. We’d had it for years. Big, sturdy and beautiful but in our tiny house it felt too dark and bulky. It was also too formal for the life we lived. We needed something simple, something compact and something totally different. I found this white laminate beauty on Gumtree for $80 and snapped it up that very afternoon. The previous owners had it for over 18 years and had the chairs recovered in the last 5 years. It was in pristine condition and absolutely perfect.

lounge 1

Obviously the new table needed a new home in our house so the entire area was gutted, cleaned and rearranged. The table was moved to the big windows near the kitchen and suddenly the whole area was lighter, brighter and transformed. I’m writing this post from the chair near the window facing towards the couch and it’s wonderful, I feel inspired when I work here. It’s no where near being finished, there is still plenty of things on my to do list. I want to find a nicer looking alternative for the art and craft storage, new lamp shades, a few new pictures on the wall and a few other little things.


The most recent development to the space was fresh new curtains from Ikea. Some curtain wire, a little of Steve’s manly strength and my ironing prowess made it easy work. I’d always hated the venetian blinds but as we rented there wasn’t much I could do about it. The curtains were an absolute steal, only $7 for a pair so I could finally justify putting them up. It just seemed like a waste of money to go all out on a place that wasn’t ours. Obviously the paper buntings (made for Aidan’s 1st birthday party) went straight back up and everyone has said how nice the curtains make the house look. I honestly can’t believe we went so long without them.

Anyway, I’ll go on all day about the curtains if you let me! I can’t wait to show you the rest of the changes I make, please bear with me on instagram as that’s where I’m sharing most of the photos as they happen, you can follow me here: http://instagram.com/danimezza


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    It’s always fun to redecorate and you find yourself using the space better. Plus you feel more like cleaning when everything is pretty :)

    Curtains are such an issues with rentals. They are always ugly and always expensive to replace.

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      For me this is a keeper. I relaly like both of these guys. Like Southbay and Feyd, I like them tall and lanky, well-built, and blond. Jayden has been one of my all-time favorites since I first saw him. I think he’s beautiful. Love his jaw line, face, his smooth upper body, his light-colored, natural treasure trail, pubes, crotch, and hairy ass. He’s perfect, as is Brooks. I know SC doesn’t do seconds with the same pair, but I’d love another film where they flip-fuck.

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    Ooh that is a gorgeous lounge :) I’m a big fan of decluttering just before Christmas too – all that new stuff coming in on Christmas Day, it’s nice to let go of the stuff you’ve grown out of but will find a happy home with someone else. And I find it MUCH easier to throw out broken or worn out stuff this time of year, I’m less sentimental about it because I’m so busy with the holiday season..

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    I’ve missed your decorating posts Dani and can’t wait to see what the finished room looks like! That new couch looks very stylish and I adore that moroccan pouffe- I’ve got one on my wish list too. It’s amazing how much the right window coverings can change the feel of a room. It looks great!

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      Thanks Claire. I haven’t really done anything ‘homey’ in the last three years so I’m looking forward to playing with the space. I’ll definitely keep you posted :)

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