PSFWA – Part Three


Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-61

In Part Two we hung out at the apartment and had dinner and now I’m going to tell you about The Clothes Swap. I absolutely love this photo I took of all the girls, ready and raring to go! No one was allowed dibs or holdsies and they were released into the main room of the apartment at full speed. Everyone had laid out their clothes all over the floor in a random fashion. I’m still kicking myself for not taking a photo of it all before they rushed in.

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-75

Everyone started on their solo mission of trying to find hidden gems, it was all very serious and insane all at the same time. All the ladies brought along BAGS AND BAGS of gorgeous things, half still had the tags on, proof of the battle plus size women have when buying items online.

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-78

There was no better feeling than when one of our pieces looked phenomenal on one of our friends, a second life in a new home. It was a bit of a scramble but I wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way. It was fun, we got all up in it and I’m pleased to report that there was no hair pulling or name calling.

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-62

It didn’t stop at clothes either, there were plenty of shoes, bags, belts and lots of costume jewellery. See those white heels… yeah they fit me, insane! I also picked up some sweet gold heart earrings which I wore in the Aussie Curves Feathers post.

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-70

Last year I was too busy taking photos to really dig and get some good items but this year was different, I was all in! I’d scour the beds and floor, grab a few pieces then scurry off and try them on. From this pile I kept the pink Kardashian Kollection jacket which belonged to Nicola and the Charlie Brown dress that was Gisela’s. I can’t wait to feature them on the blog.

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-83

Caitlin opted to just layer on all the clothes she liked… all at once.

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-86

Everyone had so much fun, we spent hours sifting through the clothes and praising each other when something looked amazing on. It was like the ultimate girlie shopping trip without having to pay a cent and we could walk about in next to nothing without fear or judgement. I wish I could do this once a month.

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-85

After everyone calmed down there was still quite a large pile of unwanted clothes so Caitlin took the initiative and began holding each item up, one by one and people started grabbing the odd left over gems. All the clothes that were left over were donated to my local op shop which rases money for Camp Quality. They were pleased as they only ever get my plus size items and there was a demand for more, so thank you ladies!

psfwa 10

After the swap was over and we’d hidden our piles of clothes away in our rooms we headed back into the lounge, turned some tunes on, poured some drinks and got a little crazy. Amanda had brought along some of the decorations and party props from her 30th bday party the weekend prior and I’d bought some battery operated tea lights to set the mood. The apartment was truly amazing and worth every cent.

psfwa 7

Photo by @closconfessions

What’s a party without some dancing?

psfwa 8

Photo by @inspiredwish

Or some photo booth posing?

psfwa 9

Photo by @slepoidevin

It was the perfect end to the first day of PSFWA and even though I was sick and exhausted I still fell asleep on the couch smiling. Who wouldn’t when surrounded by inspiring, beautiful and bold friends like mine?

Up Next: Part Four


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    I just love how everyone benefited from your idea, such a huge shame you were sick and couldn’t get a bed. There’s a smile on my face every time I see both you and Steph working together!! looking forward to the next part.

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    Ooh I love the clothes swap! How fun! And love that you could donate the leftover clothes to the opshop!
    I hope that this doesn’t seem insensitive but sometimes I wish I was a plus sized fashion blogger so I could join in on the awesomeness of the Aussie Curves fun and this great event!
    Great post Dani :)


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