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My sister Stephanie is going to be staying with us for a few months until Uni starts back up again in the new year. It’s nice having her around and not just for a week, we’ll really get to hang out and just be, together. Let it be said though, our house is tiny so on the weekend we decided to get out on the road and go for a Sunday drive.

Disregard the look on Steve’s face, he loooooves Sunday drives as does Aidan. They head out every Sunday morning along country roads and sip their chocolate milks. It’s bonding time, man time. Aidan tells Steve stories, they sing, count all the animals and name the colours of all the cars that go by. It’s the one morning each week that I get the house all to myself, I make a nice breakfast and read the Sunday Magazine in peace.

This Sunday was different, this Sunday was all about heading out on the road together. Aidan entertained us with the wonders of his imagination and Steve and I fought over the radio station. Ahhh family.

We headed out west towards the Nepean River and just cruised. The pretty horses pranced, the sun shone and the air was thick and hot. In the old days we would of had the windows down, our arms out of the windows like aeroplane flaps. Childhood was freeing.

Where we grew up everything looked the same, scrubby flatlands, not a single hill and the road from Alice Springs all the way to Darwin was just a straight line. Dad always used to take us on Sunday drives, we only went along because it usually meant we’d get an ice cream at the end of it.

Which is exactly what we got at the end of ours. Baskin-Robbins invited our family to buy some treats in store and we were all excited. Stephanie used to work for Baskin-Robbins so it was fun having an “expert” on hand but it didn’t make selecting any easier.

I was so excited to get Pralines & Cream, it’s the only flavour I’d been craving since I was offered the opportunity and guess what… they didn’t have it at Penrith. I was crushed to the point where Stephanie wanted to take a photo of my sad face. I got over it though and picked another flavour, Vanilla Choc Chip Cookie Dough.

I got mine in a sundae because I just love Baskin-Robbins chocolate fudge sauce. Stephanie got Love Potion and Steve got a Berry Smoothie. Aidan, well he was absolutely beside himself when his order arrived…

Mint Choc Chip Kid’s Fundae with cream, sprinkles, nuts and a cherry on top… magical!

It was really hot outside so we decided to chill out in the little cafe area and savour the moment. Not a single drip of ice cream was left and the look on Aidan’s face as he ate each and every bite of his little piece of heaven was awesome to watch. With kids it really is the little things that delights them isn’t it… honestly I don’t think “big kids” are much different so why not indulge yourself too?

 Yep, you could win some fancy ice cream treats too! There will be TWENTY winners from this single post and I’m SO EXCITED!!! First up we have 5x  main prize packs which contain: A voucher for a Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Cake (to the value of $40) which will be delivered with boys or girls ice cream candles, a ‘pinky’ character toy and balloons. Sweet deal huh! Then as if that wasn’t enough I will be giving away 15x $20 vouchers to spend at Baskin-Robbins! To enter all you have to do is answer this question:

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Competition Terms & Conditions:


  1. 3

    claire brockbank says

    Vanilla because when you cant get to a lovely ice cream parlour you can add so much to it to change it every time, fruit, coulis, homemade caramel or choc sauce, some ginger, crushed biscuits, choc chips – the list is endless

  2. 6


    My favourite flavour is peanut butter flavour. Most people raise a brow at you when you say it, but team it with some crushed peanuts, or even better, some Peanut M&Ms and you are in PEANUT HEAVEN. It’s my go to flavour. But if it isn’t available, I won’t complain over some cookies & cream :)

  3. 8


    Cookie Dough is hands down my favourite!! Ever since I was little. Everytime I go there, I pretend like I’m going to be adventurous and try something different beacuse they always have such amazing sounding flavours but everytime I can’t help but get my old, faithful favourite. The cookie dough is to die for!

  4. 9


    My favourite flavour is banana. I know i’m in a minority here, but I can’t help it. I love banana ice cream. I even bought a box on banana ice creams on my way to work this morning!

  5. 10

    kate brady says

    i love peanut butter!!! having said that i probably haven’t had it in about 5 years!!! before having kids i’d say… so i’d take any flavour, we took our first family holiday with the kids last week to sydney (i looked for you on the streets danimezza! stalker much!), & was disapointed we could only find a gelato shop @ darling harbour!

  6. 11

    charlie says

    i cant see where the question is?
    But im guessing its favorite flavours?
    Mine is coffee/toffee or hokey pokey
    tobias loves sorbet-watermelon or lime

  7. 13

    Rhiannon says

    Easy decision for me…. Peanut Butter Chocolate! There’s something about the sweet/salty combo that I adore. I have a Baskin & Robbins across the road from work & probably visit more often than I should, just for a fix! I do a mean home-made version, but it’s a poor cousin of the original!

    • 14


      I’m looking forawrd to visting both when I visit Taiwan in 3 months. I hope hey’re still in business. :-)Long John Silvers in the US was purchased by Yum several years ago. Yum are the people who bring you KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut and they are far from extinct these days. There was a time when they were in decline, but they give the appearance, at least, of turning that around.New ones, usually combined with Taco Bell, are opening on a regular basis.

    • 15


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  8. 17

    Tracey says

    Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. I love fudge sauce swirled in it and cookie dough pieces make it especially awesome. Ohh orange chocolate sauce swirled in rich chocolate icecream….the ultimate!! My family LOVES icecream. Lives for icecream. It’s our big indulgence. Sadly I have to be careful with how much icecream I can consume presently due to gallstones but the rest of the family are happy to share little bits with me to satisfy the cravings…hurry up gallbladder removal so I can go back to my wicked icecream eating ways please!

  9. 18

    Linda J says

    You put your left spoon in,
    you put your left spoon out,
    You put your left spoon in….

    Awww, Hokey Pokey of course!

  10. 19


    My favourite Baskin Robbins flavour is Sweet ‘n Salty Caramel. Although to be honest I never go to buy ice cream and get just one flavour! So for seconds I would choose anything with Cheesecake in the name :)

  11. 21

    Paula says

    I’ve never tried Baskin Robbins icecream before, but my favourite flavour in general is orange choc chip!! (followed closely by mint choc chip and then banana choc chip…. basically anything that comes with chips of chocolate in it is a winner in my books!)

  12. 25

    Keena says

    Choc chip cookie dough is the best! I had it for the first time in Sydney last month. That cake looks amazing, I love the little ice cream cones on it!

  13. 26

    Nicole says

    Cookies and Cream would have to be my favourite flavour. There is just something about the combination and ice cream and cookies that I find irresistible. And I should know my housemate is a total ice cream addict, he would go through 4-6L of ice-cream a week, especially in summer, in nearly every flavour- so I’m practically tried them all!

  14. 27


    Lets see if i can list some of them in order of preference.
    1Mint choc chop, 2pralines n cream, 3love potion #31, 4citrus twist, 5cookies n cream, 6choc caramel crunch, 7choc chip cookie dough, 8baseball nut, 9strawberry cheese cake, 10key lime time

    Yum! Can we go again!

  15. 28

    Pumba says

    My fave flavour is salted caramel.
    And mango.
    And choc chip.
    And old english toffee.
    Oh my …. it would appear I am going to have troubles choosing a flavour if I win.

  16. 31


    Feeling so jipped, we would go on long, long Sunday drives, like too long Dad. And they never, not ever ended in ice-cream. My favourite flavour is good ol’ choc chip. Simple and magnificent!

  17. 35

    Thanh says

    I know this ice cream flavour probably doesn’t exist but it would be heaven if it it did. Drum rolls…..Tiramisu. Can you imagine Tiramisu that is cold and melts in your mouth, it’ll be great for the summer!

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