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Yesterday I told you about my new fancy pants mirror… well after several hours of Aidan “helping” me put the drawers together there it is, the finished product. I’m over the moon. You can imagine me smuggly strutting about the house, proud of my flat pack constructing skills. Totally by surprise both the mirror and the drawers sit neatly side by side. I didn’t plan on doing that but to be honest I really wasn’t sure where I was going to put the bloody thing! It wasn’t until I stepped back that I realised how great the light and backdrop would be for outfit photos. I wasn’t going to take a photo then and there though… I wasn’t wearing any pants! Way too hot for that sort of thing.


Steve said I’m slowly whitewashing the living room, all his brown and navy blue furniture that we’ve had for the last 8 years or so is slowly being replaced… but he likes it. Honestly the space feels twice as big and I feel good when I’m in it. The draws hold all Aidan’s art and craft supplies with room to spare, for $80 I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. On top lives our placemats, the fruit bowl and tissues. On the wall above is our annual calendar which is basically my brain on paper, I wanted it somewhere close to the dining table which is where Steve and I make most of our plans, you know, over dinner. The couch will be gone as soon as the new one arrives from the warehouse, I honestly can not wait. The fancy new cushions are waiting patiently in the linen cupboard… it’s torture!


This is what my outfit photos looked like before. Not too bad, considering the mirror is skinny (less than 30cm across) and it’s a bright sunny day. I had to angle the full length photos to fit the outfits into the frame and I hated how much clutter was in the background. It was frustrating and quickly became a chore.


It was even worse during winter, there was hardly any light and my ugly pale yellow walls combined with the indoor lighting just plain sucked. My iPhone 4 have trouble focusing in dim light and all the pictures were grainy. Yuck, yuck yuck. Even in summer the studio doesn’t get that much light after 11am as it’s “dawn facing” so if I have afternoon or evening looks it was a waste of time trying to capture them.


I mixed it up, I tried the larger stick on mirrors in the bedroom but I still wasn’t happy. Yes the mirror was better but the light was worse and honestly there was no way I was going to be able to keep my room in pristine condition everyday, it just added to the pressure. Knowing my luck I’d be wearing a super cute outfit and a pair of large crumpled knickers would be in the background… not so cute.

03:01:12 outfit

So this is what I’m currently super excited about… the fact that I now have a proper and permanent place to take my daily outfit photos! It has lots of lovely soft light thanks to the new (and super cheap $7 a pair) curtains from Ikea which make for a clean and bright backdrop. You can also see the details clearly and the photos aren’t so grainy, I’m not even sure if I should bother adding a filter either. I just put two shots together using PicFrame and publish. No more dicking around editing, no more worrying about stuff cluttering the background and this corner of the house always gets good light. I don’t even have to move furniture, I just get dressed, walk over, snap away and I’m done!

I can’t promise that I’ll remember to take one everyday but I’ll try. I hope you enjoy the photos as they come and know that I’m always happy to answer any questions. You can find the images by following #danifashion on instagram and twitter.


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