Mirror Mirror


I went to Aldi this morning to buy a chest for drawers for the dining room, flat pack furniture to house Aidan’s craft supplies which have somehow outgrown the plastic drawers they’re currently in. With pre-school just around the corner and more craft activities and inspiration on the horizon I wanted to have the space prepared. When the Aldi catalogue came out with a nifty set of drawers I made sure to be there when the store opened to go and buy it. I had absolutely no intention of buying a mirror… but that’s just what happens when you go to Aldi, you walk in to get one thing and you leave with ten.

I’d seen it in the catalogue but it looked small, I didn’t pay attention to the dimensions, I just skipped right past. Aidan and I picked up the drawers we wanted (and freezer bags, some cookies, a yogurt…) and as we were walking to the check out I spotted the mirror, it was huge! I just thought it was one of those small flimsy el-cheapo mirrors but this was lovely and big plus it was only $40. We have mirrors in the house but they’re those tiny, skinny “stick on the door” kind which made taking outfit photos painful.

This is going to change my instagram outfit photos for sure!

Think about it… I can move it to anywhere I like in the house where the light is “good”, you know, jazz things up a bit and keep you on your toes. Right now though I have to go and set up those flat pack drawers, ugh spare me!

What was the last spontaneous purchase you’ve made?


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    Kate C says

    I’m sorry Dani – it’s DRAWERS. Now I will go to Aldi and see if I can find a lovely mirror, thanks for the heads up!

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